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The place were I go to talk about new and upcoming Lubes, Lotions, STRAPS n more! Where I can talk about sex toys and products that I’d love to share with others. The place were normal talk about such a topic isn’t normal so I’ll just put it here.


Anything Limited Edition always catches my eye immediately. BUT… when the names of the products are Cunt Dracula, Rampant Rabbi, Buckingham Phallus and Vagenie, I had to see what was all about!

BuckinghamPhallus_Gold_Front_Back-500x500 Vagenie-RGB-500x500 RampantRabbi_MBlue_Front_Back-500x500 CuntDracula_Silver_Front_Back-500x500

Apparently, not everyone has the same humor as me or as the creator Shed Simove. But I found them to be crafty and hilarious.

It’s not badly priced either. Especially for a limited edition… silicone … and novelty toy. I think it’d be a fun addition to any sex toy collection.

Be sure to check out for all the clever descriptions and to add these gems to your toy collection!