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The Double Pop G-Spot Lollipop | Sex Toy Review

Sex Toy presents are the best! I visited my lovely friend, Tera Patrick to have a little chat on her Vivid Radio show.  Where she surprised me with fun goodie bits,  one of them included the G-spot lollipop! *squeals*
I’m a huge fan of cute factor, especially sex toys that don’t look like a huge big dick or a hungry tentacle trying to attack my precious G-spot. 😛 well, sometimes I am but I’m all about anything that is more visually appealing a la kawaii.
 The moment she dropped that goodie in front of me, I melted with kawaii goodness.  The G-Spot Lollipop’s packaging fits their name to a T,  and just like any ol’ lollipop, it came with a plastic wrapping covering the top ball.  The clear plastic allowed you to see through and get a glimpse of the Green marble swirl pop fun that was in my near future.  They had a cute bow and tag attached at the bigger end with their logo and info.  Simple and to the point!  Many focus on the packaging, which doesn’t make sense to me since we toss it after we open it.  I dunno, maybe you might be a hoarder but I hate excess packaging (Wall-e doesn’t like waste :P).
Now, the downside of getting super cute toys is, I have a tendency to want to just leave it on my shelf and stare at it.  These cute toys end up being more of a display item and following my fashion over function motto.  So, this literally sat on my shelf for a couple of months before giving it a whirl.  The reason for this was a mixture of emotions from “it’s too cuterz to open” and also because that single rod for the lollipop stick looked like it was going to karate chop my cooch.
The G-Spot Lollipop insertable portions on each end are different sizes.  The various sizes allow this toy to be a bit more versatile in the ways you can use it!  If you are using this for G-spot stimulation, the larger portion will help if you like more of a flat headed stimulation. I always opted for the smaller end because the ball head was a bit blunt for me when it came to insertion.  Which was a bit of a struggle the first time and I had to do a shimmy swirl instead of a “shove it straight on it” method.  Just like licking a regular lollipop, twisting it helps to savor the taste and the same goes for this toy.  While inserting it, I did a twist and push and it worked great.
 Tied in with a vibe for clitoral stimulation it wasn’t too shabby.  It’s not something that is my first thing to grab but I don’t mind using it once in a blue moon. I do enjoy the fact that I can glide it smoothly over my goodie bits for clitoral stimulation and it is almost at the same level as my favorite glass toys.  My favorite feature is the Double Pop’s colorful insertable ends are made from non-porous acrylic and the rod is stainless steel.  These materials allow me to tie it in with my favorite silicone lubricant since it is compatible.
The Double Pop can also function as a kegel weight trainer.  By inserting the smaller end the weight of the bigger end made kegel exercises a bit fun.   The only downer is my kegel muscles are made of steel and after orgasm, retrieving it on out is a bit tricky.  So after using it, I recommend waiting for you muscles to relax and then twist pulling it out.
With a partner, I think it’d be a fun try but after giving it a few tries to see if there was a learning curve, it didn’t seem to do much for me.  This lollipop wasn’t really my jam but I found a few of my friends that loved and adored this toy.  They also had another Toy very similar that has a loop which may be a lot easier to use for g-spot stimulation.  Which would have probably been more of my jam.  But I guess I was just expecting a squirting of a good time. So, for now, it’s back on my shelf looking cute. 😛

Lelo Liv | Sex Toy Review

Lelo’s Liv is by far my favorite basic toy out there.  This toy is what really opened my eyes to sex toys.  The appearance wasn’t abrasive looking and didn’t fit my ignorant image of what a sex toy was supposed to look like in my head aka a huge flesh-toned dong.  I loved how chic it looked and it made me feel (since I use to be a prude) comfortable about exploring my sexuality.

Liv is made by the remarkable Lelo group, who is one of the few companies that has steered sex toys in the way of fabulous and chic.  Liv is just one amongst many of Lelo’s line of toys that is known for their quality and innovative designs.

300A simple vibrator that is a staple in my roster of adult toy suggestions.  Liv’s qualities are what I like to stress enough to override the price tag that is attached to the toy.  This upgrade from basic sex toys  are a nice addition because you get what you pay for.

The main shaft on the top is made with a premium silicone that is body safe.  The silicone is the smooth, soft silky texture unlike some jelly toys that may cause irritation, this feels good on the skin.   Paired with a nice water-based lubricant, it will glide over your skin.  In case you want to use it like a wand for clitoral stimulation or tilted inward juuuuust right for a pinpointed g-spot stimulation.  The Liv isn’t like some old school vibrator that looks like a big stick that is going to stab you.  Liv is ergonomically shaped for a females body, isn’t too big and glides right in, if that’s what you want.

Say good-bye to batteries, since this toy is rechargeable!  Since you won’t have have batteries dangling around inside the toy, it is so quiet you can barely hear it outside the door of a room of someone using it.  This toy’s battery life lasts approximately 3.5 hours for me and even can be used while plugged in.

I bought this toy back in 2012 and it’s still going strong.  It had a 1 year warranty and it’s still on it’s 10 year quality assurance warranty. It is the first version of Liv, a splash proof toy and has a tab that covers the electrical socket to plug in to be rechargeable.  They now have the Liv 2 out now and they have had a few upgrades.  It’s one of my favorite toys to recommend and with the new improvements, I think this should be a nice addition to upgrade your toy box. 😀



Lelo Gigi | Sex Toy Review

20150930_203630 copyLelo’s Gigi was officially my first “upgradde” on my sex toy snob scale.  Also, probably one of the smartest things i’ve done for my xxx diy life. haha  You see, I was hesitant about dropping that much money on a product that i’m not even sure I would like.   So, finding out that it had a 1 year warranty and a 10 year quality assurance warranty eased my mind that if I didn’t like it, it wouldn’t be on workmanship or being defected.  It would be left up to my own personal preference. 🙂  I went to a shop and Gigi was talked up so much!  It  sounded like such an amazing toy that I decided to check it out for myself.

20150930_203731 copyIn comparison, to all my firsties I knew that I didn’t want anything too abrasive and  phallic looking.  So, when I saw Gigi’s modern chic look, I knew I wanted it!  It’s small in size with a length of 6.5″ with insertable length of 4.5″.  SUPER friendly and far from INTIMIDATING. haha Not only is the cute design appealing to the eye but it’s made with high quality materials.   The top half of the toy has a curved tip that has a flat top made from a body safe silicone.  (So, break out the water based lubricant so, its compatible with the silicone exterior.)  The bottom portion of the toy is the white part that has it’s control panel.  The control panel lights up when pushed and even has an awesome “air plane” lock mode.  Which helps when you just wanna toss it in your toy drawer and prevents it from turning on.  Only downer is the control panel is a bit finicky.  Pressing the buttons is a bit hard and is probably one of the only complaints about the toy but if you push from the exterior of the button inwards, it’s an easier way to always hit the correct button.  It has a  5 variable vibration modes and you can increase or decrease the intensity of those modes.

20150930_203845 copyThis toy has great versatility since you can increase the intensity of the vibration from low to it’s highest speed. So you can gradually intensify to grab that orgasm you’re trying to achieve.  It also helps that you can use low vibrations internally and more intense speeds for clitoral stimulation.

20150930_204003 copyThe Gigi is categorized as a G-Spot vibrating massage toy and is actually one of my favorite most versatile toys.   So much, that I have 2! I find  it great for self clitoral stimulation, internal g spot stimulation with a partner and perfect for body massages!  The design of the flat head makes for great clitoral stimulation and if you feel like sticking it in, it’s great for gspot play.  But easier if you have a partner, It’s a bit harder to hold the toy juuuust right to massage the Gspot.  Also, I always have to remind girls if they have this toy to wait for your kegel muscles to relax after you have had an orgasm.  Your muscles contract forcing the gspot curve on the toy to hook and make it harder to take out.  eeps. almost painful. lol  Just a little quick tip to save you some grief.

20150930_203802 copyI also have a tendency to get migraines and sinus headaches.  So, using the vibrator with a flat end to relieve tension on my sinuses and back is helps.  The flat head makes for pin pointed massages easier.

One of my top attributes is that it is rechargeable! No more silly batteries.  It can charge for 2 or less hours and can have double that time for play.  Even if you need a quick sesh, you can charge it for a few minutes and you’re good to go.

Since Gigi is rechargeable it doesn’t have batteries rattling around and it’s motor is pretty quiet on the noise aspects of normal toys.   So, if you have roommates or hate noisy toys this is a good one for you.

🙂 I finally decided to write this review since they came out with the Gigi 2 recently and found that they upgraded a few features that make it THAT much better.  Pretty much “fixed” the things I wasn’t too fond of.   Either way I love majority of all the Lelo products and recommend this toy for anyone.