I get pretty ANAL about LUBE.

Recently, I headed out to a house party and ended up having girl talk with a mini group of gals. I stumbled into the convo and what was the topic? That’s right the unspoken “Anal Sex” discussion. I got caught up in this conversation when this one girl said to NOT use any lube. I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped and couldn’t believe the next words coming out of her mouth. Apparently, her first experience wasn’t so pleasant and she had to take a visit to the hospital because (duh, she didn’t use lube and) she got an anal fissure Continue Reading

Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know?

Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know?   I don’t know why but a sensual dance, on all fours on the floor crawling to someone just sounds like the right thing to do to this song. Click here to check out the lyrics!

“Is Lube okay to use, if my wife and I are trying to have a baby?”

First off, CONGRATS on trying to bring some baby into this world! … and actually having sex for the “procreation” side of it all. haha As far as your question is concerned, NOT ALL LUBE is created equal.  Whatever you probably have at home or are trying to use, I reeeally want to say no.  There are some lube specifically made for it, but majority of the lubes on the market are not sperm-friendly.

BBC NEWS | Health | Scan spots women faking orgasms

BBC NEWS | Health | Scan spots women faking orgasms  There was a lot of goodies in this older article but my favorite part was… One thing that they found was putting the couples off the task was literally cold feet. When they gave the couples socks to wear, about 80% of the couples were able to achieve orgasm compared with 50% previously in this staged environment. #FUXwithURsocksON! I don’t know how much crap I get from friends that think i’m strange for sleeping with socks on. Let alone having sex while having socks on. But, at least this mini Continue Reading

Kiiroo Toys are going to be “Long Distance Relationships” new best friend.

Toys have been evolving and upgrading like crazy, from their battery lifespans to wireless to their incredible ergonomic shapes and materials. Which makes you wonder what’s next on the list for these awesome innovators. Kiiroo are taking it to the next level with social networking and being able to interact with someone afar.   I know many long distance relationships would love and find this beneficial to them.   Check out their indiegogo!

Kito feat. Reija Lee – Sweet Talk

Strip Me Down Music Monday | Kito feat. Reija Lee – Sweet Talk mmm… do the sweet talk. 🙂 (Click here to check out the lyrics)

Yo Bro, You down with Pony Tales?

I’m seriously a seeker of all things cute with all aspects of my life from my comfy cozy pj pants to my sex toys.  So, it wouldn’t come as a big surprise that I’m already a big fan of My Little Pony and duhhhhh Sex toys!   So,  what is making me so bubbly and happy with anticipation?  Tasha’s Pony Tales! oh for the love of parodies and butt plugs! haha Now, I’m pretty sure all the bronies got major pony chub since the whole entire cast are nothing but hotties… Like seriously!  Even all the starring male roles… Danny Mountain, Xander Corvus, Mr. Pete, Continue Reading

Katy Perry – Dark Horse (Audio) ft. Juicy J

I know my musical tastes are a bit out there, but sometimes the radio just grabs you at times.  I heard this song and it JUST had to be on my Strip me Down Music Monday.  The beats are just catchy and you can booty pop or dance all sensual to this.  Plus, Katy Perry just screams “I am woman, look at my sexiness”. (Click here to check out the Lyrics)

Tickle My Tush | Review

  A necessity in my Sex Library is this book, “Tickle my tush: Mild to Wild Analplay adventures for everybooty” by Dr.Sadie Allison. I’d even say, it’s a great “coffee table” book if you’re a more free-spirited person to have it lying around.  It’s also a nice ice breaker to give your partner if you want to explore into anal play land. So, yes if you want to try anal. Not only will this book ease your mind and educate you… It is punny as hell. Her use of cartoons and her own terminology for the characters out there who aren’t as open Continue Reading