System Jo Agape Water-Based Lube | Lube Review

Finding a Water-based lubricant that you might like, is like finding the perfect pair¬†of jeans. System Jo Agape Lube is like that comfortable pair of jeans that you always go back to. A comfy pair that you keep in the drawer for that rainy day. I’ve had this comfy lube in my line up for years and never gave it the limelight it deserves. ūüôā First Impression When you are walking down the lube aisle or looking at the OVERWHELMING lube section on a website, the Agape’s appearance is “safe” looking and sometimes camouflages with the other bottles around it. Continue Reading

Wet Stuff Ready Capsules Silicone-Based Lube | Lube Review

When you want to be lubed up and “Ready” for your next sexy time session, this might be your new best friend.  Wet Stuff Ready by GelWorks isn’t like the normal silicone lube, the application process is where it has a bit of a twist.  Ready comes in capsule form, where the outer part of the capsule dissolves and then the silicone is dispersed from there.  Instead of just opening up a bottle of lube and applying it to the skin. Or grabbing a handy dandy Lube shooter. First Impression Pretty unconventional but brilliant!  If it wasn’t for that person Continue Reading

Liberator Decor Heart Wedge | Review

Hi, my name is Jade and I’m an addict. A pillow addict. Lol I’m pretty sure my addiction would drive anyone crazy. You know those people that have to remove pillows just to have room on the bed? Yeah, that’s me. I know I have a queen size bed for the queen that I am, but on top of the body pillow and regular pillows, I have an excess amount of decorative pillows and pillow pets. Haha So of course, it only makes sense for me to have a pillow designed for sex adventures. Ya see, Liberator is a fancy Continue Reading

Trojan’s Fire & Ice Condoms | Review

I am a consumer. ¬†You know the kind ¬†of consumer when new things are in my line of sight and comments like¬†“oh, shiny! the packaging is oh so pretty! and it makes my heart feel tingly!” *WANT WANT* ¬†*NEED NEED* ¬†*GIMME GIMME*… starts spewing out of my mouth. ¬†¬†Product Packaging ¬†turn¬†my ¬†consumer-driven-eyes into the decision maker which can be possibly a good thing but usually…¬†a bad thing. haha When it comes to condom shopping, everyone knows the end product inside the fancy packaging is ugly as shit. haha ¬†it’s a hunk of a latex that is a barrier with¬†benefits! but Continue Reading

Miracle Oil by Earthly Body | Review

With the name Miracle Oil, it’s¬†prestigious name sounded like this might be liquid gold. ehhh… and I’m okay with that. haha ¬†I wasn’t sure what it’s prime purpose was and then I realized it’s an all-natural way to¬†transform and help with skin problems ranging from¬†dry feet and heels, shave bumps, waxing irritation, nails & cuticles, scar and stretch mark reduction. I’ve always been a bit high maintenance when it comes to my skin. ¬†Teenage acne issues. ¬†Never drinking enough water, so my skin is dry as all hell. ¬†Being of mixed ethnic descent and my skin is just prone to Continue Reading

Dr. Pink’s Anal Brightening cream | Review

The first time I ever encountered anal bleaching cream, I felt like I became a huge ball of insecurity. ¬†I never really was one to be embarrassed of being a lovely half breed that has “bronze goddess” pigmented¬†skin. ¬†But, out of no where I became¬†BEYOND paranoid but not for the purpose of what it said on the bottle.¬† haha I have scars on my legs that are ALL the different shades of “nude” colors in a crayon box. ¬†These battle wounds were all because I was an outdoor hood rat kind of kid. haha ¬†Then, it kept digging at me Continue Reading

Wet’s Wow Max O Clitoral Arousal Gel | Review

I love giving clitoral gels a chance. ¬†They are like a booster pack for orgasms because it just heightens the experience. ¬† Whether you’re using it with your partner or just plain masturbating. Wet’s WoW Max O Clitoral Arousal Gel is the clit gel you want, if you’re a big fan of a warm tingling effect. ¬†I gave it a few tries to make sure I really liked it and then it turned into a ¬†roller coaster! Round 1: YAY! … literally WOW’d me! I didn’t have any expectations on trying this arousal gel. ¬†¬†This arousal gel¬†contains agents that¬†drives¬†the¬†blood flow Continue Reading

Pink Privates Intimate Area Lightening Cream | Review

Pink Privates is a great¬†Intimate Area Lightening Cream. ¬†It can be used anywhere you feel that you want to lighten things up a bit. Pink Privates is a cream that can be used on your underarms,¬†outer skin of anus and vagina, penis, nipples and scrotum area. ¬† It’s a safer way to lighten skin since it does it progressively over time. So, if you have patience, try out Pink Privates. ¬†It has Arbutin which prevents melanin from producing and keeps the skin lighter. ¬†You have to apply it twice a day, preferably after you exfoliate the skin. ¬†I saw results Continue Reading

ID Hero Cool Blast | Review

My¬†inner geek and fascination with super heroes is in love with the whole branding and packaging for ID Hero Cool Blast.¬†¬†But, my realistic¬†hoity toity side felt the whole look¬†was a bit cheesey. ¬†It gave me a sense of false hope that it was more novelty than a real product. ¬†Probaly, that’s why it took me so long to take the product seriously to actually ¬†give it a try. ¬†Which sucks because it ended up being one of my favorite cooling lubes out there. ID Hero Cool Blast¬†is a water based lubricant that is made with¬†Mentha Piperita oil aka peppermint oil Continue Reading

Jo Unscented Anti-Bacterial Foaming Toy Cleaner | Review

Toy cleaners are always a necessity for any sex toy owner. ¬† Many just stick with regular soap and water but after trying System Jo’s¬†¬†Unscented Anti-Bacterial Foaming Toy Cleaner, it has become my go-to. With just a few pumps, the foam cleaner will cover majority of the surfaces of my toys. ¬†I¬†normally leave it on my toy for a minute or so and after a good wipe down, rinse it completely clean. System Jo’s¬†¬†Unscented Anti-Bacterial Foaming Toy Cleaner removes any residue and leaves it squeaky clean. ¬†The cleaner isn’t greasy (kind of like some eye makeup removers haha) and doesn’t Continue Reading