The “Touch” was perfect without “sight”

Mornings at my job, can be quite monotonous.  Dvd Rentals.  Lube purchases for Porn Shoot sets. Maybe some button battery purchases. Rinse and repeat.

But, I had the best moment the other day!  My customer helped validate my love for the We-Vibe Touch and how much my Valentine’s Day post really meant to me.  I was trying to push everyone to bring their romance back to their 5 senses.  Utilizing their senses with the help of certain aids in order to build a connection with their partners more or reignite it.  OR!  Using your senses to stimulate your body more solo style!  Either way,  Taking it back to something so simple as focusing on one single sense can bring your orgasm on ten times more!

In my mini blog post, “LET THESE BASICS TAKE OVER YOUR SENSES THIS VALENTINE’S DAY“, a guest post on BlowPaste‘s CheekyChaCha Blog.  I mentioned a silly blindfold. To half of the customers that came in for Valentine’s Day, they thought it was cheesy but bought it anyways.  To others they knew that taking away their sight would make things interesting.

To my customer the other day, who is “visually impaired” or rather SEXUALLY EMPOWERED!!!  She made me reevaluate which toys and how I present toys to customers who are blind.  She was one of the few customers who will come into an adult shop and know exactly what she wants.  She wanted a clitoral toy that was rechargeable and small.

Sounds easy and simple right? That’s usually the case but I never realized how difficult or rather annoying these “luxury” and “high end” toys were to use if you didn’t have sight on your side.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all these toys! Their various features accommodate to the needs of so many gals! Some may work better for some than others since everyone is as unique as a snowflake.  But I love to give a whole lineup of toys to a customer and give the pros/cons, so they can make the decision for themselves.

I always thought well, if you can’t really see when the lights are off in the bedroom, just use the button’s feature where it lights up when it’s on, or when the toy pulsates to the various vibration functions. This WAS a great feature for some especially one of my deaf customers.  But, completely useless to my blind gal.

Then, I realized that the shape and where the buttons were located weren’t as defined as you’d think.  The + or – buttons felt the same and didn’t have an indention that you can really determine “in the moment” how to really use it.

Especially since one of the toys, you have to hold down the button to turn it on, then push the top button to get it started.  I normally explain, “Hold down the button until it turns blue and then you can push the top button again to go through the functions”.   Which won’t work at all, once again catering to my customer.

The Shape of some of them were harder to keep a hold of since they were jumping around like a jelly bean as well.

[huge_it_gallery id=”11″]

The winner? We-Vibe’s Touch!  Probably, my favorite go-to vibrators.  I named mine, The purple people eater. 😉 The soft silicone isn’t as hard but still gives enough pressure for all those pressure “crotch dj’s”.  The shape has an amazing design to hold and you won’t lose grip.  One single button to turn on and vibe through the 8 different modes that can be quite powerful.  A simple 4-second hold down of  the power button and the toy is off.

Simple and to the point.  😀


Touch by We-Vibe packs the power to deliver 8 vibration modes with a deeply satisfying rumble. And it’s 100% waterproof, so you just might find yourself spending a little more time enjoying the shower. Enjoy sensual softness whenever you want.”

I want to Thank my customer since I didn’t realize how complicated some of the vibes out there were.  I hope that if any of you want to give your friend a toy and she is blind, that you’d take the We-Vibe Touch into consideration.  😀  After laying out all the clitoral toys, this one seems to have all the best qualities to give a gal!

The We-Vibe Touch is only $99.99 and it has a 1 year warranty.

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