Lube Reviews


Silicone lubricants are a favorite to many.  Either you love it or hate it. But it’s the kind where you get the most “bang” for your buck since it lubricates for days. haha Silicone is made from synthetic materials and the content of the lubricants is only a few key ingredients such as Dimethicone, Dimethiconal and cyclomethicone.

überlube | Review
Ultimately, überlube is my favorite silicone lubricant by far.  Period. No wonder, I’ve been asked multiple times lately, “If it’s your Read more.


Water based lubricants are the most friendliest to use out there! It has all the right qualities that are needed and wanted in a lubrication. What I mean by water based lubricant it is WATER-SOLUBLE.  It is made with various plant based polymers, preservatives and sometimes glycerin.

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Finding a Water-based lubricant that you might like, is like finding the perfect pair of jeans. System Jo Agape Lube is Read more.
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What is a Wand? | the adult sex toy massager
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Come Through and Chill – Miguel feat. J. Cole, Salaam Remi
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Coochy Rash Free Shave Cream
Coochy Cream recently got a makeover!  This shaving cream has been a big favorite of mine to recommend for years Read more.
National Orgasm Day July 31st
National days are kind of my thing.  It’s a pleasant day to remind you of something you aren’t aware of, Read more.
I don’t feel comfortable being topless yet.
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Earth Day: Gaia Eco Biodegradable Vibrator by Blush Novelties
Tomorrow is Earth Day. We always try and find ways to reduce our footprint with everyday activities, but what about Read more.
Yeast is the Beast by Love Bug Probiotics: Mission Initiated
If you are a Vagina owner, sometimes you go through so many emotions owning one.  At times, you feel like Read more.


Oil based lubricants are the most touchy topics out of the bunch.  It is not compatible with latex condoms or rubber toys since it’ll cause the material to break down… and condoms to break. The only oil that should go near a vagina is Coconut Oil. AND the only products I solidly recommend that are oil based are mainly for male masturbation or oil hybrids for anal sex.

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When I grabbed Dr. Pink’s CoCo Lube, the first thing I did was look on the back of the cute white Read more.