Living her life driven by her insatiable appetite for all things art related.  Jade dabbles in just about anything that will fuel her creativity while helping inspire others around her.

She is a sex knowledge explorer, pleasure products fan and amateur blogger who supports everyone on their path to engulfing their sexuality.  Through her blog and workshops, she promotes self love while motivating others to follow their passions in life.

Whether it’s in the bedroom or other adventures to be had. 

I’m not some doctor who went to school for a gazillion years, I don’t have a certificate that says I’m fancy and know 100% about everything. I’m just a girl who is a little more open, would love to talk about sex stuff with you, make it fun, kill stereotypes and I want you to love to please yourself. Having this blog would probably classified as promiscuous, a harlot per se but I say the hell with it! 😊

On this blog, you will find recommendations for various pleasure products from sex toys, lubricants and arousals aids. Along with answers to questions and a bunch of posts that all surround the amazing topic of sex.

Why did I create this blog?

Starting this little piece of webspace heaven because of my love for my customers while I was working in retail at various Adult shops (,).  I love(d) my customers because they are just like you and me!

Getting to know a person and guiding them to find the perfect products to enjoy themselves gave me the best feeling in the world. Keep in mind, there isn’t enough time in a shopping experience:

  • to tell them about new fun toys that could work for their next sex adventures…
  • to tell them that it’s okay that they may have crazy cool fetishes… (We ALL do!)
  • to tell them how to use products properly…
  • …and just plain how to embrace their sexuality in everyday life.

Grade School woes

Let’s be honest! Not everyone likes to talk about the birds and the bees or let alone on how to please yourself or your partner properly.  I attended the public school system in the United States. Where I did attend two sex education classes, growing up. (Hey, Thanks mom and Dad for allowing me to attend them since they did help out… a little.) One of the classes was in grade school, where they tapped all the bases for a 8 year old child should know. Just letting me know where babies came from. Menstruation. Being informed, my vagina is going to start bleeding profusely and I’m not dying because of it. How comforting…

My body started changing, just like the nurse lady said, it made growing up a smidgen easier.  Don’t get me wrong. Facts are the way to go. But, the next sex education class didn’t occur until a little too late.

Puberty Hit.

With my hormones going crazy, and obsessing over 90210, “Teen Bop” and JTT. The next sex education class, they made me feel like my vagina was a black hole. Yes, a black hole just ready to eat up all the sperm in the general vicinity. Engraved in my mind, I KNEW that if I didn’t put a condom on any erect penis or cucumber around me. This girl was going to get impregnated. That led to the worse scenario, catch a case of the cooties aka Sexual Transmitted DISEASES, where I’d be ostracized by the world. *the horror*

These people who are suppose to inform me of ALL things sex related, didn’t answer all the regular questions that are running through a girl’s mind at that age. At that age you are afraid to ask or rather not know the RIGHT questions to spew out. I know I can’t be the only one out there that thought this way. Sex-Ed information is needed now and after that pubescent stage in life. 

My Pre-Self Exploration stage

My mind was curious after I became a “WOMAN”, as it is now. All the questions about masturbation, regular ol’ sex, all that hygienic stuff came to light. Forthworth, “OH for goodness sakes, PLEASE TELL ME about this wondrous thing I have called a clitoris.” Vagina? Vulva? What the hell is down there to begin with? They aren’t the same thing? WHAT?!?! haha

Many of the people i’ve encountered have the same questions that those childhood sex ed classes have left out. It only felt necessary to blog my findings & share with others.

My Background

I grew up with a very religious background, where the only time SEX was mentioned was regarding procreation and abstinence. For goodness sakes, my Dad was adopted by Christian Missionaries. Half of my extended families are Pastors and devout patrons in the church. This background that doesn’t condone you to speak freely on this topic. Repetitive “this is a sin” can do numbers to a person’s mental state of mind.

I have a background & degree in Fashion Design, which is in a whole different realm from where i’m at how. I realized that my true passion was Sex Education and Adult Pleasure Products after multiple moments in life and situations, spoke to my heart. (If you are curious how I began my Adult Career journey, click here).

I found peace in being able to relate to so many individuals. Being able to explain things in a manner that isn’t aggressive and accepting to all walks of life.

Where did you come up with the name, Hanky Panky Harlot?

Originally, my first blog was named, VaginalCelebration.com. After much thought, it didn’t have the right ring to it.  Even though, it gave many many people a good chuckle.  That name didn’t allow me to talk about everything I wanted. It didn’t help but for some reason the ONLY reoccurring topic on inquiring minds was about the infamous butt stuff.

Coming up with name that that encapsulated my personality. The vibes I wanted to portray to you all. All while hoping you can connect with me on a personal level was quite a task.

Much pondering occurred, after watching the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?“, there was a scene that just resonated with me. Where the main character, Roger Rabbit was going through some stuff. His significant other, Jessica Rabbit, was caught doing hanky panky with another man. The children’s hand clap game.

Jessica Rabbit doing a Children's hand clap game with a man who isn't her significant other.
Jessica Rabbit doing a Children’s hand clap game with a man who isn’t her significant other, Roger Rabbit.

HANKY PANKY – definition from Collins Dictionary
UNCOUNTABLE NOUN  If you describe behavior as hanky-panky, you disapprove of it because it is dishonest or breaks rules. 
UNCOUNTABLE NOUN  Hanky-panky is sexual activity between two people, especially when this is regarded as improper or not serious. 

*LIGHTBULB!* It all made sense. Having Hanky Panky part of my name was the way to go. Sexuality is disapproved by the masses and many sexual activities can be taboo. Where sexual activity can be ranged from flirtatious winks, sexy texts, self sexual expression, self love and masturbation.

Ultimately, Dubbing myself a Harlot. Where in previous times..that would be considered the modern day slut for even discussing those Hanky Panky topics.

Who is this blog, Hanky Panky Harlot, meant for?

This blog is for the everyday person. Young! Old! Sexually active or sexually curious! All those who seek to embrace LOVE, your sexuality and what goes on in your head in your everyday lives. 

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  1. Dear Jade, I am young male 60ish customer who has recieved help from you before. This is my first time on your site; and I am very impressed! It is extremely well presented, and you jounalistic ability to report on the different products is very professional. It is a natural reflection of the way you are so helpful to me in selecting the correct product for me and my woman for getting the most fun out of my purchase. In addition I appreciate the time you allow me to ask embarassing questions since the words don’t flow easily, even thought I am part of the 60’s love generation. You’ve been a great help of renewing our passion and fun in the bedroom.
    Your great Jade! Seeing you site today was super! It’s a great presentation.

  2. This is Tammy, I went in last night and purchased the blue vibrator-oh my freaking goodness!!!!!!
    It was exactly what I was looking for and the feeling was bets than expected (j wanted it in me during oral sex). I know the people downstairs are gong to be complaining from all he noise we make upstairs cuz WOW, I’m obsessed…
    Tonight’s the night for him to take that thing in his butt-he said he’s ready
    IS SOOOOO ON!!!!!!!!

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