Maia Lucy Wicked Clip | Sex Toy Review

IMG_5516A toy that is suppose to exude color therapy to sooth my soul and put me at ease is right up my alley!  Maia Toys has incorporated color therapy with their toy line, almost a low key way of telling you, “Don’t trip potato chip, using this sex toy is going to make you feel more inclined to use it… and feel like a million bucks!”.

I can’t even count the amount of times men (sorry to single you out boys! :P) tell me, “Does color matter?” after I’ve asked them, “oooo, What color do you want?!?” 😀 They act as if color isn’t a factor but it totally is!  In my “Guide to Picking a Sex Toy“, One of the main decision factors is the visual appearance of a toy.  😀 Color makes a difference and is our mind’s Visual aphrodisiac in finding a toy that is comfortable for you or your partner.

The first time, I laid eyes on this little toy the color is what drew me in.  The vibrant Poolside blue color pulled me in, and my preference for cheesy girly pinks and purples faded.  This cool color gives off comfort and make you feel secure.  Mission accomplished with that Maia! It became my new obsession and I completely judged this one solely on the shape, packaging and my prior love for other Maia products.


Maia’s Wicked Clip is a small discreet toy that is 3.15 inches long and is 1.5 wide, easy to get lost in your toy drawer, but wonderful to hide from wandering eyes.  The blue top of the toy has the shape that has been gaining popularity similar to the “TOOTH” or”Bunny” style toys.  The design of the toy’s two prong shape is for perfect for clit stimulation as well as for nipple and pressure point massaging.  🙂 The  two prong aren’t stiff at all and easy to maneuver around for massaging the clit. Think CLIT SAMMICH! 😛 or rather… clit smushwich. Smushing it on the clit sounds more appropriate since opening the clip to surround the clit, takes a bit of maneuvering.

maiaclip_1This toy fits perfectly in the palm of my hand which helped for control and when I felt harder pressure was needed. This clit vibrator has more of a deeper “Tick Tock” thumper vibration instead of the usual clit vibe’s speedy “Buzzy Buzz”buzzer vibration.  Depending on my cycle, this thumpy vibration works well, other times it numbed me.  It’s vibration is pretty strong and has over 10 different vibration pattern pulsations. You won’t really need all of them obviously, my favorite was more of the steady vibrations since some of the other ones were giving me blue balls.

maiaclip_2It’s soft to the touch type of silicone is what attracts me to Maia’s products to begin with.  This type of premium silicone is my favorite because I end of petting the toy for hours since it’s so smooth and soft to the touch. haha Add your favorite water-based lubricant with it and it’ll glide across your clit amazingly.  The combination of the perfect vibration and soft material has turned into my current vibe obsession.  Keep in mind the smooth surface makes lube not always a necessity.  It’s not as squishy, as I expected from the pillow-y chub look from it all, but at least it’s not hard as a rock.   But depending on what type of stimulation you feel like getting that day, the firmness can be enjoyable.cfad52153c7e14d3325baf875890db64

The bottom portion of the toy has a  PU coated ABS silver twist on cap that houses the battery and has the Control/Power Button on the base.  The Clip is a part of the “N” battery family! Two N batteries to be exact, which I love since finding a great smaller scaled clit toy that doesn’t run on button batteries is a bit hard. But Maia are nice folks and their first round of batteries are included in the package.  N batteries aren’t that hard to find but when it comes to our sex toys a lot of people find it a chore to stock up again.

maiaclip_3As for nipple stimulation, you have to squeeze your finger through to be able to open and then “clip” on.  I found it enjoyable mixed in with a nipple enhancement balm.



  • Small & Discreet and quiet incase you live in a situation where netflix isn’t cutting out the sound factor.
  • It has body safe premium silicone that won’t irritate your skin.
  • Great deep vibration for Thumpers.
  • Very similar and strong as some of the more luxury rechargeable toys.
  • Easy Controls. One push of a button turns it on and then one push to continue through all of the vibration patterns.  Holding down for 5 seconds turns it off.


  • I found that at times I would want to turn it sideways since the pressure wasn’t enough for me.
  • Uses N batteries.  Finding them are a little tough but just hop into your nearest sex shop, they have a tendency to have them in stock and for a cheaper price.
  • Depending on the way you hold it, the sound can be a little loud and the thumping vibration makes a body or bed turn into a vibrating mega phone.

This vibe has characteristics that are catered to a certain type of toy owner.  Its a great toy but its not for everybody.  But, if you are type that loves thumping vibrations and minimal pressure, it’s prefect!


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