Is there something or a lube that can make me get in the mood?

I’ve been stressed out with work and whenever my boyfriend wants to have sex, I’m don’t want to because i’m just too tired.  Is there something or a lube that can make me get in the mood? It’s taking me forever to cum.

Awww, “C” I’m really sorry to hear that!  I really hope that your work stress is temporary, so your head isn’t too jumbled 24/7.   I totally understand how frustrating that could be, especially when you get stuck in your head.  If you’re head isn’t in the “game” then it’s going to take you awhile to get past that plateau, but there are a few products that you can try out that could possibly help!

Clitoral Gels/Creams:
Not many are familiar with clitoral gels and they are different than lubricants.  It’s main purpose is to bring more blood flow to the clitoris, which allows you to become more sensitive and helps you have a more intense orgasm and allows you to climax faster.  Some work better than others and some girls aren’t even fond of using them at all.  Clitoral gels are all topical and they fade after time.

Enhancement Pills:
If you want a longer more, internal option you can try herbal enhancement pills.  They work with your body from the inside out.  They put you in a good mood! Boost your libido.  Make bloodflow go to the top layer of the skin so you become more sensitive to touch. Also it turns on the water works down there! … and more importantly, it gives you a energy boost that you might need.

Warming and Cooling Lubricants:
This is a love and hate type of thing.  Either some people LOOOOVE this tingly warming or cooling lubes or they hate them.  These lubes makes a different sensation go on down there.  It’s similar to clitoral gels but this makes it so you can lube it down there like a slip and slide.

I’m pretty sure you’ve tried stimulating yourself with a vibrator or by hand but if you haven’t, try that on top of these options. 🙂  It’ll make the process speed up.

Like I said, I hope that your stress is just temporary and you are taking good care of your health.  Stress will start taking a toll on your body and we don’t want that. <3

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