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Earth Day: Gaia Eco Biodegradable Vibrator by Blush Novelties

Tomorrow is Earth Day. We always try and find ways to reduce our footprint with everyday activities, but what about our nighttime activities?  So, I’d like to introduce to some of you a great way to reduce your footprint on this lovely planet we call home.  Instead of adding to the landfills, that probably have massive amounts of dildos and vibes in the mix. Check out…

The first biodegradable and recyclable vibrator.  The Gaia Eco brought to you by Blush Novelties.

This slimline style sex toy is a vibrator that is made from Biofeel, a starch based bioplastic aka PLA.  Made from renewable resources such as corn starch, cassava(Tapioca) roots, or sugarcane depending on where it’s made, this allows it to be biodegradable.  Having a toy that is made from renewable resources puts your mind at ease and Wall-E thanks you.

Now to the good part, Gaia Eco is a nice 7” long slimline vibe with an insertable length of 5.75” and 1” width.  It has a turn style base to twist on the multi speed vibrations perfect from internal or external stimulation. For the vibration, it only takes 2 AA batteries and comes in 3 soft colors to choose from: a pretty Pink, a neutral pistachio Green, and a Martha Stewart Sky Blue.

If you’re looking for a new basic vibrator that Captain Planet would approve of, this is it, the Gaia Eco.

Happy Earth Day, and after planting a tree, creating a compost pile and other earth DAY activities, think about getting this biodegradable sex toy.  Your nighttime activities doesn’t have to kill the earth at the same time. 😛


We-Vibe 4 Plus ~ Caribbean Stylezzz

One of my work’s distributors, Holiday Products, is doing a display contest featuring their limited edition We-Vibe 4 Caribbean in the most epic teal blue color imaginable.

I decided to show my summer-y excitement and We-Vibe love the best way possible to show Excitement’s true colors. How? with a display with our fabulously slutty dolls at a POOL PARTY! DUH!

I sent it over to my buddy at We-Vibe while I was at the ANMEs and We-Vibe featured it on their instagram. WUT WUT! So Glad that they loved it!

“Gone We-Vibe’n” amazing display from our friends @excitementgirl. We love it!

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The “Touch” was perfect without “sight”

Mornings at my job, can be quite monotonous.  Dvd Rentals.  Lube purchases for Porn Shoot sets. Maybe some button battery purchases. Rinse and repeat.

But, I had the best moment the other day!  My customer helped validate my love for the We-Vibe Touch and how much my Valentine’s Day post really meant to me.  I was trying to push everyone to bring their romance back to their 5 senses.  Utilizing their senses with the help of certain aids in order to build a connection with their partners more or reignite it.  OR!  Using your senses to stimulate your body more solo style!  Either way,  Taking it back to something so simple as focusing on one single sense can bring your orgasm on ten times more!

In my mini blog post, “LET THESE BASICS TAKE OVER YOUR SENSES THIS VALENTINE’S DAY“, a guest post on BlowPaste‘s CheekyChaCha Blog.  I mentioned a silly blindfold. To half of the customers that came in for Valentine’s Day, they thought it was cheesy but bought it anyways.  To others they knew that taking away their sight would make things interesting.

To my customer the other day, who is “visually impaired” or rather SEXUALLY EMPOWERED!!!  She made me reevaluate which toys and how I present toys to customers who are blind.  She was one of the few customers who will come into an adult shop and know exactly what she wants.  She wanted a clitoral toy that was rechargeable and small.

Sounds easy and simple right? That’s usually the case but I never realized how difficult or rather annoying these “luxury” and “high end” toys were to use if you didn’t have sight on your side.

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Sexual Health Expo 2016

This past weekend, I visited the Universal Studios Hilton where I attended the 2nd SHE, Sexual Health Expo in Los Angeles!  It’s a fun expo where sexual health educators and the most up to date intimacy devices collide! It’s open to the public, so regular ol’ folk can indulge in aaaaall things that are sex toy related and fill their minds with knowledge that you can utilize in the bedroom.

02072016 5721Just like most events/workshops or anything dealing with sex education, it’s a bit intimidating since sexual wellness is a taboo topic that you normally don’t indulge in.  But, I can assure you that in such a big environment with everyone there for the same reason, you’d get over it quite quickly.

The festivities began with a ribbon cutting and then the crowd hustled on in.  Once, I walked in there were a dozen booths set up ranging from sex coaches, folks who were more down with the spiritual aspect of sex, some fun impact toy bdsm booths, massage candles and of course, my jam… sex toys!!

I browsed for a hot minute before skipping on my merry way, since I already mapped out which speakers I wanted to listen in on. 02072016 5662Pleasure Chest was the Sex Ed Sponsor  that had two rooms available for Skills/Technique and Relationship/Kink.  There was a variety of topics that made choosing which room to go to a bit tough. If I had  it my way I’d be present for them all with such an amazing lineup from speakers such as Lynn Rosenberg, Koko, Psalm Isadora, Jennie Steinberg, Dr. Tamara Griffin, Dirty Lola, Amy Jo Goddard, Sex Nerd Sandra, Elle Chase, Erin Tillman, Charlie Glickman, Mollena Williams, Dr. Jessica O’Reilly,  Tristan Taormino, Dr. Hernando Chaves, Stephanie Berman, Dr. Patti Britton, Rachel Kramer Brussel, Miyoko Rifkin, Reid Mihalko, Allison Moon, Dr. Chris Donaghue and Dr. Zhana Vrangalova.

IMG_20160117_151747In between hearing the speakers, I got to explore the dozen of booths thoroughly.   Amongst them was WeVibe’s booth where I was extremely excited since I knew I was going to be able to take a look at the “Rave” their newest addition to the WeVibe Family.
Which turned out to be just as cool as I suspected. I was under the impression that the “Touch” just fast forwarded and grew up and turned into a big boy! aka they just made an internal toy that vibrated.rave_get_more They did upgrade and took it and ran with it, and made it blue tooth app controllable.  *drops the mic* I saw pics and blah blah blah, but I spaced and didn’t read the specs. (I don’t like to read about things that are too far out of touch.  Like, I hate watching movie trailers that aren’t even going to come out for 78237434 months, it’s the epitome of a teaser. I’m like a child and I can’t wait that long! :P)  So, as you can imagine, I was thoroughly impressed with the upgrades.  They came out with a rabbit too, but I wasn’t too ecstatic about that since rabbits lately haven’t had anything special to set each other apart. nova_animation The “Nova” has a very odd looking clitoral piece that I couldn’t understand why there was such a gap.  It looked like it was made for a chick with fluffy fupa to me. Normally, clitoral pieces rest on the clit, flutters and rarely puts enough pressure that I know a few gal’s want.  BUT BUT BUT… The odd shape works differently than I ASSumed. The Nova flexes with your body and bends against the clit! That huge loop isn’t room for the fupa it’s room to bounce back for pressure for those girls who are more pressure “crotch dj’s”!   EGAG BRAIN BRILLIANT! haha In my head, this toy now sounds amazing and the concept really made the difference if I wanted to try it out!

I dropped by a few more booths and snagged a some cool merch from candles to impact toys from Orchid and Serpent.

I really enjoyed myself 🙂 I can’t wait to see what they bring next year.

My only Bummers…

  • Unlike last year, the Schedule didn’t have a brief description on what each speaker would be presenting on.  I’m big on play on words and puns but the speaker’s titles on what they’d be speaking on was a bit tough.  It was a bit hit or miss since I wasn’t sure what exactly I was getting into or missing out on.
  • Room A and Room B.  They should have renamed it to “Corner A and Corner B”.  I did like that there as enough room for me to even hear the speakers, since last year I couldn’t even get inside the room to hear the main speakers I wanted to.  But, I felt bad because Room B was literally battling with the speakers from Room A.  It was loud and hard to concentrate.  A few of my friends… who are also big A.D.D. gals, couldn’t focus since vendors were only feet away and you had to sit in front of the speaker or else you might miss a word or two.
  • The amount of vendors was lacking this year. 🙁 I did get to see a few toys that were new and upcoming that I haven’t seen in person but I guess I just love surprises. haha I was hoping to be a bit more wow’d. I got done browsing the vendors in a heartbeat since there was only a handful.
  • Check in was a bit of a hot mess like last time, but it’s cool. I get over that aspect once I step inside.

02072016 5660

Overall, I love the sexual health expo since it gives the public a chance to get in on the fun in one big arena.

Silencing Slider – Cheeseburger Ball Gag from Gorge Ohwel

Anyone who knows me, understands my love for Cheeseburgers.  Anything cheeseburger themed makes my heart tickle.  So, you can’t imagine how much this adult themed cheeseburger made my heart tickle.  I HAD TO share this with gem all the fun BDSM folks out there. 😀

sliderMade in the US of A, Gorge Ohwell is the creator of these awesome Gags with a twist.  Shaped like a cheeseburger slider this mouth gag would make a great gift for a Cheeseburger connosieur aka me duuhhh. haha  I’m not one to be gagged but i’d love to add this to my collection to gag some fella in this. 😛



I stumbled across this gag on Etsy but you can also purchase this on, where they have a few more quirky gifts that are a must-have.

OBob| Your new Battery Operated Boyfriend.

I’m such a fan of the novelty aspect of sex toys.   Especially, ones that are clever, punny and would look adorable on my nightstand or even the toys that are incognito and disguised in plain sight.

Screaming O always has a fun choice of toys that cater to my addiction.  This time it’s the OBob, Your new Battery Operated Boyfriend.  I can’t wait to snag this hottie later when it comes out. 🙂

Check out this little teaser video:

😉 I’ll be sure to update/review when I get my hands on one of this guys.

Gballs² App

images-img-2.2I just recently got my hands on this awesome little Gem!  It’s another innovative sex toy / kegel exerciser!  It really sparked my interest since they combined my favorite things!  CUTE FACTOR, techy stuff and making it affordable for an everyday girl.

The Gballs² are a kegel ball set that includes kegel balls that have a sensor that vibrates when squeezed internally with an app. The vibrations allow you to really feel if you are squeezing the proper muscles down there.  The Gballs² are made out of a silicon that is smooth and soft to the touch.  It can be easily inserted and isn’t ginormous like some kegel balls out there.   The weight isn’t too heavy since it only weighs a measly 54g, aka it won’t feel like you just put kettle balls in you.  Whenever, I’ve explained traditional kegel balls, I usually say it’s like lifting weight for your vag.  But,  these trainer balls focus on just the action of working out your pc muscles, so I’d say it’s more like toning yoga instead of vigorous weight lifting.  The vibration feedback is a friendly reminder after each rep that you’re on the way to healthier pc muscles.  The Balls have a rechargeable function that Gballs2 allows them to be smaller in size.  It’s only  3.25″ long to be inserted and 1.25″ wide.  Not overbearing at all.  (( and always remember your vag isn’t a big black hole… it isn’t going to get lost up there.))

overview-img-1Now, to get to my favorite part!  Even though you can use The Gballs² solo, it can also be partnered with the app!  It connects with a wireless bluetooth that allows you to sync up to your new “personal sex fitness trainer”!

properties-img-1If you have a smart phone (…Dear god I hope you do.  If my mom has a smart phone… you should too haha). Visit your apple App Store or Google Play Store, search Magic Kegel and download the free app.

Ta-dah! You just downloaded your new sex-fitness trainer! haha  The app is pretty user friendly and just screamed to my inner cuteness factor.   What’s even better… you don’t need the balls to use the app.  So, if you’re on the run and you don’t have the balls on you, you can still get your workout in. The app has a little girl as the app’s mascot to encourage you.  You begin by taking a test to see what course might be suitable for you.  They have six courses to choose from entry level, honeymoon, Planning a Baby, Young mom, Muscle Recovery and Hot lover.  ;P I got Hot Lover.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

properties-img-3I usually squeeze to the bass line of songs but this fitness course made me concentrate more.  The exercise training really didn’t take much time out of my day.  They also made a game out of it and you get badges for completing your training and who doesn’t love that haha.

The badges give a person a sense of motivation and I know that a lot of my girlfriends and women in general need that.  Being able to track your progress with a little guidance can make it worthwhile.

The Gballs²  are around the $100 range, which is a smidgen cheaper than other Kegel exercisers that are similar.  This toy isn’t going to completely break the bank BUT~!  if it helps with the end results of better pc muscles, I think it’s worth it. 😉  Gballs² sensor balls and app  combo is more user friendly and I think that’s a big deal. I guess, the whole look of it looks way more inviting and doesn’t look like a chore to do a workout.

Anyways, Gballs² is way cool. Be sure to check it out! I think this is one of the first kegel balls I’ve been excited about in awhile and know that you all would probably enjoy it too ^_^ <3


Anal Unicorn Toys!

I love playing with toys all the time, but not in the appropriate and correct purpose they were made for.  Like what? I love pretending to be a unicorn.  ((I kinda have a thing for unicorns… mermaids… and vampires… yeah, I have the mentality of a teenage girl. Get off my back. :P))

I did an anal workshop last month,  and I was asked what my favorite anal toys were.  But there are too many to name!

So, I’m going to post my favorite anal toys that I like to be a Butt unicorn with and… to stick on my forehead while galloping around work. haha

Butt Unicorn: A magical human who is a rare breed who likes butt play.


Triple Play Beaded Butt Plug By Glas

Length: 3.94″  Width: .75″ ((Size varies since it’s blown glass))

My  favorite is the Triple Play Beaded Butt Plug” By Glas.   This  high-quality tempered glass butt plug is great for Anal Play.  Since, it’s made out of glass, you can use any type of lubricant you want with it.  It has a smooth surface and just glides right on in.  Paired with Pjur’s Back Door Silicone lubricant, this makes anal play of insertion and relaxing for penetration a hell of a lot easier. Aside, from the functionality, The Triple Play Beaded Butt Plug is aesthetically appealing. The picture above and the box’s image does not do it justice.   In the center of the toy, it has  an almost holographic swirl.  😉  If you see it in person, it just radiates Butt Unicorn qualities.

YourHighness_dildo copy

Your Highness Vibrating Dildo by Pleasure Works

Length: 5.25″ Width: 1.125″
Battery: LR44

This Dildo is a great all in one! 😛  It  can be used for vaginal or anal penetration.  It has a great base that can be harness compatible for pegging.  It’s slim for beginner’s to get the feel of a toy and isn’t too harsh on the eye. Your Highness has a removeable bullet to add pleasure to the receiver or partner if using a harness. ^_^ It’s made out of a high quality silicone. How can you say no!?

VI-P0308BLK copy

Quaker Anal Vibe by Vedo

Length: 8.25″ Width: 1.37″
Battery: 1-AAA

I was so impressed by this anal vibe the first time I ever encountered it.  It’s soft silicone exterior and small base make anal look like a breeze! haha  The Quaker has a small “gently rounded tip” great for insertion and has a gradual increase to the beads.  The vibration has  a soft “buzzy” vibration with 12 different patterns.  It comes in a few different colors but that black looks so sleek.

My runner ups are these purple goodies down below.

Vibratex Beadazzled
Vibratex Beadazzled
Cal Exotics Silicone Flexi Risque Triples
Cal Exotics Silicone Flexi Risque Triples


^_^ hope you enjoyed my top 3 unicorn horns or anal toys… or whatever you want to call it.   Are there any unicorn toys you like? Hit me up and let me know your fave! I’d love to know what’s your jam!


Earth Day

The last thing you think about when it comes to having sex and using sex toys is being conscientious about your carbon footprint left on earth.

So, this year’s Earth Day, I’m just going to share a few things that you can tweak in your love life while helping mother earth at the same time!

  • Save up and invest in quality sex toys! Getting a great sex toy has so many benefits both long-term and short term!
    If you decide to buy a vibrator, grab one that has quality material and is possibly rechargeable.  Quality sex toys have a longer lifespan, so you won’t have to replace the toy constantly.  This decreases in waste (Wall-E will love you for it!) and battery consumption!  Single use batteries and Rechargeable batteries have toxic and hazardous materials inside which means itshould be recycled.  But many people usually have a  “fuggit” mentality and just toss them in the trash  AAAND the same goes for old sex toys that die.  Decrease waste by having nice things! haha How can you say no to that?!?  haha

    • So, grab a toy that is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, high grade premium materials. Some of the best vibrating toys are made with 100% premium silicone!  If you’re looking for a vibrating dong.  Choose one with a removable bullet because then once that bullet dies you can just replace that instead of the whole darn thing!
    • Another great material for toys is Glass!  It’s one of the most hygienic material out there and it can be broken down and recycled.
    • USB powered Vibrating toys decrease on batteries as well! They aresignificantly cheaper than rechargeable and you can use them while you’re browsing porn on your computer. 😛  There isn’t a lot of the menu for these type but my faves are:
    • Wood Toys!  If you wanna be ultra hippy and love beautifully crafted sex toys visit:
      NobEssence™ sculptures are organic, waterproof and hypo-allergenic. Our sustainably farmed woods are firm from the start – warming to your passion and retaining your heat.  NobEssence™ exotic hardwood sculptures deliver uniquely luxurious sensations –firm, silky smooth, clean and visually irresistible.”
    • Another cool toy material is Stone! Laid has Stone toy made from granite and it is the perfect shape for the body to be a Smoooooth operator.
  • Grab some condoms that are made with natural, Fair Trade rubber!  Latex is Latex and you may not see the direct result of it but why not grab condoms that are fair trade and good for the laborers who go to the rubber trees!  Fair Trade rubber does cost alittle bit more but it helpsthe quality of life for the workers with all the things we take for granted like clean drinking water, electricity, having a roof over their head and education!  Remember these brands the next time you need to grab a pack of condoms!
  • Grab a lubricant that is an all natural or organic alternative.   There are somany different options now in comparison toa couple years back.  Older lubricants had so many filler ingredients that were petroleum based, or hadparabens. So, now! you can now just be completely knock those off your shopping list.   Also, you don’t haveto be a hippy and only use coconut oil.    There are many lubricants that might make your vagina so much more happier.  The following are a few of my favorites <3 they are latex & polyisoprene condom compatible, toy safe and are friendly for your body!
  • Can’t forget the BDSM folk! and For all those Flogging lovers! No need to fear there is at least a fabulous flogger out there made from Recycled Rubber!

Hopefully, these tips for tweaking your shopping list will give you a little bit of motivation to giving Mother Earth the attention and love she deserves.

The Semenette, a Realistic Ejaculating Sex Toy

The Semenette just caught my eye recently and thought I’d share since I’d really like this crowdfunding project to succeed.

The Semenette is basically the toy that I get asked for on a regular basis.  It is a realistic, phallic looking Dong with the ability to reenact an ejaculating penis aka A Squirting dildo! yay! haha  The Creator, Stephanie Berman was brilliant! She literally took all the qualities that a person wanted in a squirting toy and put it all in one.

There aren’t that many squirting toys out there that  I pay much attention much to.  Mainly, since they have more of a novelty feel to them.  Not only am I talking about the appearance of them, like how some  have crazy muscle men looking veins and what not. But, the quality and actually functionality in it isn’t as up to par.  I don’t want to get into a comparing game, but since their concept makes sense.

The Semenette is made from silicone, soooo no worries on having those materials made from WHO KNOWS WHAT.  Which really helps with the hygienic factor.  The way they created the squirting bulb looks better than accordion pumps or the squirting dicks where you can’t really clean the inside and have to soak up the lube like an old school water fun by squeezing and hoping you got enough in there.

This multi-tasking dildo is great on so many levels for pegging, cum play, Erectile dysfunction and partners who want to conceive.  The Base looks bigger and stable for being harness compatible.  The squirting function is great for cum play for all those bukake lovers.  The realistic function and look are great for those with erectile dysfunction and want to please their partner is that jizzy type of way. 😛  I also like the fact that you can make love with your partner and possibility of you actually creating a baby boo from pleasure and not a doctor’s office.

Go check out their crowdfunding site to see it for yourself on INDIEGOGO.  They also have their own site at SEMENETTE.COM.

I hope this thing does well, I know so many people that this would help out. ^_^