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Questions and Answers that people just like you have asked me!

Can you recommend a simple bullet that is cheap and disposable?

My husband and I travel almost 4 times in a month span.  I can’t even count on my fingers and toes, how many times we’ve forgot our toys at the hotel.  Can you recommend a simple egg bullet that is cheap and I wouldn’t mind if I lost it.  I want something inexpensive and really strong.

Haha Hiya T! <3 <3

I’ve heard soooooo many stories of people leaving their sex toys behind at hotels, motels, holiday inns etc etc.   that I almost dread trying to convince a customer to invest in something amazing and expensive, if there is a possibility of it being left behind.

I have two recommendations that you can find at almost any sex toy shop, or online ranging from $5-$10.  They don’t break the bank and is almost as much as a trip to the Coffee Shop.  #OrgasmsonaBudget

PD1902-12The first Bullet I recommend is from Pipedream, I call  it the science project but it’s real name is the “Classix Bullet“.  I bought this on sale at some random adult shop for $2.99 and it can be as expensive as a whole wopping $10.  😛 This cheesey piece of plastic has one job, and that is just to vibrate!  It has a slider control to increase the intensity of the vibration.

Please don’t have high expectations on aesthetics for this toy because it’s extremely basic.  Hence the reason as to why it’s from the “Back to the Basics” line.  The box is Old School looking but the little vibrating guy inside is all that matters.  😀 Once you have it in front of you, you’ll understand why I named this toy the Science Project because inside workings of the toy.  You see the simple wires inside and when you put the 2 AA batteries you have to make a teepee with the batteries in order to squish them in.  Then, the snap closure seems like it’s going to break off and die after the first time you close it.  But through all that, it’s cheap. It vibrates and it is fairly strong.

311gDChQKkLAnother bullet is Cal Exotics tear drop Bullet.  These bullets range as well but they are always under $15 i’ve noticed.   There are a variety of colors and they come with a battery pack with either 2 AAA or 2 AA batteries.  This tear drop bullet has a side wheel to increase the speed.  It’s small and mighty and to the point.

SE-1117-10-2 Those two are suggestions on what YOU asked for.  BUT, since I know you. 😛  I think you should fork out a few more dollars for Cal Exotics Turbo 8  Accelerator Bullet.  It ranges anywhere from $15-$25.  The Turbo 8  Accelerator is SUPER strong, almost 2 times stronger than those other bullets and has 8 powerful vibrations.  It has a removable squishy sleeve for easy cleanup or incase you want to use the smooth surface of the bullet.  This toy requires 4 AA batteries, so it’s safe to say that you know this toy means business.

I hope that helped! I tried to pick simple bullets that would be easy to get anywhere. 😀  Happy Traveling!

Is there something or a lube that can make me get in the mood?

I’ve been stressed out with work and whenever my boyfriend wants to have sex, I’m don’t want to because i’m just too tired.  Is there something or a lube that can make me get in the mood? It’s taking me forever to cum.

Awww, “C” I’m really sorry to hear that!  I really hope that your work stress is temporary, so your head isn’t too jumbled 24/7.   I totally understand how frustrating that could be, especially when you get stuck in your head.  If you’re head isn’t in the “game” then it’s going to take you awhile to get past that plateau, but there are a few products that you can try out that could possibly help!

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I am significantly smaller. What should I get?

I’m really embarrassed to ask you since you’re a cool person but I didn’t know who else to ask. I started dating this girl and she’s making me use condoms.  I hate using them because they don’t fit right.  The store only had condoms that were large and I am significantly smaller.  I didn’t see any small condoms. Do they even make them and what should I get?

Aww don’t feel embarrassed!! 😛 and GO YOU! for using protection!  Sometimes, using a condom seems like a chore but it’s all for the best!  Maybe later, if things get serious you both can commit and get tested, set up a birth control method and condoms will be a thing of the past. 🙂

Until then, I know the wall of condoms at any store gets a bit overwhelming.  That’s how I feel or anyone feels when someone needs to buy condoms.  You have so many options! (Which is kinda a good thing.)  You have to think about if you or your partner has latex allergies! OR If you want all those doo-dads like studded or ribbed, warming, cooling or tingling!

OR SIZE~! …in your case!

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is almost as tough as finding the perfect condom.  Every brand follows their own guidelines on what they find is “regular”.  The descriptions on the packaging can be challenging since it doesn’t outright say what exactly they are offering.  Just like jeans, you need to try out a few pairs to get the fit right to be functional, yet comfortable.

While shopping just remember, to keep an eye out for the terms “Snugger fit” or “Snug fit”. 🙂  It helps when you’re on the run.   Since you wanted a few suggestions, here are a few that you might want to try.

Iron GripCautionWear’s Iron Grip seems to be on the top of the list, and most asked for when a smaller condom is needed.  It’s super snug since the girth of the condom  is what makes it so popular.  It has a diameter of 1.11″ and Width of 1.75″.  Iron grip comes in a plain latex transparent color with silicone lubricant aka natural looking. 🙂

kimonolargeKimono’s MicroThin Large is pretty wonky but this condom isn’t even “LARGE”.  The Width is 1.87″ and the diameter is 1.19″.  Go figure? The Microthin Large’s are made out of natural latex and is Vegan friendly since doesn’t use any milk derivatives.  It has added room for the head but it’s width makes for a snugger fit.

3sumLifestyle’s 3SUM is the only one I’ve found to be available at most stores. 3sum has a width of 1.8″ and a diameter of 1.14″.   Not only is the sizing convenient but it has ribbing and studs! In case, you wanted to be all fancy. haha

Keep in mind those are the top 3 condoms, my customers and friends have liked and that I have received feedback on.   Below are a few more that I haven’t got much feedback on, but hey give them a chance! The following condoms have widths that are under 2″:

😀 If there is something else you guys might like to recommend I’d love to hear it~! If you don’t feel like buying multiple condoms, try Condom Depot’s Snugger fit Sampler! Then you can check which one works best for you!

Hope that helps <3 ^_^


I rarely have time to go out or even date due to my job. My hand is getting boring, do you have any suggestions ?

That’s the case for majority of people. 🙂 Lately, Our work schedules make dating literally impossible to even schedule or pencil someone in our busy lives… OR let alone masturbate.  haha

Instead of giving up on your hand since it’s losing it’s flare, there are a few Male masturbator toys you could try out. I know when I get bored, I just upgrade and buy a new toy. 🙂

Keep in mind these are just a few Toys directed towards men off the top of my head. It’s kinda hard to figure out what to suggest when I haven’t got you around to ask you more questions… AAAAAND  well I’m not a male so I’m not sure how well half of these products are in action. But, here goes nothing…  😀

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“I just started dating a girl, What should I get her for Valentine’s Day?”

I’m honestly one of the few people that you should NOT ask advice for this.  So, full disclosure, I haven’t had a Valentine in over 5 years, so, I of all people don’t know what is “proper” to give.  BUT! I am a girl and if I diiiiiid have a Valentine, these are my suggestions on what you should give her. 😛

Since, you didn’t really mention how long or what your status is with this girl, I’m going to give you a few options!

If you just met her and you haven’t gone past first base (and you actually like her), I think getting her something that fits her interests would be nice.  As much as I love sex toys, if you genuinely like the girl and eventually want to get in her pants, start slow.  Show that you care, show that you like her personality and that you think she’s beautiful on the inside and out.  Then, sex and sex toys will follow eventually.  So, if she’s a girly girl, think of something nice like a gift certificate to pamper herself! Mani pedi time!  Get her cupcakes instead of chocolates! and if you go the “stuffed animal or balloon” route… shizzz be original! Get something different!  …not the stuff that the Jo schmoe on the side of the freeway entrance is selling.  I’ve only been given flowers four times in my life, but I think that even if it’s cliche, you can’t go wrong with flowers and I dig it. *shrug*

Now, keep in mind, I’m not the normal girl and I think the Bundle of Wuv from ThinkGeek is EPIC!! …and I’d hump a guy’s leg if he got me any of that or possibly their Unicorn Bouquet. *shrug* but that’s just me 😀 *hint hint maybe if she’s a nerd hint*

Now, if you already did the deed or messed around… do any of the above. obviously? haha BUT! I’m pretty sure you want my help for the bedroom. right? haha … 😛 I hope so because I CAN help you in that dept.

If you want to get romantical, you can go the sensual route and give your partner a great massage.  You can get all cuddly, snuggly and more “connected”.  There are plenty of massage oils out there, below are just my favorites.  They all do something a tad different 🙂

Sweet Almond Aromatic Massage Oil

Kama Sutra’s Sweet Almond Aromatic Massage Oil is my top pick for massage oils, it’s straight and to the point. It’s an almond oil smell so it’s not too pungent and I personally, think it’s calming. Great for the skin too~!


Oil of Love Sugared Berry

Kama Sutra’s Oil of Love is always a plus but now that it comes in “Sugared Berry” that tastes like cotton candy, I’m all about it! This one is a bit more fun since if you lightly blow on the skin after some lickable play, it heats up!


JO Massage Glide Cranberry

JO Massage Glide Cranberry is great for the lazy folk! why? well, this massage glide is made of silicone so if you wanna massage and not have to grab for the lube after the massage you can get straight into play. This is just aromatic not tasty… but all the scents it comes in are pleasant.

Earthly Body's Cherry Flavoredl Hemp Seed Edible Massage Oil

Earthly Body’s Cherry Flavored Hemp Seed Edible Massage Oil~!This massage oil is one of my favorites since it just glides on the skin with ease. It’s all natural with hemp, almond, grape seed, and vitamin E oils. It’s kissable and it smells like Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream. *drools*

3-In-1 For Play Suntouched Candle With Hemp

Earthly Body’s FOR PLAY, 3-In-1 Candle, smells like lust in a can. This candle is great for ambiance and if you burn it down it turns into a oil which can be used as a massage oil. Don’t trip, potato chip, it won’t burn you. 😛 pro-tip: get a candle warmer to speed up the oil pouring process.

Or maybe you just want to spice it up with some edible lube fun… *lick lick*

Wicked Aqua Salted Caramel Water-Based Lubricant

Wicked’s Aqua Salted Caramel is for the basic bitches! lol jk jk it’s a great lube and it tastes like Starbuck’s caramel macchiatos… *love love* it’s one of the few edible lubes out there that I enjoyed that isn’t fruity.  It’s not as thick but it does dry up a bit fast.

Swiss Navy - Strawberry Kiwi

My ULTIMATE FAVORITE lube for the taste factor is Swiss Navy’s Strawberry Kiwi Lube. I found this lube great for oral sex leading into a pound town session afterwards. The yum factor is good for the fruity folk out there but it is a bit thick, which turns off a few people out there.

Doc Johnson’s whole line of Candiland Stuff just make me die of CUTENESS.  They have their Candiland Sensuals Glide in Watermelon Rock Candy, it’s my favorite.  Their fairly new lube is a nice addition for a Valentine’s day night and it’s cute so she won’t get weirded out. Tastes great.

Wet Flavored Watermelon Gel Lubricant

Wet’s watermelon lube tastes like Jolly Ranchers! HOW CAN YOU SAY NO!?!? lol The consistency is super slick in comparison to most lubes too!

Jo H20 Flavored Lubricant - Red LicoriceJo’s h2O Red Licorice flavored lube legitimately tastes and smells like Red licorice. So, if you wanna get in a red vine sexy time mood.. get down with this.

If you wanna get into a little toy play, I suggest you swoop something that isn’t too “out there”.  Unless you’ve already talked about what you’re into, then you probably already know what route to go with.  I always think that when you’re starting to date someone you’re still exploring each others bodies, so getting into toys doesn’t need to happen just yet.  So, by getting something little, it won’t be as distracting.

I always think a little bullet, finger vibe or cock ring is nice.  There are plenty of toys, that won’t break the bank and is a nice way to ease into a dating thing.  Since, you’re probably not even sure if this is gonna last since it’s so new.

Screaming O's FingO Tips
Fun for a little extra small and discreet play. This small vibe fits perfectly strapped on the tip of your finger. It’s disposable. AND! Since it’s small it’s easier for pinpointed clitoral pleasure. Comes in Purple, Pink and Blue.

Screaming O has a few simple vibing buddies out there, that you can snag from most adult shops.  There are decently priced disposable vibes like the Fingo Tips.  This vibe just fits on the tip on the pad of your finger and you can just rub that on her clit.  (Psst… you didn’t really mention if you’re a boy or girl haha).  So, this will work for any partner combo.  If you want to spend more money, grab the Hello Touch~! It’s really “Tron” looking and its great for internal G-spot massaging.

If you’re a bit adventurous, why not try a Cock Ring! Right now, my favorite is the, ColorPop Big O!

Screaming O's colorPop BigO Vibrating Cock Ring
This is a fun colorful version of Screaming O’s Original BigO cock ring. It’s great to try for new users and it benefits both partners. You can change out the batteries and it’s a bullet is slightly larger than the disposable for my ground room to massage your partner. Comes in Green and PinK!

I just thought this one is a nice introduction for couples to bring toys in the mix.  Works for both partners.  The BigO Colorpop has 3 speeds of vibration for variety.  It’s material is super stretchy, so it’s easy to flop on.  Plus,  Cock rings are super useful for both partners, if you haven’t tried one yet.  For guys, it helps keep blood flow in the penis to sustain a harder erection and decreases premature ejaculation.  All while, vibrating on the girl’s clit to help her cum harder and faster along with ya!

Or just be a nice fella, and grab her a nice bullet like the Power Bullet Breeze! It’s simple and strong!… and possibly when she wants her own solo sessions, she can get off!

These were just a few suggestions, you could always go big and do something else of course.

Or if you just want some quick fun time since you may have just swiped right only weeks prior to Valentine’s Day.   You could always just get a nice tube of Blowpaste. VdaySale3Flavors for only $19.99 It’s a lube/oral gel to make playtime fun.  It even has small traces of baking soda  in it, so if you had a marathon sex session and forget to brush your teeth, it’s not so bad.  They have a bunch of pro’s including being gluten free, vegan friendly and they are subtle in taste! Right now, they are even having a Valentine’s Day sale-  You can get all three of their flavors for $19.99!

I hope that helped with the “subtle” sex side… I’m also, a foodie, so I think you should  throw some food in the mix …. brunch? lunch? dinner, picnic,  I don’t know … drive-thru dollar menu.. haha wtv and you got this down!

I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day!   😛 xx

Is it okay if my man cums inside of my anus?

Q: When I was having anal sex with my partner, I was curious about whether it was okay if he finished inside. When I searched it online, websites all said it was okay as long as it was just with one partner. I would like better, more credible information on this. Is it okay if my man cums inside of my anus?

A:  Yeaaah! It’s fine darling, keep it cumming!

I think you just inspired me to become best friends with a string of doctors. Lately, finding “real” credible information or any type of sources online has been super tough.  I honestly didn’t find anything online when I had the same question two years ago and once again right now, when I tried to search online so I can find you a link. 🙁 Sorry.

BUT, two years ago, I went to Planned Parenthood where I talked with a Nurse Practitioner and a later my personal doctor who both told me that having semen in your anal canal is completely fine.  That was only after having a few concernsMainly, they wanted to be sure that both my partner and I were completely monogamous and that I wasn’t allergic to cum (some people are). 

Have you and your partner been tested and have a clean bill of health? If so, then you are good to go! 😛 The only health risk for having cum in your bum on the receiving end is if it is STD ridden cum.  Semen is a fluid that makes transmission of STDs extremely easy. So, get tested.  Stay monogamous. The reason they want you to have only one partner is because your risk of STDs riseUse lube to reduce risks of tiny anal fissures and infections. (If you feel like there is anything going awry in the future, please visit a proctologist.) For your partner’s sake, Use a condom to reduce the risk of your partner getting a urinary tract/ bacterial infection if he has a tear on his penis.

Either way, I used to joke around with my friends and say “we want our colon cleansed tonight!” aka Anal Sex is on the agenda. Haha  Some say having semen is a nice way of letting it all come out, like a cum enema.  My friend once told me she preferred if he came in her butt, “less cleanup for later, I hate having creampie vag”.   So, darling! You’re fine! Go! Get your colon cleansed tonight!

“I am prone to yeast infections. Which lubricant would you recommend?”

I am prone to yeast infections. Which lubricant would you recommend? I’m having a hard time finding a glycerin-free water based lube.

ack! that’s the worst lady boner killer and kills your fun for later. Thank gaaaaawd we live nowadays in a time where we actually have a lot more options! There is actually a ton of lubricants out there that are glycerin-free~! AND! A lot of them are using it as a selling point and have been actually slapping them on the label too to make it easier for you!  Just stray away from ingredients like glycerin, propylene glycol and parabens. It will make your vag-life a lot more pleasant.

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“I was changing my battery and the plastic ring on my toy broke, is it still safe to use?”

ACK! SoooooOooo vague. 🙁 and you didn’t leave your e-mail address so I can hit you back up to get in depth with you on this…  BUT!

I’m pretty sure we are talking about your vibrator that uses batteries… right? if so,  I also think we are talking that small plastic ring around the base of your toy where the cap and the actually toy connect.  IF that is what you mean *crosses my fingers* that magical ring is just the little cushion that allows your toy to be “splash-proof” or “waterproof” as many of the toy companies say when they put that on their packaging.  The plastic ring keeps the water from seeping into the battery compartment of your toy.

I take it, your vibrator is still working right? …because YES, it is still safe to use as a vibrator.  BUT, now it’s not okay to use in the shower, so it’s official your toy is now just a regular ol’ vibe minus the waterproof feature.  🙁 Sorry for the bad news. haha If the water gets inside, it might shock ya *insert horror music here* haha aaaaaaaaaaand it will probably create damage to your toy resulting with it forever being in toy heaven.

I hope that helped!

“I just got this vibrator as a present and it didn’t come with instructions, how do I use it?”

0995_01_bx_1_1_1_1First off,   CONGRATULATIONS on your first vibrator!!! *throws confetti in the air* 😀

Doc Johnson’s White Wabbit is probably one of my favorite toys that you could get as a first time vibrator. 🙂  The whole collection of the wonderland toys are just fabulous! Cute and functional!  It has a lot of qualities that will introduce you to the wonderful world of masturbation. This will allow you to simmer on ideas if you want to get a toy for yourself next time if it doesn’t work for you.  But, tell your present gift giver a big thank you! haha0995_01_bx4_1_1_1_1

On the base of the toy is the battery compartment, you twist the bottom off, and one AA battery fits in there to turn it on.  Directly on the bottom of the toy is one easy button that turns it on, where you have 10 different types of intensity vibration and pulsation patterns.  If you hold down on the button for a few seconds it turns off! Simple as that!

The material of your toy is a soft textured silicone and the ears on it are flexible so you can flutter that onto your clitoris for stimulation.  If you hold the bunny face down, its nose can be used to massage your clit and the ears can just hug it too! 🙂  Just make sure if you use any lubrication, use a water-based lubricant since it’s not compatible with silicone. (AKA silicone on silicone is a crime! don’t do it!)0995_01_bu4_2

If you want internal stimulation, you can insert it as well aaaaaand if you tilt it just right you can hit your G-spot!

Overall, your new toy is a great clitoral massager! It’s great by yourself and if you have a partner you can use it as a nice little wand while your partner is penetrating you. 🙂

If you want to have fun in the shower, it’s perfect in there as well! It’s SPLASH-proof! You can wet it but I don’t recommend submerging it in water aka taking a bath. 🙂

Wash it with anti-bacterial soap, nothing too harsh or scented and wipe it down dry.   My rule is if you won’t wash your goodie bits with it, don’t wash your toy with it.  I use System Jo’s Foaming Toy Cleaner 🙂 It’s what works for me and one pump covers your toy and keeps it nice and pretty!

It’s fairly quiet in comparison to most toys so you won’t have to worry about announcing it to the world that you’re pleasuring yourself as well. haha

Explore your body and this guy will help you out while doing it! G’luck with your new toy and if you have any more questions on it, just email me back!



Recycle Reduce …Reuse!?

I’m a big fan of recycling in all aspects in life.  I also, think that anyone who dedicates a lot of time and effort into doing so deserves a gold medal.  When we all know, it’d be easier to just toss it in the waste and have it head to the landfills.

I have had multiple customers ask what they should do with their toys who have died and crossed over into toy heaven. “Well, what do I do with it? Should I wrap it up and just toss it?” I had another customer get concerned and asked if she could just throw her old dong in the recyclables.  It’s plastic, right?! lol but honestly they really don’t have it labeled on what type and how to sort it.

Yes, you could just toss it into the trash bin but like I told them, I don’t think Wall-E would appreciate that.  😉

My old manager mentioned a website that you can actually send them away and have it recycled.  I’ve browsed around if there would be more options out there but, it seems like they are the only legitimate place that you can recycle your old toys.  Which works out perfectly since it’s online!

Meet Scarlet Girl Sex Toy Recycling! 

Scarlet Girl Sex Toy Recycling! Check out their website on how to recycle your old toys!


Not only do they handle the recycling and they reward you with a $10  credit to their website, to replace the old and in with the new!


🙂 I hope this helped out and Recycle! Wall-E thanks you! <3