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What is a Wand? | the adult sex toy massager

What is this magical Sex Toy that everyone seems to ask for? want? or are curious about?  Massager Wands have various names but many know these Adult sex toys just as a Hitachi, which is an older brand, but that’s not the actual toy type.  With all the various toys in the world, it took me a while to muster up the nerve to give the wand a chance.  When in reality, it should have been one of the first toys out there, I should’ve bought.

But, I always felt like Wands were dinosaurs!  They are like the OG gangstas of vibrator world, with the Hitachi Magic Wand as their spokesperson!   Wands started it’s legacy awhile ago and it’s been around for quite some time.  Every time, I saw a wand I’d think of a “soccer mom” and feel like I need to use it Old_Hitachi_Magic_Wand_boxwhile wearing legwarmers, a leotard and a headband *think FLASHDANCE* after seeing their old box haha.  With all the new and improved toys out there, I never thought I should get something that plugged into a wall, let alone had its classic looks of the basic handle and large vibrating tip.

BUT! “there is a reason people are still fascinated with dinosaurs” aaaaand, when your bestie tells you that Wands are the best thing since sliced bread AND she happens to work at an adult shop… you can’t really ignore her opinion. lol

Body massage!Wand massagers are a great necessity.

Wands are great for a regular ol’ body massage and to relax one’s muscles.  This type of vibrator is a great “bedroom tool” to relax a person and a perfect pre-game build-up to explore a person’s erogenous zones. Whether it’s your back, limbs and leading to more traditional sexy-time areas. A Wand body massager’s perfect purpose is to literally vibrate a clit off! They are like the terminator of sex toys.  Wands have one mission and that is to vibrate and hit the spot for a strategic forced orgasm…almost within minutes. When you find the perfect wand, you will use it and “You’ll be back” for more.

I am the most Wand-erful Massager of the Adult Sex Toy World!Wands come in all shapes and sizes, with a basic look to it all.

  • The head that is the primary vibration source.
  • A neck that sometimes in some styles of wands are adjustable and bend to be able to give more pressure.
  • Then, there is the base which is the shaft to be able to hold and is the handle to direct where you would like to point that vibration in the right direction.

They can be small in size to fit in the palm of your hand and then some as large as your forearm.  They all deliver various types of vibrations but it’s always good to have at least one in your arsenal of sex toys.  Just remember that they have one big mission and that means high-intensity vibrations.  There are some wands that won’t completely vibe you into numbness if it’s too intense and some that buzz just right.  It’s not for the “beginner” per se, but it might be too strong for a newbie.

Also, Wands aren’t just a one trick pony that is focused for external clitoral stimulation. Many wands have attachments to be able to do so much more, they have attachments where you can stimulate internally and give g-spot stimulation or anal stimulation, etc etc.

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What is a Clitoral Arousal Gel or Enhancement Cream!?!?

Sometimes, a gal needs a little spring in her step.  Whether it’s once in a blue moon for fun or possibly when her libido needs to be a bit of a boost.

What is a Clitoral Arousal gel, Foreplay gels, Female Stimulating Gels,  Arousal Balms and Oils, Sex Arousal Creams, Clitoral Stimulants, Orgasm Creams or Clit creams…

Whatever you want to call them.

… are a great way to bring that boost to the table.  Often mistaken as a lubricant (which is for decreasing friction), an arousal gel has one sole purpose and that is to put the pedal to the metal with your orgasm.  They are a topical gel or cream that you apply a dime size amount onto your clitoral hood under, on and around it.  Rub around and it brings blood flow down to your clit, so you become more aroused and sensitive.  Which leads to you having a more heighten and faster orgasm. or well.., that’s the end goal.


Each arousal or enhancement gel is different but they tend to stick to the same type of ingredients. It’ll either have vasodilator or ingredients that act like a magnet for your blood to get redirected to your clit, such as:

  • L-Arginine
  • Niacin
  • Yohimbe Root
  • Ginseng

Other ingredients give a warm, pulsing and almost buzz- like effect.

  • Cinnamo-mum Zeylanicum aka Cinnamon

and some ingredients have a cooling, tingling effect to add stimulation.

  • Methyl salicylate aka wintergreen oil 🙂
  • Menthol

Either way, those ingredient’s job is to get the blood flowing where you applied it topically.   Paired with a great partner or a lovely sex toy, it can be able to heighten a sensation that you may only be getting the tip of the iceberg.

I admit, it isn’t for everyone and sometimes if you are more sensitive the ingredients might cause irritation and sometimes you might not even have any type of reaction at all.  But, for the other gals who want to try it out.  It can be pretty rocking!  A lot of adult shops carry trial sizes for a couple bucks which is the route I recommend.  You can check a couple out and see which one works well with your body and then invest in a larger quantity.  Always remember adult products don’t always have to be a crutch if there is “something wrong”, you may just want to try something to spice things up.  Why not try an arousal gel and see what your body is capable of! 🙂

Kegel Song Challenge

Once you’re able to figure out which muscle you need to be squeezing for your kegel exercises.  Doing your exercises almost becomes a chore.

So, for the few girls i’ve talked to this week, Let’s do a Kegel Song Challenge!  My trick for doing a simple kegel exercise once a day, is to listen to a song and squeeze/hold to the bass line of a song.  Think of it like Dance Dance Revolution but for kegels. 🙂  I usually recommend classic rock.  This week, how about you try, Jimmy Jazz by the Clash.

It’s a simple bass line that increases and holds. Try it out and let me know how well it goes! 😀

Basic Vibrators Lineup!!

Vibrators are pretty much any nifty electronic toy that can be used to just rub out a horrible kink in your neck or to stimulate the body’s nerves and erogenous zones!

A lot of people want a vibrator but they don’t really know what kind and what they are called.  So, these are the basic bitches of all basic vibrators!  This will help ya out when you need to buy a new one or if you just want to be fancy and gain some knowledge. 😉

smoothieName: Smoothie Slimline Vibe
The Gateway drug for vibrators.
Alias: Basic, Traditional Vibrator, Beginner Vibe, Popsicle Vibe
Stimulation Type: Clitoral, Internal

The Smoothie  or Slimline vibrators are  usually a great place to start to figure out what you really like and want out of a vibrator.  These are usually cylindrical and smooth in shape similar to a rocket or a missile with a tip that narrows.  Their size varies but is anywhere from 4″ to 9″ in length and the girth is smaller unlike dongs.  Majority of the Smoothie vibes have a gradual speed controller and a few have a push style button as well.  Since Smoothie Vibes tend to be made out of a hard plastic material the vibrations are stronger than other softer vibrators.

With this toy you can use it like a wand and the tip for clitoral and then if you feel up to it you can use it for internal… two in one special! 😛


002Name: Bullet
A necessity in every girl’s underwear drawer.
Alias: Egg Bullets, Egg vibrators
Stimulation Type: 

Bullets usually take on the appearance of it’s name like “bullet” or “egg”. These vibrating shapes are attached with a cord to the battery pack/controller.   The vibrating portion or bullet part is rather small in size and can usually fit in the palm of your hand or 2″ approximately.  Some bullets have a cord attached or they could even have a wireless remote and some bullets have the batteries solely in the bullet itself.  These make great for a pinpointed clitoral stimulation.  The simple bullets without a corded remote are great for discreet play and storage.


Wands | Personal Massagers| Pocket Vibrators
The Original Gangsters of Vibrators
Alias:  Hitachi, Magic Wand, Back Massager, BodyWand, Pocket Rocket

Wands and Personal Massag ers original purpose to massage muscles of the body and it helps to bring your partner or self to relaxed state of mind.  But! The intense vibrations are great to hold against the body for clitoral stimulation and forced orgasms.  Wands have a variety of attachments to create other stimulation.


Rabbit | Dual or Multi Stimulation
The toy for the indecisive and greedy bitches.
Alias: Rabbit Pearl, Jack Rabbit, Rabbit?

Rabbit style vibrators are a great, quick and easy way to get off.  With this single multi-tasking toy you get the best of both worlds whether you are doing this solo or with a partner.

Now, Just to clear things up since it’s a bit hazey,  A rabbit vibrator is just a type of vibrator that has a common shape with two components featured on the toy that usually puts it under this category.

  • The first portion of the toy, has a small piece that extends from the main shaft of the toy and this part rests on to the clitoris for a vibrating external stimulation.
  • The second portion of the toy is a shaft that is inserted vaginally and could have a various features that pump, rotate, vibrate and girate all kinds of crazy to give stimulation internally and possibly hit your g-spot.

Now, what mainly appeals to most about this type of toy, is that those two components of the Rabbit allows you to receive dual stimulation simultaneously or possibly separate depending on the style of the toy.    This double trouble of stimulation allows you to have multiple orgasms again, again and AGAIN!

Vibrating Dongs
Fans of the Real Deal.
Alias:  Dong, Dildo, Realistic, Life-life

If you are a big fan of the real thing there are phallic shaped dildos that vibrate.  Just like a real penis, there is quite a variety of them as for looks, sizes and shapes.  There are even kits to mold a favorite dick that you might like 😛   Unlike regular dongs, these type of dongs are a  little more versatile since you can warm up the oven with vibration then go in for the kill with internal stimulation.  Many vibrating dongs are made to be strap-on harness compatible or have have a suction cup bottom.  It makes it easy to use with a partner or solo to possibly back dat ass up.  ;P

Hooked on that feeling for the G’s out there.
Alias: —there isn’t really any alias’ since they are so distinctive.

G-spot toys are the toy that usually freaks out people fairly new to toys since it has this distinctive look.  These toys have a very abrupt curve upwards, a U-shape that loops around and rather hooks up to hit the G-spot internally.  They are made so that it can reach up and massage firmly towards the front wall of the vagina  These G-spot vibrators are one of the few toys that don’t really need to vibrate but they add that nice cherry on top.  I usually recommend this for self-stimulation since it would be easier to hit when you don’t have a partner’s help.

Vibrating Cock Rings
The “miracle bra” for cocks. They lift, squeeze & makes a cock look appealing.
Alias: C-rings, Love Rings, Erection Ring, Tension Ring

Just like a G-spot toy, Cock rings don’t need to vibrate but it’s just a cherry on top.  Cock rings are another way to introduce sex toys to a partner and still multi-task.  A cock ring keeps the penis harder, sensitive and more erect. While! Vibrating!  There are various rings that are designed to vibrate and hit the clitoris of your partner, beneath the balls or maybe one in between the shaft… or even clit, in-between and under the balls! Ohhhh the possibilities are endless.


These are just a few of the “main” vibrators, so you have an idea of what you may be looking for. 🙂

To orgasm or not to orgasm! Is that even a question?

So, i’ve been encountering this situation more and more… and it hurts my soul.

Girls who aren’t sure if they have had or have EVER had an orgasm.

All I want to do is become the Orgasm fairy! Just sprinkle some sunshine dust on the girl and Bam! Orgasm! Haha. I know it’s not that simple. But,  I sure do wish I could make that happen.

First, I have to say if you haven’t yet, please don’t think you’re a freak because you are far from it. 

I had one gal pal who was married for 35 years and never had an orgasm until she turned 64 and was in her second marriage.  All I can say is “woohoo! Better late than never right?!?”.

I do have to say is there are different types of orgasms and the degrees of how intense they can be.  The only way to get more familiar is to PRACTICE!  test the waters by yourself!  You’re the only person who can really understand and fully grasp the feelings you are experiencing inside.

Figure out your turn ons!  Whether it is reading smut, watching some cheesey porn, looking at nudies,  or just plain figuring out your own personal fantasy to play over and over in your head with your eyes closed shut.

Fill your surroundings with an ambience that makes you feel comfortable and feel sexy. Lights off? Scented candles lit or maybe some amazing incense? Planted on a cozy pillow top bed? in your Sunday’s best comfy PJ’s?  Whatever works for you.

Now start slow,  do what you feel that works for you. Tease yourself, imagine your fantasy person is the one stimulating you. Focus on your fabulous CLITORIS!  It’s primary goal in life is for you to orgasm so let’s put it to work! There is only a small percentage of gals who have an orgasm from sticking something in her so why not have an orgasm from what you know is going to work.

Let go! Be relaxed and just feel your body release.

bookI would love to give you in depth tutorial on how to orgasm, and I know I was vague but there are so many aspects that you need to take into consideration. So! I really recommend you check out the book,”I Love Female Orgasm” by Dorian Solot and Marshall Miller. it’s super in depth and it can help both partners explore and achieve  female orgasms.  This book is a great guide and reference book that you can try and follow.

Xx and happy orgasms!

Happy National Peanut Butter Day!

Well, kids. Time to celebrate and get foodsexual. It’s National Peanut Butter Day!  As much as peanut butter is a staple in any poor man’s pantry, It’s also a necessity for your sexual health!

Women! Peanut Butter is pretty high in monounsaturated fats which can  improve your blood cholesterol levels.  Which means you can decrease your risk of Heart disease (the #1 killer in women) and increase your dopamine! Dopamine is the chemical released in a person’s body that helps nerve cells communicate and send signals to each other.  So, bring on the dopamine and increase those female sexual pleasure levels!

Men! Peanuts in general are high in zinc!  So, if you want your testosterone production to be on point while increasing sperm count and what not put peanut butter on your grocery list.

So, hop to it and eat that Peanut Butter and work on that sexual health the “Foodsexual” route. <3


What are Kegel Balls?

Balls in your …VAjayjay!!!

Ben Wa Balls, Orgasm Balls, Venus Balls, Kegel Balls, Geisha Balls

Whatever you want to call them… let’s talk about putting Balls in your cooch!  They are many names for these balls and there are many variations to them. But, the original Ben wa balls were just a single weighted ball that helped stimulate you internally while having or not even having intercourse.  Traditionally, two balls are inserted vaginally and they are sorta playing tag with each other inside that creates a stimulating feel. Now, it’s not like a normal “sex toy” out there, where it’s sole purpose is to build you up buttercup to make you have an orgasm. But rather, it’s sexual purpose is to tease a partner, almost to get the feeling of orgasm but not getting there quite yet. Another purpose is the most beneficial factor to all women, they can be used to exercise the PC muscles!

Why should I put balls in my vag?

Think of it as Lifting weights for your vagina! beyonce-do-you-even-lift-bro

These balls have evolved and have different appearances now with different exterior coatings ranging from stainless steel to plastic shiny fun coating to silicone. They have chains attached, or strings to make it easier to take out so you won’t have to “push it out” or “fish it out”.

They come in all shapes and sizes but their goal is to create a sensation and strengthen the muscles down there.

How and why do I use kegel balls?
  • Just insert them before you want to start your Kegel exercises and it helps increase your progress.
  • Many also have found the fullness feeling to be liberating while having anal sex. 🙂
  • After a few weeks of using kegel balls and doing exercises, you will feel the difference.
  • You can wear them any time of the day, whenever you choose or however long you choose.
  • Dabble a little bit of lube on your balls to make insertion easier.
  • Start slowly with one ball and then increase to two later. It’s just like lifting weights, you don’t start off lifting 1000 lbs, you work your way up.
  • Many have found that by controlling their PC muscles they can control their orgasms.
  • Try doing the “Kegel Song Challenge” to make exercises more fun and challenging.


I had a customer come in recently, who told me that her Yoga Instructor told her to get kegel balls which to help her train her core muscles.  I feel like that would make sense and kind of makes me want to try it. haha

What are KEGEL EXERCISES? !?!?!

Many women brush Kegel exercises off as if it’s nothing.  I hear the usual, “ohh I don’t have a problem down there!” blah blah blah. But honestly, I think it’s more preventative for later and well who doesn’t want to be able to control your muscles down there and have better orgasms! 

Kegel exercises were exercises that Dr. Arnold H. Kegel made popular by stating that it will strengthen the PC muscles. Your PC muscles are also known as the Pubococcygeus muscle.  It’s a hammock-like muscle that stretches backward from the pubes toward the coccyx and forms part of the pelvic floor. This muscle is found in both men and women.

Why should you do Kegel Exercises?

If you train yourself properly, you can control your orgasms, squeeze your partner to increase sensation while having intercourse, and help your own personal health to prevent weak pelvic muscles later in life.

Have you heard the term “If you don’t use it, you lose it?”… well, I feel bad for telling you, but it’s true. Since it’s a muscle, we need to keep up with our health and “work it out” so later on in life we won’t have any negative repercussions. What are these negative repercussions? Well, one would involve “Depends”. The Adult diapers. haha Both Women and Men suffer from weak pelvic muscles and this leads to lack of bladder control, incontinence, and just plain piddling your pants when you sneeze. Also, for girls… two words… Uterine prolapse. Remember that analogy describing the pc muscle as a hammock? well, let’s just say if you don’t exercise that hammock it’ll give way and it holds up your uterus.

Now that I scared you to the point of piddling your pants, let’s just talk about kegel exercises and ways to decrease your chances of those bad repercussions and get those awesome orgasms flying at you! so keep reading…

How do you do Kegel Exercises?
  • Find the right muscles you are supposed to be working out. To identify your pelvic floor muscles, try to stop urination in midstream. If you succeed, you’ve got the right muscles.
  • Empty your bladder. If you do decide to use kegel balls, the pressure will push down and make you feel like you have to run to the urination station. So, it’s just best to empty it to start off.
  • Start off slow. Lay down and squeeze PC muscles for 5 seconds and release for 5 seconds. Do 5 rounds of this.
  • Once that becomes too easy, work up to squeezing the PC muscles for 10 seconds and release for 10. Do 5 rounds of this.
  • Now, place your hand on your abdomen and try and focus on only flexing your PC muscles avoiding your abdomen, thighs or buttocks.
  • Maintain a nice breathing pattern and avoid holding your breath.
  • Practice doing your exercises 3 times a day.
  • Once laying down becomes too easy, try doing the exercises while standing.
  • Once doing the repetitious 10-second rounds, Try listening to music and only squeezing and releasing to the bass line.
  • You can always use Kegel balls to help your progress. Think of them as weights like most people use while working out.


Handy Hanky Links:  Learn more about Kegel balls!:  Balls in your …VAjayjay!!!

Guide to choosing a Lube!

 Click to Enlarge!
How to choose a lube copy

I get pretty ANAL about LUBE.

Recently, I headed out to a house party and ended up having girl talk with a mini group of gals. I stumbled into the convo and what was the topic? That’s right the unspoken “Anal Sex” discussion.

I got caught up in this conversation when this one girl said to NOT use any lube. I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped and couldn’t believe the next words coming out of her mouth. Apparently, her first experience wasn’t so pleasant and she had to take a visit to the hospital because (duh, she didn’t use lube and) she got an anal fissure (micro tear) from obviously friction and started bleeding when she went to the bathroom. She started spewing out how it was just because it was the first time. Haha our bums don’t have a hymen, people. It ain’t like that. It seems to be coming up a lot around me, and all I want to do is yell from the rooftops. WHERE DA LUBE AT?!?! Read more to get some recommendations and learn a few pros and cons on what to use!

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