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Rubber Johnny Shaped Pencil Eraser

RubberJohnnyShapedEraser_02I’m a big fan of, a deals website where you can find everything under the sun including… Erasers! … in the shape of condoms haha

I was browsing the site for pencils and drawing supplies and I stumbled on these erasers.  Another fun novelty to stash in case you don’t want any one to walk away with one of your erasers.

Check out this cool link and grab yourself a pack to “prevent mistakes”.


RubberJohnnyShapedEraser_04 RubberJohnnyShapedEraser_03

I’m proud of my BLACK FRIDAY purchase.

First off, I’m a freaking child.

Also, I almost forgot to share with you guys what I did a few months back.  I was a little intoxicated (duh) and did some online shopping since that’s what you do on Black Friday. You spend money on random things you don’t really need to survive. lol

This post is to tell you about my purchase I was most PROUD of.



yes. I bought a dick. A BLACK ACRYLIC DICK SHAPED KEY FOB. 😛  It was a measly dollar but oh man, was I happy in the morning when I checked my email to see a confirmation letter.  “Thanks for ordering from!!” … I actually laughed out loud that I just spend my hard earned money on a random piece of dick plastic. haha

The packaging is what really got me laughing when I received it.

I have since turned my keychain into a necklace that I wear with pride.  It’s a symbol of my immaturity, my love for penis and my love for  (Thanks guys! Your company makes me giggle and I like it.)



Be sure to check out, where you can send all your besties a Giant Cardboard Dick… just because you care. 😛blue-ball-left

Etsy Round-up: Star Wars themed

After having my crafty Star Wars moment,  I was browsing and came across a whole lot o’ awesomeness on etsy.  All things that I think I need in my collection or you might possibly need too. 😉

[huge_it_gallery id=”6″]
Follow Hanky Panky Harlot’s board Star Wars XXX on Pinterest.

Be sure to check out these Etsy shops, they have a large selection of other great items.

Art by Sphinx

Art is such a big part of everyone.  It’s a reflection of a person’s soul and a beautiful way to share the world what they see or feel in their own light.  I think that a person’s sexuality and body is nature’s work of art.  Always different, always changing but always beautiful in any shape or form. So, what better way to celebrate and capture it than with inspired artwork.  I recently visited an erotic art show and discovered the beautiful artist, Sphinx.  Both beautiful on the inside and out, Sphinx was a pleasure to meet.

I love to share artists that I become fascinated with, even more so when it is a local artist! <3 LA <3   Her artwork embodies being a woman and radiates femininity.   Every single piece is unique and original. Handcrafted all by herself.  She’s a clay genius and has lots of pieces on her website, Art by Sphinx.  But my favorite pieces made by her are the erotic flowers pendants she makes!  Wearable art.  Erotic yet still PG since it looks lovely rose. ^_^


I got a lovely black and white piece since I wear nothing but black but she has a whole bunch of other pendants that come in cute purples, pinks and reds.  They are reasonably priced and can find them on her etsy, Art by Sphinx.

My necklace hangs right by my mirror and I love seeing it everyday that I had to share with you all!





Check out Art by Sphinx:

emo-ticons… EMO-jis… FLIRTMOJIS!!

Heart Hands - FlirtmojiWhy be emo when you can FLIRT instead! haha 😛  I’ve always been a big fan of emoticons from back in the AOL chat room days… A/S/L??!!?? 😛  Sometimes, there isn’t any other way to show emotions or make your statement cute without adding one.


Everyone can get creative with the “regular” emojis that are out there… and I can say without a doubt my coworkers are the EPITOME of that.  lol Group texts turn into vulgar pieces of art.  So, introducing this *GEM* might be dangerous haha but I can’t wait

FLIRTMOJI is a nifty place where you can save and send all the images via text that you want to say without having to say it.  It  has such a wide variety of fun that I don’t think I will have enough moments to copy pasta them to all my friends.  Cock Rocket - Flirtmoji

On top of the fun freebies that they keep adding to the list, and you can also purchase a few more sets that might cater to you! The list is pretty enticing like teen dream, toyland, fetish 101, hotel suite, party time and BDSMS.   I got my eye on the Toyland and for only 99cents why not?

anyways, hope this made your day and Here ya go, now download it and HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Turkey - Flirtmoji

Get it Right! Get it… Tights?

Do you have a pile of tights that have toe holes?

…OR pantyhose that have so many runs it ran it’s own marathon times 1000 miles?

…OR a bunch of thigh highs that are missing its pair??

Well… A! Welcome to my life haha

and B! Did you know that since obviously we can’t send them off to the goodwill… and Wall-E doesn’t want you to dump it in the garbage cans… you can actually RECYCLE them!!!

No Nonsense has a pantyhose recycling program! “The impact may seem small at first, but every pair that you help to recycle is one less pair that’s left to decompose in a stagnant landfill.  …you will feel good, knowing that you are doing your part to offset your carbon footprint when you participate in the pantyhose recycling program.”

I have so many tights that have runs that I don’t think I can pull off the tattered “punk” look all the time.  So, this week I think i’m going to do some belated “spring cleaning”, get rid of the old, make some room and… bring in the new stuff!

Thought I’d share for all you pantyhose whores like I am. 😉


Shake Shake Tenga

downloadAttention all App Whores… make your way to your google play account now.  I was browsing the Tenga website and came across this silly app.

The Game app is called the “Shake Shake Tenga”.  They have their Tenga Mastubators on the lineup.  Pretty much you shake the hell out of your phone and get a high score. haha I guess it’s a nice way to work out your masturbating arm or your handjob stamina skills. 😛

Head over to Google Play and download it! it’s free 🙂

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182581_430862336968580_329931865_nWhat better way to say you love a person and you think they aren’t a dick…. by sending them a  DICK!  I think this is going to be my new favorite site instead of sending birthday cards, I’m going to ship my friends random dicks. haha

SHIP A DICK is a website that just mails a cardboard cut out to your friend’s mailbox. They are themed with beards, Beiber fever and Holiday accents for every occasion.   You can even put a custom message on it as well.

Head over to the site and bookmark it for your next occasion.


Recycle Reduce …Reuse!?

I’m a big fan of recycling in all aspects in life.  I also, think that anyone who dedicates a lot of time and effort into doing so deserves a gold medal.  When we all know, it’d be easier to just toss it in the waste and have it head to the landfills.

I have had multiple customers ask what they should do with their toys who have died and crossed over into toy heaven. “Well, what do I do with it? Should I wrap it up and just toss it?” I had another customer get concerned and asked if she could just throw her old dong in the recyclables.  It’s plastic, right?! lol but honestly they really don’t have it labeled on what type and how to sort it.

Yes, you could just toss it into the trash bin but like I told them, I don’t think Wall-E would appreciate that.  😉

My old manager mentioned a website that you can actually send them away and have it recycled.  I’ve browsed around if there would be more options out there but, it seems like they are the only legitimate place that you can recycle your old toys.  Which works out perfectly since it’s online!

Meet Scarlet Girl Sex Toy Recycling! 

Scarlet Girl Sex Toy Recycling! Check out their website on how to recycle your old toys!


Not only do they handle the recycling and they reward you with a $10  credit to their website, to replace the old and in with the new!


🙂 I hope this helped out and Recycle! Wall-E thanks you! <3

Anal Safety Snails Shirt by Erika Moen

I have just fell in love with this t-shirt! I can’t wait til friday aka pay-day!!!  because this is number 1 on my “TREAT YO SELF” list.

This epic shirt is a lovely extension taken from the anal sex comic from the lovely adult web comic, Oh Joy Sex Toy.

It’s only a whooping $18 bucks… and… are you ready for it… it freaking glows in the dark. 0_0 haha

Anal Safety Snails Shirt by Erika Moen

I’ve lagged on finishing my blog post for my intro to anal sex and I can honestly say, Erika Moen just nailed it. 😀  You really should check out her web comic, Oh Joy, Sex Toy.  

Oh Joy, Sex Toy is a light-hearted, humorous, sex positive educational weekly web comic that covers a wide spectrum of the sex world; from sex toy reviews to sex education to interviews with sex industry professionals and more.

Or rather, you should bookmark it because she updates once a week and it just warms my little sex positive heart. <3