I am significantly smaller. What should I get?

I’m really embarrassed to ask you since you’re a cool person but I didn’t know who else to ask. I started dating this girl and she’s making me use condoms.  I hate using them because they don’t fit right.  The store only had condoms that were large and I am significantly smaller.  I didn’t see any small condoms. Do they even make them and what should I get?

Aww don’t feel embarrassed!! 😛 and GO YOU! for using protection!  Sometimes, using a condom seems like a chore but it’s all for the best!  Maybe later, if things get serious you both can commit and get tested, set up a birth control method and condoms will be a thing of the past. 🙂

Until then, I know the wall of condoms at any store gets a bit overwhelming.  That’s how I feel or anyone feels when someone needs to buy condoms.  You have so many options! (Which is kinda a good thing.)  You have to think about if you or your partner has latex allergies! OR If you want all those doo-dads like studded or ribbed, warming, cooling or tingling!

OR SIZE~! …in your case!

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is almost as tough as finding the perfect condom.  Every brand follows their own guidelines on what they find is “regular”.  The descriptions on the packaging can be challenging since it doesn’t outright say what exactly they are offering.  Just like jeans, you need to try out a few pairs to get the fit right to be functional, yet comfortable.

While shopping just remember, to keep an eye out for the terms “Snugger fit” or “Snug fit”. 🙂  It helps when you’re on the run.   Since you wanted a few suggestions, here are a few that you might want to try.

Iron GripCautionWear’s Iron Grip seems to be on the top of the list, and most asked for when a smaller condom is needed.  It’s super snug since the girth of the condom  is what makes it so popular.  It has a diameter of 1.11″ and Width of 1.75″.  Iron grip comes in a plain latex transparent color with silicone lubricant aka natural looking. 🙂

kimonolargeKimono’s MicroThin Large is pretty wonky but this condom isn’t even “LARGE”.  The Width is 1.87″ and the diameter is 1.19″.  Go figure? The Microthin Large’s are made out of natural latex and is Vegan friendly since doesn’t use any milk derivatives.  It has added room for the head but it’s width makes for a snugger fit.

3sumLifestyle’s 3SUM is the only one I’ve found to be available at most stores. 3sum has a width of 1.8″ and a diameter of 1.14″.   Not only is the sizing convenient but it has ribbing and studs! In case, you wanted to be all fancy. haha

Keep in mind those are the top 3 condoms, my customers and friends have liked and that I have received feedback on.   Below are a few more that I haven’t got much feedback on, but hey give them a chance! The following condoms have widths that are under 2″:

😀 If there is something else you guys might like to recommend I’d love to hear it~! If you don’t feel like buying multiple condoms, try Condom Depot’s Snugger fit Sampler! Then you can check which one works best for you!

Hope that helps <3 ^_^


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