Valentine’s day Gift Ideas: The Friend Edition

I know that Valentine’s Day is for Loooooovers, people in relationships, or people who are dating.  But, I love to take this day to show my friends that I love them, whether they are dating or single.

Mainly because everybody needs love and to understand that their self worth is gold and if they are my friend OBVIOUSLY they are amazing and deserve to be loved.

So, I usually stick to simple cards and every once and awhile if I want to treat them to something.  This Toy round-up is the friend edition.   For the friends that you talk to about everything including sex and only want to give them the gift of an orgasm not body grindings.

These gifts are all under $10, so you can give all your homies something.  Small. BUT! completely useful. haha But mainly for a good laugh. Hopefully, your friends have the same type of humor as me to receive a sex toy or silly valentine card.

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