How did my career in the Adult world start?

This question is something that is always asked to anyone who works in the adult industry. Whether it’s dealing with porn, digital websites, and in my case pleasure products. It’s something that is taboo and many times people can’t grasp their heads around WHY would any person would want to be in this industry. So, for once I thought I’d actually share my story. I started off my Adult Industry journey working in a Retail environment. Which seems pretty tame in comparison to all the other jobs out there but in reality, I always tell everyone, it takes a SPECIAL Continue Reading

Come Through and Chill – Miguel feat. J. Cole, Salaam Remi

This is the perfect stand in front of the mirror while you’re feeling yourself.¬† Where you just want to body roll and be a sensual sensei. Either that or roll around in the sheets like you got mad sexy skills. ūüėČ This is one of those songs where you can feel the emotions and feel good. Here is the music video, which pairs well with the song.¬† I’ve always been a big fan of R&B growing up in Southern California and it’s always a nice to become of fand and support a Socal Native.¬† Miguel has such an amazing voice Continue Reading

National Orgasm Day July 31st

National days are kind of my thing.¬† It’s a pleasant day to remind you of something you aren’t aware of, something that you may love or something that needs more acknowledgement. July 31st, is National Orgasm Day. A day to appreciate something so simple yet so important.¬† Everyone’s life is so complicated and busy that something as treating yourself to a good orgasm gets put on the back burner.¬† What better way to increase your quality of life both mentally and physically by achieving an orgasm or two. When you look at the bigger picture of the benefits of having Continue Reading

WeVibe Charger Cable Hack

When you buy something new and exciting, you automatically think of all the cool new features¬†and tech-y things it can do. ¬†Our minds tend to slip of the information and the things that come along with it like¬†up keep, warranties, etc. etc. ¬†Then, the one main feature is the one thing that might hinder your use of it or even annoy you, like being rechargeable. One of my favorite adult toy companies out there is We Vibe but sometimes their charging cord and adapter really likes to irk me at times, almost as much as Fun Factory’s charging adapter too. Continue Reading

Rubber Johnny Shaped Pencil Eraser

I’m a big fan of, a deals website where you can find everything under the sun including… Erasers! … in the shape of condoms haha I was browsing the site for pencils and drawing supplies and I stumbled on these erasers. ¬†Another fun novelty to stash in case you don’t want any one to walk away with one of your erasers. Check out this cool link and grab yourself a pack to “prevent mistakes”.

Let these Basics take over your Senses this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and a mix of emotions might be coming over you. ¬†You either love the holiday or loathe it. ¬†Since everyone associates Valentine’s Day with going over the top with materialistic things, they usually end up with gifts that are literally going to add pounds to your bum or end up in the trash two¬†days later. ¬† What people forget is that Valentine’s Day is about showing your feelings¬†to your partner and expressing it in every way possible whether it’s physical or mentally. Couples tend to¬†forget that going¬†back to the basics can be the Continue Reading

Wanted BOB Battery Operated Boyfriend!: Vibrators 101 Workshop

  It‚Äôs a new year! Let‚Äôs start anew and grab yourself a new Battery Operated Boyfriend‚Ķ ūüėõ or Girlfriend! This is a nice workshop to figure out what type of vibrator you might want and what types of vibrators are out there! You can learn all the amazing qualities your new ‚ÄúBattery Operated Boyfriend‚ÄĚ should have like materials that are body safe and all the deal breaker bad qualities. Feb. 19th, 2016 8PM @ Excitement 19841 Ventura Blvd Woodland HIlls, CA 91364 RSVP Link below: This is a female only workshop.

Anne-Marie – Do It Right

This has been on repeat on multiple playlists that I have. ¬†It’s ¬†one of those slow grinding type of songs to dance to when¬†you’re just feeling yourself that day. ¬†ūüėÄ Go ahead girl, dance in front of that mirror with your bad self.