Sex Toy Reviews

Clitoral Vibes

Clitoral Vibes is such a broad term, since anything that vibes can be pretty much put on a clitoris.  This category is all the vibes shaped and geared more towards external stimulation. 🙂
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G-Spot Toys

The G-spot is that one spot that hooked inside.  These toys are more internal toys that I’ve reviewed, that are geared towards more G-spot stimulation.
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Dual Stimulators

aka Rabbits. Or any type of toy that is a multi-tasker. Isn’t all about that one spot and just wants to please you. haha Usually Rabbits have a shaft for internal stimulation and a piece that extends out to give clitoral stimulation.
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Kegel Exercisers

Kegel Exercisers have many forms and names.  You may have heard of them called Ben-wa Balls, Kegel Balls, kegel wands etc etc.  These type of toys can be used to strengthen your kegel/pelvic floor muscles.  They also can be used for sexual stimulation.
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The OG of vibrators. Wands have one job and that’s to hit all the spots right on the dot with it’s iconic head and a shaft to hold.
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Vibrating Dildos & Dongs

Dildos. Dongs. But this section is about the vibrating ones.
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Dildos & Dongs

Dildos DO have balls and a base. Dongs DO NOT.  This Section is about the non-vibrating kind.
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Anal Sex Toy

All the butt stuff. Plugs, Wands, Beads, etc etc.
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