KinkI opened Netflix last night, just like any other night for my “I’m going to bed” ritual.  Under the “Popular on Netflix” section, Kink just stood out amongst all the other madness.

Kink presented by James Franco, a film by Christina Voros,  is a documentary on the in’s and out’s of the notorious fetish website,

Watching this documentary, just so happens to have came up during a prime point since a recurring topic in my life lately, has been fetishes and kinks and the world of BDSM.  A lot of my friends or people i’ve interacted with aren’t familiar and don’t understand that world.   I found this documentary hit a few points and was actually pretty good.

I’ve been re-reading, “Anal Pleasure & Health” by Jack Morin, Ph.D. and this was one of my favorite excerpts.

“… when we’re infants and small children; we take delight in all parts of our bodies.  But something terribly unfortunate happens to us in the course of growing up:  We learn to mistrust or ignore our physical selves, perhaps viewing the mind or spirit as more important than and separate from our bodies.  We are taught to view sensual play and self- exploration as immature and self-indulgent if not kept within strict limits.” Anal Pleasure & Health by Jack Morin, Ph.D.

He’s referring to Anal Sex but it can be a great way to explain to the Vanilla folk why Kinksters push their bodies to the limit.  That whole world takes self-exploration out of this imaginary box that we feel needs to be kept tucked away.  Kink isn’t about beating the shit out of people and only “weirdos” who like it.  These are people who document the art of the BDSM world and entertain the folk who like to push their bodies to the brink of euphoria through a different channel.

It’s on Netflix ^_^ so why not give it a watch.

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