Consensual Sex Activity Check off List

alright aaaaaaaalright, I’m FINALLY posting this up. It’s a Consensual Sex Activity list!  This is a basic list that has activities where you can see what might interest you or not. I know that a lot of people find these type of lists silly, but I find that it really helps when you want to talk to your partner when you want to see what they are all about and vice versa. When, you discuss this with your partner.  Come into this with an open mind and heart.  There may be things that you are into which will make your partner cringe. Continue Reading

Let these Basics take over your Senses this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and a mix of emotions might be coming over you.  You either love the holiday or loathe it.  Since everyone associates Valentine’s Day with going over the top with materialistic things, they usually end up with gifts that are literally going to add pounds to your bum or end up in the trash two days later.   What people forget is that Valentine’s Day is about showing your feelings to your partner and expressing it in every way possible whether it’s physical or mentally. Couples tend to forget that going back to the basics can be the Continue Reading

Best Strap on & Pegging Positions!

Once you’re strapped and are ready to go.  You might pre-game by stretching and thinking about up-ing your yoga game.  Until you really start humping with a strap-on harness, you honestly never appreciate a guy’s skill at swinging those hips or their stamina until you have to do it yourself. Probably why guys are so much better at twerking than girls… believe it or not.  In case you need some positions that are better for helping top your bottom, jot this positions in your memory! These are just the basics of all the positions. You can always just switch things up Continue Reading

Guide to Picking a Vibrator

This guide to be used like a checkoff list on how to pick a vibrator …whether it’s your next new addition to the toy box OR IF IT’S YOUR FIRSTIE!! *tosses confetti in the air* SO MANY things pop in your head when someone brings up the term vibrators since there is such an array of sex toy vibrators out there.  The reason for that is because there are so many ways to stimulate a person’s body and everyone is different on what type of stimulation they might want! I’m just going to go over the basic ways to picking a vibrator. Vibrators are any Continue Reading

HELP! I need to Prevent B.V.

B.V.  to some… this abbreviation may not mean anything BUT to others… it’s like the plague. So, I feel ya! B.V. is short for Bacterial Vaginosis. Which sounds extremely bad and sounds like your vagina is death.  Don’t fret.  When in actuality its an infection that majority of the women on this planet will get once in their lives, almost at the same level as yeast infections.  BV is a mild infection where the good bacteria in the vagina is being overpowered by the bad bacteria.  There is usually a good balance between good and evil but sometimes the bad overruns and Continue Reading

Guide to Cleaning your Sex Toys!

Along with using a toy, you have to make sure you clean it properly! I mean, HELLO, with all these toys being put in places and orifices and juices flying left and right… I would think you would want to keep it clean. 😛 Seriously though, by cleaning your sex toys this helps avoid bacterial  and yeast infections along with annoying irritation.  Even the slightest bit of residue may cause irritation and that will delay your fun for a later time (and we wouldn’t want that). Cleaning your toy also helps avoid transmission of STIs. “While some STIs die once Continue Reading

Hairy Situations. To Shave or not to Shave!?

First, I’m going to say there is nothing wrong with hair.  But, I guess I like feeling like pedophile’s new treat and I have to be bare down there. haha Whichever type of person you are… if you like to trim and make sure that guy has a landing strip so he knows where to go,  or shave your cooch hairs into cool shapes like Riff Raff’s head or go balls out and shave it all so it’s a soft, smooth land of sex.  Go with what makes you feel sexy.   If you like the hair there, keep it, there Continue Reading

HAIR BARE! This “Crazy Girl” likes to be smooth like butter.

For those out there that do shave, there is  a secret society of smart girls that shave their goody bits with shaving cream that are made specifically for your goodies down here.   I’m bringing this up right now since I had a talk with a customer and she was literally planning her sex AND masturbation schedule around her hair.  haha She only felt like being intimate when she was shaved all pretty down there.  Her intimacy levels were dropping because she was a “ingrown hair and razor burn” victim.  She used regular ol’ foaming shaving gel and cut herself down there Continue Reading