National Orgasm Day July 31st

National days are kind of my thing.  It’s a pleasant day to remind you of something you aren’t aware of, something that you may love or something that needs more acknowledgement. July 31st, is National Orgasm Day. A day to appreciate something so simple yet so important.  Everyone’s life is so complicated and busy that something as treating yourself to a good orgasm gets put … Continue reading National Orgasm Day July 31st

The Force Awakens

With the new Star Wars movie coming out, it awakened my inner craft goddess since the last time I made some Sex Toy inspired goodies.  So, I  thought i’d share my fun nipple clamps I made the other day.  Hope you like em! I’m being #Geeky #Kinky #Crafty again. Just finished these #starwars themed #nippleclamps. nbd A photo posted by Xox Jade (@hankypankyharlot) on Dec … Continue reading The Force Awakens

Lenny Kravitz psyched me out.

Normally, wardrobe malfunctions happen to women and I don’t really get all “goo goo gahh gahh” over it all.  But, on Monday… Lenny Kravitz had a show in Stockholm, Sweden where he literally, “Rocked out with his cock out”.   He apparently dropped it like it was hot and split his leather pants and out popped his penis.

NSFW after cut….

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National Handcuff Day

In case you didn’t know, Happy National Handcuff Day!!  I feel like it hasn’t really made a mark but this year it’s standing out a smidgen more with the whole “Fifty shades of grey” fad goin’ around.   So! Make sure you celebrate today and bust out those handcuffs and restraints tonight! Here are a few of my favorites…. keep in mind i’m fabulously vanilla lol … Continue reading National Handcuff Day

fyi: Sex Store employees don’t judge you

Working in an adult store, nothing really shocks you. I get asked the same questions OVER and OVer again, “I bet you see some really interesting/creepy/weird people in here?” or “What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen while working?” or anything of that nature. ((FYI… don’t go into an adult store and ask this… it gets reeeeally old haha))  It’s like people, automatically assume, we … Continue reading fyi: Sex Store employees don’t judge you

Adventures in Squirtland

So, why are we going to talk about Adventures in Squirtland?  Well, I was talking to a girl and she was literally mortified to have sex because she was afraid of her squirting ability.  She probably thought she was alone, and even after I told her “it’s no biggie, I do too” I think she didn’t believe me.  So,  S—–  Here is my post to you 😉 I’m not a liar. I know we were short on time, so I’ll write it here.  You wanted a reason why I think it’s okay to be adventurous with your partner when it comes to SQUIRTING!!!

The Last Dragon : Bruce Leeroy GLOWingBecause it’s empowering.  It’s a different feeling and different type of orgasm.  It makes you literally feel like you have “The Last Dragon’s Glow”, all the stress in the world disappears, and you just have a moment of pure bliss.   Think of it this way, when you have an “female ejaculation” orgasm, it’s like your bodies way of high five-ing YOU for cuming!!!… and your partner for being a G and hitting that spot just right. haha

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Magic Wand gave the wrong kind of Sparks

This past week, porn performer Missy Martinez was doing a scene and apparently was using a Magic Wand with a fellow porn performer when the Magic Wand malfunctioned. Missy Martinez told TMZ, the Magic Wand’s “handle immediately heated up… sparks flew out of the base where the cord connects to the device.” She wrote the “personal massager’s” manufacturer, to figure out what happened.  I can understand … Continue reading Magic Wand gave the wrong kind of Sparks

SEPTEMBER! National Prostate Health Month/National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

This month is National Prostate Health Month/National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.  I just wanted to be that nagging voice for men, to be a bit more aware of their bodies.  Also, it’s not a bad thing to get checked every once and awhile. 🙂 This blog’s purpose was made for an exploration of sex,  adult products and mainly the awesome part of becoming more of aware of our … Continue reading SEPTEMBER! National Prostate Health Month/National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month