“What’s the benefits of glass over other materials for sex toys?”

Besides being pretty AF? 0_0 haha Sooo many things!  I’m still shocked that even after everybody and their mom’s hopped on the coconut oil train, that they haven’t boarded with a first class ticket on the glaaaasssssss express.    I think it’s because everybody JUST doesn’t know all the amazing benefits, and probably because there isn’t a buzzfeed video on that yet. haha 😛

A lot of people don’t think twice on the materials of toys.  Partially because they don’t realize that the sex toy industry isn’t regulated and MAINLY because many toy companies spent that extra 2 cents to put “BODY SAFE” on their packaging.  Just because a packaging claims to shoot lasers and bring all the orgasms in the world to that puss puss, doesn’t always mean it’s accurate.

I usually put an array of dongs in front of a person and just tell them to smell it.  The cheap Jelly toys have a pungent smell, that it makes things a lot easier to tell a person that if they feel comfortable putting a toy that smells like a barbie in their cooch then, cool no big deal.  But, for the others that do get concerned, it’s an eye opener.  It doesn’t take a scientist to understand that certain materials if it has a softer jelly material it’s flexible and expands.  This flexibility allows it to move and bend around like a slinkie with a “pore” like exterior.  Those mini folds, pores and rolls open up like “HAYYYYY BACTERIA, move in! it’s nice in here!”  These porous toys hinder bacteria that can cause irritation and spread STI’s if you are sharing and is just plain not clean and gross.  Let’s not even go over how we don’t even know what the hell is in the materials they make some of those toys with.

I’m like a level 12 Doctor aka I’ve watched all 11 and now going on 12 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy haha So, I have this imagination that tells me that everything that isn’t hygienic is going to give me cancer or lead to a plane crash.  I know that is a little extreme haha but it’s my body and if I don’t take care of it, who will? (…McDreamy?McSteamy?  oh! a girl can dream.)  So, after that huge rant and rambling! haha

Benefit #1:  If Sex Toys had an OCD friend, it would be Glass Toys.   Super Hygienic.

  • No funky smells from the materials.  You won’t feel like a barbie is going inside you.
  • You won’t have allergic reactions to certain types of materials since we have no clue what they make some of those toys with.
  • You won’t have to  do the bothersome chore on having to put a condom on it if it isn’t compatible with your body, lube, etc etc.
  • It isn’t porous so the hidden bacteria that you can’t see,  will not be camping out in there. #nosquatters

Benefit #2: You can use any Lubricant you want!

This is probably my favorite feature for glass toys.

  • I love using silicone lubricants since it stays on longer without having to reapply (especially if it deals with Butt Stuff) and it feels nice on the skin.   With most toys, silicone lube isn’t compatible and has a tendency to break materials down.  So, BIG YES! You can use glass with silicone lube.
  • Back at the beginning of this post, I talked about coconut oil, and YES! you can use coconut oil with glass toys! I love recommending this combo for my fancy hippy friends. 😛

Benefit #3: The cleanup is the best part!

  • Probably one of the easier toys to clean because of the smooth surface!
  • You can sterilize the toy by doing the boiling water method, a bleach solution,  or You can also just drop it in the dishwater, if you sooooo desire!
  • You can use just regular ol’ toy cleaner and have the reassuring feeling that you cleaned your toy and since isn’t a porous toy, you got it cleaned up real good in comparison to the other toys out there.
  • Sharing is Caring. If you choose to share toys, your cleanup sanitizing routine will keep it cleaner than other type of materials.   You’ll have toys so “spic ‘n span”, shiny clean that you minimize your chances of transferring germs, bacteria and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Benefit #4:  Temperature sensitive.

  • If you love cold temperature play. You can cool it down with a bowl of cold water and ice.  OR! You can shove that glass toy in the freezer for a bit.
  • Or maybe you make like it hot! I’m a human chihuahua and love that glass toys heat up fairly quickly to the temperature of my body so i’m not shivering away in bed with a sex toy.  So, if you want you can do the bowl of water trick as well but with warm water.    ***TIP:  One of my favorite customers, recommended putting a bowl of silicone lube in the microwave for a few seconds and dunking your glass toy in it.  *warm and cozy*  I personally haven’t tried that but they also seem to have an over abundance of lube handy as well that I don’t have haha. ***

Benefit #5:  DUNK it and do some Water Play!

  • There is only like 1 % of glass toys that vibrate but majority of them are just plain ol’ glass with no electronic stuff.  Which means great for Water play! You can dunk them, you can go into a jacuzzi without the fear of frying your toy, you can do nuru massages with it.


I get that people are like “WHOA, that’s glass, it’s hard, won’t that hurt?” well, dicks get really hard sometimes too so it’s kinda the same thing. haha 😛 I Love recommending just sliding the toy over skin and that feels great too.

I also, get that people are afraid of toys breaking.   These toys are made from a strong glass similar to Pyrex cookware.  So, it really takes a lot for it to shatter.  I’m not saying drop it on a hard surface but you really have to bang it around to break it.

yes, Glass toys aren’t all vibrate-y and have crazy gas powered motors but you’d be surprised about how a simple glass toy might turn out to be one of your favorites.  Since, there are many glass toy companies popping up everywhere, the prices have dropped tremendously and you can get a glass toy for decent prices now.

Glass toys are just another great addition for a  sex toy collection.  I love recommending fun glass butt plugs (so you can use Pjur’s Backdoor Silicone glide with Jojoba oil),  Glass Wands with a curve (Great for G-spot stimulation and squirting, and also anal gapping) and glass kegel exercises if you’re brave!

Haha Hope that helped!

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  1. I like that you pointed out that to clean a glass toy, all you have to do is drop it in boiling water. I have been looking for a toy that doesn’t require much cleaning. It would be nice to be able to just drop it in water. I’ll start looking for new toys, thanks for the information!

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