Is sex better slow or fast, does it even matter? | Q&A

Question and Answer time!

Question: “For women, is sex better slow movement or fast movement better or does it even matter? Some women have said just do what makes you feel good.”

Let’s see, Sex is like a nice car drive. Each car is different just like a woman. Some women are like a sports car, depending on the road conditions, some like it fast. Some women are like classic lowrider cars, where a slow and steady cruise is perfect to enjoy the ride.  Road conditions also determine the drive, like the libido levels, attraction to the scenery and stamina to be able to go the distance.


Each person out there has different preferences, whether you’re a woman or a man.  Intercourse is just one of those topics that need to be discussed with your partner.  The discussion could be verbal or if you have a great connection, then you can gauge on one another’s body language. Verbal GPS instructions during sex are always nice, a “Yes, Yes, YES!” might just possibly mean your motion is going in the right direction.

I know I’m not giving you a direct answer, but with only a small percentage of women being able to orgasm vaginally from internal stimulation alone, I’m talking a measly 25-30%.  When a woman says “do what makes you feel good”, it could go both ways.  I’m not saying she’s just a human masturbation sleeve that you’re sticking it in.  It could mean, she is part of the glorious 25-30% that can orgasm and gets her kicks from intercourse alone.  If you get a good rhythmic motion going on consistently hitting the insides in just the right spot you could be hitting the G-spot,  U-spot or A spot, which could lead to a good orgasm.

Those women might be saying whatever speed you’re doing is connecting with their needs and what they want.  It could also mean that she likes it similar to a massage because orgasms and finishing the race isn’t her #1 priority and the act is more gratifying. I know every partner is different and maybe they are taking you for a test drive. You can ride it any way you want to be able to see if they match with your skills.

Just remember, you like your penis touched (right?) and imagine trying to achieve an orgasm where a person is just hovering their hand over your dick and expecting a magical “sex explosion” outcome.  Sexually intercourse for women sometimes is just like that.  Our Clit is RIGHT there, it’s only purpose in life is to have an orgasm and it goes unnoticed.  So, give her clit some love while having intercourse sex whether it’s vaginally or anally… Multi-task!

Road Conditions make a drive different.  One aspect could be her cycle, the “moon sickness” time like right before her period her libido levels could be increased and she wants it fast.  Or another time she might want sex slow & steady to feel the fullness and more connected.  Or possibly, doing a gradual sex adventure session going 0 to 100mph over time might be on the agenda.  Those Sportscar women may like to go fast but sometimes taking in the moment and cruising top-down might be what she likes. You have to try it out and see what the road conditions are in front of you.

The horizontal hustle is a dance, it takes two to tango.  Some are rhythmically in sync and sometimes you might need to try new moves and positions that might make the motions go together.  This can make the motions of slow or fast come naturally where you don’t have to question your thrusts.

I did a little poll on Instagram for a day, and just as I expected. It’s all over the place. why? because we never know what we want or feels good until its happening with a certain person, time or place. haha

When you're having (intercourse) sex, do you like the movement fast? 76%-Yes 24%-Noor DO you like the movement slow? 68%-Yes 35%-Noor Does Speed matter to you? 72%-YES 28%-No

A simple, “oh, you like that?” might even help during sex. Also, switching it up from fast sessions to slow sessions, makes things interesting and not monotonous. Keep it Spicy …and Sorry for all the car metaphors but it came naturally while answering this for you. 🙂 haha   <3


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