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so, I’m not some doctor who went to school for a gazillion years, I don’t have a certificate that says I’m fancy and know 100% about everything. I’m just a girl who is a little more open, would love to talk about sex stuff with you, make it fun, kill stereotypes and I want you to love to please yourself.  Some may ASSume that my actions by having this blog would be promiscuous, a harlot per se but I say the hell with it! 😀

Jessica Rabbit doing Hanky Panky
I started this blog because of my love for my customers.  I love my customers because they are just like you and me! I love getting to know them and helping them enjoy themselves. BUT! sometimes I just don’t have the time to talk to them further. Tell them about new fun toys! Tell them that it’s okay that they may have crazy cool fetishes! Tell them how to use products properly and how to embrace their sexuality.

Let’s be honest, not everyone likes to talk about the birds and the bees or let alone on how to please yourself or your partner properly.  I went to public school and I did attend two sex education classes, growing up. (Thanks mom and Dad for allowing me to attend them since they did help out… a little.) One of the classes was in grade school, where they tapped all the bases, just letting me know where babies came from and in case,  I didn’t know, my vagina is going to start bleeding profusely and I’m not dying because of it. How comforting… Then, when my body started changing, just like the nurse lady said, it made growing up a smidgen easier.  Don’t get me wrong, I think facts are the way to go, but my next sex education class didn’t occur until my hormones were already going crazy and with that sex education class, they made me feel like my vagina was a black hole. Yes, a black hole just ready to eat up all the sperm in the general vicinity and that if I didn’t put a condom on any erect penis or cucumber around me, I was going to get impregnated.

They didn’t answer all the regular questions that are running through a girl’s mind at that age, but were too afraid to ask or didn’t even know what to ask.  I know I can’t be the only one out there that thought this way.  I needed, and I think everyone still needs the information after that pubescent stage in life.  My mind was curious then, as it is now, when it comes to all the questions about masturbation,  regular ol’ sex, all that hygienic stuff and oooOhh for goodness sakes, TELL ME about this wondrous thing I have called a clitoris and what the hell is down there to begin with! haha

Many of my customers have the same questions that those childhood sex ed classes have left out, so I felt why not blog my findings to share with others (or link it to them so they can read on it later when they have time).

This blog is a lovely mix between Sex Toy Reviews,  a few Adult Product Reviews, with some other stuff thrown in there in my life like recipes with aphrodisiac influences, DIY for sexy time and tips ‘n tricks!