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Prince Willy Yum Dong

There are no words. lol  I just can’t stop staring at this toy. JUUUST plain wishing I had some random friend to buy it for as a gag gift.  TS1004027

“Get your knickers in a twist for a right royal shagging from his royal hornyness. The mighty, royal dildo measures a full 6 inches in length with a meaty 1.75 inches in diameter and is made from PVC. The accompanying crown-shaped cock ring is also PVC and can be used with or without the dong.”

The packaging is just amazing and that random crown cock ring is just the icing on the cake.  It’s not something I’d be like YEAH I wanna try that! but it’d be perfect to throw at someone for a birthday gag gift.

This is going to be one of those posts where I just wanted someone to giggle like a schoolgirl with me. so ….please do. 😛

Go-Go Rabbit Massager by NS Novelties

NSN-0206-11_go-go_rabbit-white_box_lowNS Novelties has got me hooked once again with their most recent endeavor, the Go-Go Rabbit Massager.  This clit commander is just OOZING with cute factor.   Once again, NS Novelties is sticking with the rabbit theme similar to their Muse.  But, I think they upgraded, (from what I can see) the few kinks that I was a bit bothered about the Go-Go’s cousin, The Muse.

The Go-Go Rabbit Massager just recently came out, so I haven’t got my hands on it just yet but the release day was just a smidgen ago. Hopefully, I’ll be able to see it in person soon.  For now, I just get to look around their site and see all the specs and the info they feel like sharing.

The Go-Go Rabbit apparently has two motors with eight patterns of vibration.  “Each ear is firm yet flexible to deliver unlimited combinations of pleasure. Made of body-safe silicone rechargeable and completely waterproof. “

It’s a measly 1.5″ x 5″ which makes it nice and compact.  I’m hoping that the new shape of the ears will be a little more easier to use to contour to the clit and maybe for my friend’s sake the led eyes aren’t as “creepy” like the Muse. ( haha I personally think it’s cute and don’t mind it.  How can you not love it’s eyebrows bouncing around with you!) The GoGo Rabbit seems  to look like the entire body is made of silicone for a nice soft finish! No hard materials anywhere, which is a plus.  It’s claiming to be waterproof but I’m wondering if it is more splashproof and they have the “needle” charging adapter that you have to stick in.

Too many questions. Too much excitement.  Thanks a lot NS Novelties 😛 the anticipation is driving me crazy. haha


****edit: Sad News They Discontinued this item. 🙁

VIVID RAW: The Super Model Date

flash1A little while ago, I found out about Cal Exotic’s new line of male masturbator toys, Vivid Raw!

They are completely geared towards male customers with the rugged packaging including the fun, crass language on the boxes! (it was seriously almost at Pipedream status :P).  The line has multiple Love Dolls, Handheld Strokers and  infamous lifelike butt masturbators… and they really are life size!

The only use I have for these toys would probably to use the assterbator’s as bong drums… or using the love dolls to get away with driving in the Car Pool lanes. haha But when they came into my work VIVIDRAW_still02to film something for the toys I couldn’t help but want to post up the video (below). The video that CalExotics and Vivid made to show how dorky this lovedoll is… gave me a quick giggle since ” Eric Prince” turned into “Lars“.

… at least the beautiful masterpiece I drew of a WeVibe 4 plus got a cameo in the background!  😉



I did check out all the items in this line and I do have to say they are pretty awesome! well… minus the lovedolls… those always creep me out. 😛

As for the quality of the strokers, they seem legit and they used “Pure Skin material” to give it more of a life like effect.  All of them have a pretty cool grip and the interior of the masterbators are ribbed!  A few of them have some extra perks, like double enders, a handheld stroker that can be heated and a few that have vibration options!  They even have a one year warranty. so! DUHH! hey guys! why not grab one and lemme know what you think?

… well minus the love dolls, ok Lars?




On my mind…. The Eroscillator

RANTING! My coworker and I were sitting around looking at random adult product magazines and we started pondering about all the Sex toys that are out there but we aren’t sure if we would try it out.


We both agreed and the first thing that popped in my head was the Eroscillator.  Not saying it’s a bad toy, because remember I already said I’ve never tried it.  I had a mini pro’s and con’s list going but my main Pro… was

*drum roll and pull out the nerd carpet*

…it reminded me of something the Mondoshawan from The Fifth Element would use.  0_0 yeah, I said it. haha TOTALLY NOT A BAD THING.


The Eroscillator’s color and shape is what made me really think it looked like a Mondoshawan masterpiece.  Different than the usual phallic shaped toys, big headed wands and typical bullet eggs out there, this toy does stand out for it’s design.  Probably why I always remember it  and the main reason I would want to get this toy.  The various attachments makes it seem like it would have it’s perks but I don’t know why it just seems like a glorified electric toothbrush.EROS-000046_124284 lol  I’ve seen it in person and honestly wasn’t that impressed.  The plastic seemed a bit cheesey and I guess for the price I was expecting a more.  Sonicare electric toothbrushes are the same price and that cleans my teeth lol… this toy’s only job is just to vibe. *snob moment* The Eroscillator also has a  large assortment of attachments, which I noticed you can’t just buy one single attachment you might want, they make you buy packs.  Which is annoying because personally I think there is only like a couple that would only really interest me with that type of toy. BUT! at least it’s not just a one trick pony type of toy.  You can get so much more out of it.

con? Eroscillator’s website made me feel like it was a “As seen on TV” type of deal.

30-Day Money back guarantee:
Only on

You will love your Eroscillator. And in the unlikely event that you don’t, just send it back. Unused devices are fully refunded. Used devices incur a 20% sanitary disposal fee. This offer is only available here on”

With that smacked on the site I can’t tell if it’s a gimmick shit product or if it’s fabulous and they just KNOW i’m going to love it. lol  It’s been around for awhile and many have thought it was the bee knee’s.  For the price of $139.95, and the longevity it’s been around it must be offering something others aren’t. Right?!? I don’t know.EROS-000046_124286

I’m SOOOOO IF-y on this vibrator, I seriously can’t decide if I like it or not.

I might just have to suck it up someday and try it.  While permanently storing it in a box that is The Fifth Element themed, OF COURSE. 😛




My Secret Screaming O

NEW_MSSO_LipstickFinally the secret is out! I was trying to figure out why I wasn’t able to find my favorite “discreet”  lipstick vibe out there! It was because Screaming O was revamping it’s look!

They went with a simple blister packaging ( lol **Hate** I’m not a big fan of blister packaging since you can’t open the toy before you leave or buy the toy to make sure you didn’t get a lemon *shrug* but it’s a pretty packaging).  NEW_MSSO_LipBalmThey also did a  completely different color scheme with Pinks and Blacks.   a little foofy for some but this new revamped look makes the  My Secret Screaming O line more approachable.  A Great gift! whether it’s for a friend’s birthday, a bachelorette party or just plain a new addition to your toy collection.

NEW_MSSO_MascaraI wish they just made two different colorways since I loved the old red and black.  It made the discreet feature that much better since it looks like MAC’s Viva la Glam lipsticks.  So, nobody would even know.  But, it’s still pretty discreet either way.
Be sure to keep an eye out for these Screaming O toys, they are always affordable,a fun buy and look great with their new makeover!!


Crowdfunding for Kegels!

I recently came across two crowdfunding projects that were kegel-tastic!  I know that Crowdfunding websites such as Kickstarter has been funding some of the most amazing projects recently.  But, I found two that really sparked my interest.

I already use my phone for everything you can think of like tracking my jogging routes, my exercise routines, playing videos games, reading books… I could go on and on.

So, when I saw these two projects for Kegel exercising that incorporated any type of modern technology that did more for me than just sticking traditional balls in my vag, of course I got super giddy.  Both of these projects had a combo of encouraging a women to do their kegel exercises using their devices that were inserted and tracked with the phone.

Continue reading Crowdfunding for Kegels!

Vape me one time~!

I’m guilty of catching the Vape bug, like many of my friends.  It’s probably because they have sooo many different mods, atomizers and various attachments that probably shoot lazers out of your lungs. BUT THIS CAUGHT MY EYE.


It’s “the world’s first vibrator attachment” for a Vape!  It’s made for the XXX vape exp vaporizer battery.  This new fabulous toy makes me happy because I’m am ALL for rechargeable toys but I love giving gals OPTIONS too!


This makes the recharging time while it’s attached to the wall, a tad more discreet.  This allows you only 1 cord to keep track of instead of having 374832974 cords and having to remember which one goes to what! haha

They were smart and made it have a few bells and whistles that I approve of 😛

    • Available in Pink, Purple and Black
    • Made From Medical Grade Silicone
    • Easy to Clean
    • Ready to Use with EXP Battery (Sold Separately)
    • 10 sec activation cycles (press and hold then release and hold for continued operation)

This is completely on my wish list now, so I can see how amaze balls this really is.  I completely hyped myself up for this.

Check out the XXXvapor website for their other products and this fabulous new gadget.

****edit: Update… sorry, they are no longer in business. 🙁

XXX vibe Vaporizer
XXX vibe Vaporizer


Wake-Up Vibe, The Alarm Clock Vibrator,


I keep stumbling on this funny little vibe and I can’t tell if I would like it or not.  I mean, Morning sex is always nice so a vibe that wakes you up in the morning most definitely would be nice.  But I don’t know how effective it’d be on staying in place all the way until the morning.

It is a silicone toy that is rechargeable that has a lovely timer installed into it.  The various vibrations leave me thinking i’d never get out of bed in the morning if I get this. haha

The Wake up Vibe  is a pretty neat concept for a vibe that contours to your body.  This would Possibly break the stigma that women don’t masturbate like men do in the morning.  haha It has such a slim design, i’m curious how powerful the vibration is.  But,  I can’t wait to see this in person someday.




Kiiroo Toys are going to be “Long Distance Relationships” new best friend.

Toys have been evolving and upgrading like crazy, from their battery lifespans to wireless to their incredible ergonomic shapes and materials. Which makes you wonder what’s next on the list for these awesome innovators.

Kiiroo are taking it to the next level with social networking and being able to interact with someone afar.   I know many long distance relationships would love and find this beneficial to them.   Check out their indiegogo!

Yo Bro, You down with Pony Tales?

I’m seriously a seeker of all things cute with all aspects of my life from my comfy cozy pj pants to my sex toys.  So, it wouldn’t come as a big surprise that I’m already a big fan of My Little Pony and duhhhhh Sex toys!   So,  what is making me so bubbly and happy with anticipation?  Tasha’s Pony Tales! oh for the love of parodies and butt plugs! haha

Now, I’m pretty sure all the bronies got major pony chub since the whole entire cast are nothing but hotties… Like seriously!  Even all the starring male roles… Danny Mountain, Xander Corvus, Mr. Pete, Eric Masterson and Derrick Pierce! I plugged the trailer

above and after watching it seems like I would actually stray away from fast forward button.  But, what caught my eye were those damn butt plugs!  Of course I had to look into it.


I’ve seen other Glass butt plugs such as the Bunny Tails from Fashionistas but these bright colors just caught my eye.  


These colorful plugs come in two different styles by the amazing Crystal Delights™.  Crystal Delights™ makes some of the most unique glass toys out there and the quality is pristine.  I introduce glass products to my customers all the time (especially their hello kitty butt plug!).  Since, glass is one of the most hygienic toys you can attain, with it’s non porous qualities, it should be high on your ladder for adding this plug to your collection.

You can use any type of lubricant you want with it since it won’t break down the glass and play with the temperature with cooling and warming things up.
I know anal isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I do know that if a femme is curious about anal… maybe something with a little bit of flair will help “ease it on in”.  

Valentine’s Day coming up, so what better way into your partner’s pants than to gift your lover with a glass butt plug while watching some tasty pony porn. hehe ♥