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images-img-2.2I just recently got my hands on this awesome little Gem!  It’s another innovative sex toy / kegel exerciser!  It really sparked my interest since they combined my favorite things!  CUTE FACTOR, techy stuff and making it affordable for an everyday girl.

The Gballs² are a kegel ball set that includes kegel balls that have a sensor that vibrates when squeezed internally with an app. The vibrations allow you to really feel if you are squeezing the proper muscles down there.  The Gballs² are made out of a silicon that is smooth and soft to the touch.  It can be easily inserted and isn’t ginormous like some kegel balls out there.   The weight isn’t too heavy since it only weighs a measly 54g, aka it won’t feel like you just put kettle balls in you.  Whenever, I’ve explained traditional kegel balls, I usually say it’s like lifting weight for your vag.  But,  these trainer balls focus on just the action of working out your pc muscles, so I’d say it’s more like toning yoga instead of vigorous weight lifting.  The vibration feedback is a friendly reminder after each rep that you’re on the way to healthier pc muscles.  The Balls have a rechargeable function that Gballs2 allows them to be smaller in size.  It’s only  3.25″ long to be inserted and 1.25″ wide.  Not overbearing at all.  (( and always remember your vag isn’t a big black hole… it isn’t going to get lost up there.))

overview-img-1Now, to get to my favorite part!  Even though you can use The Gballs² solo, it can also be partnered with the app!  It connects with a wireless bluetooth that allows you to sync up to your new “personal sex fitness trainer”!

properties-img-1If you have a smart phone (…Dear god I hope you do.  If my mom has a smart phone… you should too haha). Visit your apple App Store or Google Play Store, search Magic Kegel and download the free app.

Ta-dah! You just downloaded your new sex-fitness trainer! haha  The app is pretty user friendly and just screamed to my inner cuteness factor.   What’s even better… you don’t need the balls to use the app.  So, if you’re on the run and you don’t have the balls on you, you can still get your workout in. The app has a little girl as the app’s mascot to encourage you.  You begin by taking a test to see what course might be suitable for you.  They have six courses to choose from entry level, honeymoon, Planning a Baby, Young mom, Muscle Recovery and Hot lover.  ;P I got Hot Lover.

properties-img-3I usually squeeze to the bass line of songs but this fitness course made me concentrate more.  The exercise training really didn’t take much time out of my day.  They also made a game out of it and you get badges for completing your training and who doesn’t love that haha.

The badges give a person a sense of motivation and I know that a lot of my girlfriends and women in general need that.  Being able to track your progress with a little guidance can make it worthwhile.

The Gballs²  are around the $100 range, which is a smidgen cheaper than other Kegel exercisers that are similar.  This toy isn’t going to completely break the bank BUT~!  if it helps with the end results of better pc muscles, I think it’s worth it. 😉  Gballs² sensor balls and app  combo is more user friendly and I think that’s a big deal. I guess, the whole look of it looks way more inviting and doesn’t look like a chore to do a workout.

Anyways, Gballs² is way cool. Be sure to check it out! I think this is one of the first kegel balls I’ve been excited about in awhile and know that you all would probably enjoy it too ^_^ <3


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