Art by Sphinx

Art is such a big part of everyone.  It’s a reflection of a person’s soul and a beautiful way to share the world what they see or feel in their own light.  I think that a person’s sexuality and body is nature’s work of art.  Always different, always changing but always beautiful in any shape or form. So, what better way to celebrate and capture it than with inspired artwork.  I recently visited an erotic art show and discovered the beautiful artist, Sphinx.  Both beautiful on the inside and out, Sphinx was a pleasure to meet.

I love to share artists that I become fascinated with, even more so when it is a local artist! <3 LA <3   Her artwork embodies being a woman and radiates femininity.   Every single piece is unique and original. Handcrafted all by herself.  She’s a clay genius and has lots of pieces on her website, Art by Sphinx.  But my favorite pieces made by her are the erotic flowers pendants she makes!  Wearable art.  Erotic yet still PG since it looks lovely rose. ^_^


I got a lovely black and white piece since I wear nothing but black but she has a whole bunch of other pendants that come in cute purples, pinks and reds.  They are reasonably priced and can find them on her etsy, Art by Sphinx.

My necklace hangs right by my mirror and I love seeing it everyday that I had to share with you all!





Check out Art by Sphinx:

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