Doc Johnson’s Wonderland Massager

WonderlandSometimes, massagers have hiccups. These are a few troubleshooting tips I give to some customers and usually it fixes the situation.

  • troThere is a sticker that tells you the direction on how to put the battery in. Sometimes, the adhesive isn’t that great and tends fall down by the connector at the base and it gets a bit wonky.  The sticker blocks the connection from the battery to the toy.  It’ll either not work at all, only sometimes, or it won’t skip through the various functions smoothly.  Grab some tweezers, so you can take the sticker out.
  • Make sure the positive (aka the “+”, the nipple of batteries) is facing down when you drop it in.  If not, and it’s flipped the wrong way, it will have a continuous 1 speed vibration.
  • Make sure the spring on the cap is a-ok.  By that, I mean isn’t bent.  It needs to connect with the battery to make it work.

These toys have a few features that make it distinct and you’d know if it is defective.  (It says on the box: pic below)

2015-03-20 15.59.42


Doc Johnson has a 90-day warranty for defective products. Only downer is you have to pay $15 bucks for shipping and handling in order for anything to move forward including age verification.  Maybe I’m just lazy but I’d rather just buy a new toy.  The shipping and handling is 1/3 the price of buying a new one. *shrug*

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