System Jo Agape Water-Based Lube | Lube Review

Finding a Water-based lubricant that you might like, is like finding the perfect pair¬†of jeans. System Jo Agape Lube is like that comfortable pair of jeans that you always go back to. A comfy pair that you keep in the drawer for that rainy day. I’ve had this comfy lube in my line up for years and never gave it the limelight it deserves. ūüôā First Impression When you are walking down the lube aisle or looking at the OVERWHELMING lube section on a website, the Agape’s appearance is “safe” looking and sometimes camouflages with the other bottles around it. Continue Reading

ID Hero Cool Blast | Review

My¬†inner geek and fascination with super heroes is in love with the whole branding and packaging for ID Hero Cool Blast.¬†¬†But, my realistic¬†hoity toity side felt the whole look¬†was a bit cheesey. ¬†It gave me a sense of false hope that it was more novelty than a real product. ¬†Probaly, that’s why it took me so long to take the product seriously to actually ¬†give it a try. ¬†Which sucks because it ended up being one of my favorite cooling lubes out there. ID Hero Cool Blast¬†is a water based lubricant that is made with¬†Mentha Piperita oil aka peppermint oil Continue Reading