Adult Product Reviews

The topic of Adult Sex Toys and Random Sex Products are under the umbrella tree of talking about sex in general. A topic of conversation that isn’t quite public and extremely personal. So, you can imagine how hard it is to find reviews and feedback on such “tools of the trade”.

When people think of adult products, Dildos and sex toys are the first things to come to mind. Many forget about all of the random other items that can enhance their sex lives.

These are just a few of the reviews I’d like to share with you.

Arousal Creams & Gels


Wet’s Wow Max O Clitoral Arousal Gel | Review
I love giving clitoral gels a chance.  They are like a booster pack for orgasms because it just heightens the Read more.
T.N.T. Touch ‘n Tingle Arousal Gel | Review
If a warming and a cooling arousal gel had a loving affair in Clitoral land to bring all the blood flow Read more.

Toy Cleaners & Wipes

Jo Unscented Anti-Bacterial Foaming Toy Cleaner | Review
Toy cleaners are always a necessity for any sex toy owner.   Many just stick with regular soap and water Read more.
Swipes Lovin Wipes Unscented | Review
I’m a big fan of wipes from cleaning wipes to facial wipes… to of course!… After-Sex care wipes!  Why are wipes Read more.

Oral Sex Products

Hott Product’s Oralicious | Review
Oralicious, is a cotton mouth’s best friend.  It’s an Oral Sex Cream that is literally a moisturizer for your mouth. The Oral Read more.

Position Aids

Liberator Decor Heart Wedge | Review
Hi, my name is Jade and I’m an addict. A pillow addict. Lol I’m pretty sure my addiction would drive Read more.

Sexual Wellness

Trojan’s Fire & Ice Condoms | Review
I am a consumer.  You know the kind  of consumer when new things are in my line of sight and Read more.
Miracle Oil by Earthly Body | Review
With the name Miracle Oil, it’s prestigious name sounded like this might be liquid gold. ehhh… and I’m okay with that. Read more.
Dr. Pink’s Anal Brightening cream | Review
The first time I ever encountered anal bleaching cream, I felt like I became a huge ball of insecurity.  I Read more.
Pink Privates Intimate Area Lightening Cream | Review
Pink Privates is a great Intimate Area Lightening Cream.  It can be used anywhere you feel that you want to lighten Read more.
Pure Instinct by Jelique Classic Erotica | Review
I’m always up for random beauty products that apparently turns us into unicorns that fart fresh smelling roses.  haha so any time there Read more.
Basic Instinct by Pure Romance
Pure Romance is a company where you can host a fun “sex toy party” in the comfort of your own home Read more.

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