Respect the Help.

Respect is a thing that customers consistently forget when dealing with retail employees.

Adult Shop employees are no exception and in my opinion they deserve more respect more so than normal because of the environment and the delicate conversation that occurs.

Don’t talk down to them.

Treat adult shop employees as equals.  Your career, education level or annual income is not taken into consideration to them.  We are all on the same level since the topic of conversation is sexuality and adult products.  Depending on where you go, you can get some quite intelligent people or possibly gross people who you think should never multiply.  But, that’s just like any other place of business.

I don’t know how many times people talk down to me because of where I work.   AS IF, they are better than me?!?! NEWSFLASH.  I CHOOSE TO WORK THERE.  I have gone college and do have a degree.  I love sex education and TOYS!!! So, you can understand my frustration when that happens.  Even though I want them to walk out with that cyberskin toy paired with a silicone, just to be mean…. I won’t.   Adult shop employees usually have your best interest in mind.  Just be nice and respect them.  Chances are you might get some extras like free lube samples, smart advice and hell… maybe even a discount. haha

Be nice. Be patient and always ask questions if necessary.  😀

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