What are Silicone lubricants!?

Silicone lubricants are favorite to many.  Either you love it or hate it. But it’s the kind where you get the most “bang” for your buck since it lubricates for days. haha

Silicone is made from synthetic materials and the content of the lubricants is only a few items such as Dimethicone, Dimethiconal and cyclomethicone. There are different “grades” of silicone so not all are made the same.  Depending, on their “recipe” it can range from thick to baby oil thin.  Just like water-based lubricants they are sometimes additives that make it softer and a moisturizer like vitamin E.  But there isn’t too much of a variety for silicone other than quality.


  • Great for girls who are sensitive down there. Since silicone’s main components are Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, and Cyclomethicone which means bacteria will not stick around  since it doesn’t have a living things or plant polymers to cling to.
  • The consistency and viscosity of silicone is similar to oil and petroleum-based lubricants but is more body friendly internally.
  • It’s like a slip and slide! Water just glides over it! So, if you would like to have some fun in water (shower/baths… pools/hot tubs) it will work extremely well.
  • It stays on twice as long in comparison to a water-based lubricant.
  • Silicone doesn’t need to be applied as much or the same quantity used as a water lubricant.
  • Condom friendly.


  • Stains the sheets and fabrics, so bring out the Oxy-clean to get those stains out, or else it’ll look like you ate fried chicken in bed.
  • You will need soap and water to remove it completely off your skin since it will leave a film and slick coating.
  • You are limited to using silicone with certain sex toys since it will break down the materials of your toy, making it melt and have a gummy-like texture.  Silicone lubricant on a silicone toy almost bonds together which makes it porous and susceptible for infections.  Even though many people don’t notice it visibly as much, once the materials have degraded, it becomes a hazard to use the toy since it becomes a bacteria party waiting to join in on the vagina fun.
  • The cost of silicone lubricants are more expensive than water or oil-based lubes.  BUT since you use less, the price is pretty comparable at the end of the day.
Slip and slide it on it... silicone lube.
Slip and slide it on it… silicone lube.

H2Ohhhhh, Water Based Lubricants! | What are water based lubricants?

Water based lubricants are the most friendliest to use out there! It has all the right qualities that are needed and wanted in a lubrication. What I mean by water based lubricant it is water soluble.  It is made with  various plant based polymers, preservatives and sometimes glycerin.  The newer lubricants that are being introduced have been adding moisturizers to decrease the stickiness and ability to stay moist longer.  So as far as water-based lubricants, there are a lot of options out there for you. Continue reading H2Ohhhhh, Water Based Lubricants! | What are water based lubricants?

“The Gspot it’s real? I thought it was a myth!?!”

IT’S NOT A MYTH! THIS IS REAL LIFE MAN!  Dr. Ernst Grafenberg is GOD. This is the fella who found it, studied it and pretty much discovered the G-spot.   Of course, it had to become a fad and in the 80s sexologists made it known and thus the G-spot became famous.
G-Spot... is it a myth? PSHH no!
G-Spot… is it a myth? PSHH no!


This “Graffenberg” Spot isn’t some mythical thing that only comes out when it’s a full moon or when magic fairy dust is sprinkled on it.  The only reason it’s just hard to find is because the Gspot is made of  erectile tissue. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? It’s just like men’s erectile tissue (aka their PENIS) that it grows when engorged with blood.  So, many people may have gone on their G-spot scavenger hunt when it was lurking in the shadows since it’s easier to find when you are aroused or if you’ve already reached an orgasm.

The orgasm reached from g-spot stimulation is a bit different feeling but it’s worth a try at it! Read this FAQ for more on G-spot Goodness!

Lovely Lube-y Luberly Lubed Lubricants | What are Lubricants?

Lubricant also known as Lube, is just another tool to help you sexually whether it is to decrease friction when masturbating, having intercourse, or with age just to keep hydrated to decrease that icky dry feeling.

SO! I’m GONNA SAY IT! Lubrication is not a crutch, which is what majority of the world tends to think.

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The G-Spot!

What is it? Where is it and How to find it?!?!  THE GRAFENBERG Spot! It’s an erogenous zone!  It’s a little bundle of tissue of the Paraurethral gland.  It’s a spot that allows women to experience a different and very intense type of orgasm and even some are known to “squirt” aka female ejaculation!

G-Spot Faqs
Finding the Gspot isn’t like a scavenger hunt! It just takes a little practice!

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Anal Sex: Firstie newb time for Anal Sex

The Wet Spots – Do You Take it?

There is no going around it, us humans like to put objects in every orifice of our bodies and fiddle with it ’til we cum. We’re just curious all the time. So when, I get asked do you like anal sex, I say yaH!?  Weren’t you curious once?

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Anything Limited Edition always catches my eye immediately. BUT… when the names of the products are Cunt Dracula, Rampant Rabbi, Buckingham Phallus and Vagenie, I had to see what Masturpieces.com was all about!

BuckinghamPhallus_Gold_Front_Back-500x500 Vagenie-RGB-500x500 RampantRabbi_MBlue_Front_Back-500x500 CuntDracula_Silver_Front_Back-500x500

Apparently, not everyone has the same humor as me or as the creator Shed Simove. But I found them to be crafty and hilarious.

It’s not badly priced either. Especially for a limited edition… silicone … and novelty toy. I think it’d be a fun addition to any sex toy collection.

Be sure to check out Masturpieces.com for all the clever descriptions and to add these gems to your toy collection!

I’m SOOO Excited and I just can’t Hide it!

If I could scream at the top of my lungs and show you how excited I am about this blog… I SO WOULD RIGHT NOW. haha (!!!!)

It may seem a bit odd to want to have a blog featuring sex related products and what not but I felt kind of bad for my family members that were on my social networking sites. Seeing a huge dong or vibrating fill-in-the-blank isn’t what they want to see on a daily basis.  Plus, I doubt they wanted to hear about my thoughts about sex and all the cool toys I encounter.   So, it felt like a necessity to shove them into one little piece of web space heaven.  Plus, I actually work at an cute little adult shop and I love talking to my customers and sometimes wish there was a way we can connect on this level all the time!

So, CHEERS! *raises glass* and keep coming back for more!

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