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HELP! I need to Prevent B.V.

B.V.  to some… this abbreviation may not mean anything BUT to others… it’s like the plague. So, I feel ya!

B.V. is short for Bacterial Vaginosis. Which sounds extremely bad and sounds like your vagina is death.  Don’t fret.  When in actuality its an infection that majority of the women on this planet will get once in their lives, almost at the same level as yeast infections.  BV is a mild infection where the good bacteria in the vagina is being overpowered by the bad bacteria.  There is usually a good balance between good and evil but sometimes the bad overruns and causes problems for the vagina owner.  In many cases, since our Vagina is like a ecosystem, it usually clears up on it’s own after a few days.  But sometimes, that’s not the case and a visit to a doctor to receive antibiotics might need to happen in order to clear it up.

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Hairy Situations. To Shave or not to Shave!?

First, I’m going to say there is nothing wrong with hair.  But, I guess I like feeling like pedophile’s new treat and I have to be bare down there. haha Whichever type of person you are… if you like to trim and make sure that guy has a landing strip so he knows where to go,  or shave your cooch hairs into cool shapes like Riff Raff’s head or go balls out and shave it all so it’s a soft, smooth land of sex.  Go with what makes you feel sexy.   If you like the hair there, keep it, there are plenty of hair fetish people out there that might share that amazing-ness with you.

Sex Tip from Disney Movies. (
Sex Tip from Disney Movies. (


The only 3 Tips I have is:
  1. Only use shaving creams that are made specifically to be gentle to the pubic area. Don’t use the foaming gel or a shaving creme or gel made for men, it’s better to use  cream that doesn’t foam so you can see what you’re doing.  Also, Men’s shaving products are made for their faces and aren’t made specifically for your pubic shaving area.  They contain too many scents along with massive amounts of alcohol that can possibly cause irritation.
  2. Always use a good razor.  What constitutes good? New,  multiple blades (3+) yanno… not a crappy 99cent store one.
  3. PRE GAME! Don’t Rush it! Take  a hot steamy shower or even place a hot steamy towel onto the skin to help open those pores so the hair follicles  won’t be holding on to those hairs for dear life.

HAIR BARE! This “Crazy Girl” likes to be smooth like butter.

For those out there that do shave, there is  a secret society of smart girls that shave their goody bits with shaving cream that are made specifically for your goodies down here.  

I’m bringing this up right now since I had a talk with a customer and she was literally planning her sex AND masturbation schedule around her hair.  haha She only felt like being intimate when she was shaved all pretty down there.  Her intimacy levels were dropping because she was a “ingrown hair and razor burn” victim.  She used regular ol’ foaming shaving gel and cut herself down there as well.  *double gasp*

I couldn’t allow this to go on, so I introduced her into the society…

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ANAL SEX | Do your duty, Prep that Booty!


Anal sex sometimes requires a little more attention.  I guess, I care about the prep work more than some but it’s possibly because there are so many other negative repercussions like bacterial infections and what not. OOOoooor the fact that i’m a little high maintenance too. haha

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