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These are Reviews on Arousal Creams, Balms and Gels. These products are made to heighten sensations on erogenous zones on the body where it is applied.

REVIEW | Nipcicle

This review goes out to all the nipple lovers out there! 

nipcicleKeep the ice cubes in the fridge because Nipcicle has you covered!  Nipcicle is an arousal balm to sensation to the nipples.  This balm brings tingles to the nipple to become more erect incase you want to add some vibrating nipple clamps or fun nipple weights!

Nipple play is great foreplay and if you want a more prolonged play session, nipcicle is pretty much ideal for that.  The menthol it contains takes a few minutes for the tingle to set in.  Pretty pre-game and during your lingerie set up.

Bodacious Balm is an all natural vegan lip balm company based in Los Angeles that has branched out and made a nipple balm that is sticks with their all natural tag line.  All their products are carefully handmade with plant based ingredients. “Due to the ongoing news about honeybees and wild bees dying at an alarming rate we choose not to use beeswax or honey in our products. ”  This allows you to ease your mind that it is made with safe and ethical practices. 

When, you apply Nipcicle to your nipples or lips for an erotic icy tingle, it’s quite interesting because you almost feel like you would want to put more since you won’t automatically feel it.  BUT don’t!  It takes a few moments to react and once you put it on there is no going back.  It will continue to work even after you try to wash it off. It’s a hit or miss if you enjoy this type of sensation.  The menthol brings the bloodflow there and if you blow on the skin where it was applied, it’ll add an extra “freeze” like reaction.

You can check out this product or their other amazing lip balms at




Review | Wet’s Wow Max O Clitoral Arousal Gel

I love giving clitoral gels a chance.  They are like a booster pack for orgasms because it just heightens the experience.   Whether you’re using it with your partner or just plain masturbating.

Wet’s WoW Max O Clitoral Arousal Gel is the clit gel you want, if you’re a big fan of a warm tingling effect.  I gave it a few tries to make sure I really liked it and then it turned into a  roller coaster!

Round 1: YAY! … literally WOW’d me! I didn’t have any expectations on trying this arousal gel.   This arousal gel contains agents that drives the blood flow to the top layer of the skin.  So, if you have a cool breeze or if you blow a gust of air and it hits the gel, and creates the tingly effect.  It speeds up the process pretty fast. 🙂

Round 2: BOOOOooo. 🙁 For some reason, the consistency of the gel bothered me, this time.  It does contain silicone but since it’s a crazy hybrid, It seemed a bit thick.  The layer on my skin bothered me afterwards.  Especially, all that clean up and It only lasted a few minutes unlike the first time. But! it had more of a heating sensation.  This heating sensation actually made me go numb a bit.  Total Orgasm Block haha.

Round 3: YAY! 😀


WET’S WOW MAX O CLITORAL AROUSAL GEL wet-wowmaxThis clitoral gel brings on the orgasm by heat, so if you’re not a fan of warming and heat, you should pass on this one.  The tingling might get interpreted to you as BURNING!!! haha I’ve noticed it stimulates the inner vulva lips (clitoral legs) more than it does on the actual iceberg tip of the clitoris.  So if you’re super sensitive, grab your self a pillow of this to try out and put it on your inner labia lips, to test out if this will be the right fit for you.

This was my second clitoral gel I ever tried and since then, i’ve always had some in my sex toy drawer for fun.   Wet’s Wow Max O Clitoral Arousal Gel is an easy find in stores.

Review | Oralicious

Oralicious, is a cotton mouth’s best friend.  It’s an Oral Sex Cream that is literally a moisturizer for your mouth.

The Oral Cream is in a simple black squeeze tube bottle that can last you awhile.  Even, if you unscrew the cap, you can smell the cream with the protective seal on.  If you’re sensitive to smell like I am, the cream “smells exactly how it tastes”.   This may sound weird but it 9a8863fa4a2345e5helps with picking the flavor that you might want to try.  Oralicious comes in 6 various fruity flavors such as:  Raspberry Parfait,  Pina Colada, Banana Split,  Strawberry Swirl,  Peaches & Cream and Cherries Jubilee.  I found that the Banana Split Oralicious the Ultimate Oral Sex Cream - Banana Split - 2 Fl. Oz.tasted like Banana Runts  and the Peaches & Cream reminds me of Peach O’s.  Which kinda killed it for me because  I think of blowjobs everytime I each peach O’s haha.

When I first opened the bottle of Oralicious, I was taken aback a little because I was a little shocked at how creamy it was.  Even if it says, SEX CREAM on the packaging. *obvi, genius* 😛  I put WAAAAAAAY too much in my mouth and almost gagged.  I was squirting it into my mouth and didn’t really gauge how much I shoved in there.  So, I recommend you put it on your partner then Oralicious the Ultimate Oral Sex Cream - Peaches and Cream - 2 Fl. Oz.get to business.  haha You only need a pea size amount, if that!

I’ve tried it several times and one time it was almost too much for me.  The smell, the consistency and the mild numbing actually upset my stomach.  But, a few other times it helped to decrease friction.

I think it’s a fun thing to try out 🙂 and to use every once in a blue moon but not so much for everyday use.  Also, if you use it and want to get to straight sexin’, make sure you wash it off or wipe it off.  This cream threw my vagina’s eco-system off and you might end up with an infection (Y.I. or B.V.).

They come in small pillow packs at some sex toy store locations, in case you are afraid of commitment and aren’t sure if you’d like to get a whole of bottle of it. 🙂

Oralicious the Ultimate Oral Sex Cream - Display - 24 Pieces - 2 Fl. Oz. Tubes

REVIEW | T.N.T. Touch ‘n Tingle Arousal Gel

If a warming and a cooling arousal gel had a loving affair in Clitoral land to bring all the blood flow down there, it’d have love child called the T.N.T. female arousal gel.

20140830_211514 copyTNT’s consistency is similar to a regular ol’ water-based lube and glides on.    But, it does get a  little tacky towards the end.  Not the tacky feel like it’s sticky, more so like the “I feel like there was a gel on me and now it’s not wet”.

Touch ‘N Tingle starts off with a warming effect, which brings more blood flow to the clitoral area and then it turns into a cooling tingling feel.  It made for more “arousal” and when lubrication was added it made more of a tingling feel.  TNT is a water-based and unlike some of the best clitoral gels out there, this one actually tasted good.  TNT is mint flavored almost tasted like toothpaste or “Listerine strip” type taste as well.NOA02 T.N.T Arousal gel for FEMALE-L3

Probably, one of my favorite clitoral gels that I’ve tried in awhile.  It wasn’t too extreme in the cooling, tingling, humming and warming department. Just the right amount of each. 🙂

My only gripe is that it comes in pouches. WHY?!?! I only use half of the pouch and then it dries out. I would rather just get a small bottle.

But, yes! try it out.  love it.