Liberator’s Heart is Wedge-ing it’s way off my bed

If any of you remember my Review for Liberator’s Heart Wedge, my pillow hoarding skills are intense and continuously keeps growing.
Today, was my day off and it was deep cleaning day in my bedroom!  Laundry, Dust, and Organize everything times one thousand.  It always makes me happy to have my hermit hole room to be cozy and any time there is too much going on, I get so much anxiety.  So, you can only imagine my feelings the nights after my partner spends with me.  It is a ritual dragging all the pillows that have toppled off the bed,  back on it.  This time, as I was organizing and putting them back on, I got down to one last pillow. My Liberator Heart Wedge.
Something that once used to make my heart skip a beat, is now such an eye sore.  Recently, I got a new bedroom set that doesn’t match. 🙁  My fun new Mint green and White combo printed bed sheets doesn’t pair well with my beautiful Merlot red Heart Wedge.  Which is such a bummer since Valentine’s day is right around the corner and I wanted to keep it front and center.  *sigh*  I’m such a matching queen.
I checked distributors and their main website, and they don’t seem to sell the other various colored pillow cases separately.  What seemed like the most logical plan to replace the pillow case instead of adding another pillow to my madness failed.
I have been a big fan ever since I bought a Decor Whirl pillow and my love is renewed every time I sell a liberator product.  But, this whole time, I have been a dick wad and misinformed my customers.  “NAHHH,  get the wedge heart, it’s so cute! You can just replace the cover later!!” but i’m over here just now realizing they only have various colors with the pillows on their website and you have to call their 1-800 number in order to get it separately.  so… sorry guys that I misinformed you. 🙁 Hopefully soon, Liberator will make our lives easier and just put it up on their website as an option without the trouble of calling.
For now, I’ll just wait it out and for any of you that want to add this awesome Heart Wedge to their collection, they are having a few sales perfect for Valentine’s Day right around the corner.

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