About the Harlot

12106939_10153819518551019_7486953490285799552_nLiving her life driven by her insatiable appetite for all things art related, Jade dabbles in just about anything that will fuel her creativity while helping inspire others around her. She is a sex knowledge explorer, adult toy snob and amateur blogger who supports everyone on their path to self love and engulf their sexuality. Through her blog and workshops, she motivates others to follow their passions in life, whether it’s in the bedroom or other adventures to be had.

I’m really into listing. So, here goes nothing…

  • I’m just a girl.
  • I like bunnies and unicorns.11953132_10153720163161019_5146842167859700407_n
  • I find romantic comedies strangely entertaining, I just love that it hurts that I yearn for something so cheeseball.
  • I love to crochet.
  • I love to eat food… especially when i’m emotionally unstable and suffering from the moon sickness.
  • I think sex toys are a better investment than buying a new curling iron.
  • I find the human body is a fabulous thing.
  • I think everyone should embrace their sexuality.

xxxO Jade

3 thoughts on “About the Harlot

  1. Dear Jade, I am young male 60ish customer who has recieved help from you before. This is my first time on your site; and I am very impressed! It is extremely well presented, and you jounalistic ability to report on the different products is very professional. It is a natural reflection of the way you are so helpful to me in selecting the correct product for me and my woman for getting the most fun out of my purchase. In addition I appreciate the time you allow me to ask embarassing questions since the words don’t flow easily, even thought I am part of the 60’s love generation. You’ve been a great help of renewing our passion and fun in the bedroom.
    Your great Jade! Seeing you site today was super! It’s a great presentation.

  2. This is Tammy, I went in last night and purchased the blue vibrator-oh my freaking goodness!!!!!!
    It was exactly what I was looking for and the feeling was bets than expected (j wanted it in me during oral sex). I know the people downstairs are gong to be complaining from all he noise we make upstairs cuz WOW, I’m obsessed…
    Tonight’s the night for him to take that thing in his butt-he said he’s ready
    IS SOOOOO ON!!!!!!!!

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