Lenny Kravitz psyched me out.

Normally, wardrobe malfunctions happen to women and I don’t really get all “goo goo gahh gahh” over it all.  But, on Monday… Lenny Kravitz had a show in Stockholm, Sweden where he literally, “Rocked out with his cock out”.   He apparently dropped it like it was hot and split his leather pants and out popped his penis.

NSFW after cut….

In true rock star fashion, Lenny Kravitz wasn’t wearing any chonies… #thuglife.

Now, while everyone was talking about how he literally flashed his audience and his wardrobe malfunction.  I’m over here like “WHOA!! LENNY! was that junk jewelry glistening at me?”  I did a double take and thought I saw a cock ring and the inner hanky panky harlot in me jumped for joy!



Then, I read around, and of course it was just a dream. haha Which I would have completely believed since if I was a guy I would’ve been wearing one.  If he put a cock ring on, he would have appeared bigger and in my opinion a whole heck of a lot more desirable. haha  

Turns out Lenny has a pubic piercing I didn’t know about.  Also, this pubic piercing was a piercing… I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW EXISTED either.  ((Insert depressing Facebook status update here: ” Dear friends, I’m feeling like the uncool kid right about now 🙁 hahaha)).  This type of piercing is like a built-in, portable clit door knocker!  It rubs and moves with the body and flips around for different positions.   With a very low success rate, I can see why not a lot of men have it.  But, I’m hoping that with Lenny Kravitz’s pubic piercing coming out for his 15 minutes of fame, it will inspire more men for such a cool piercing that stimulates their partner AND makes for such a great sight to see.  EYE CANDY x1000. 😀

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