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I Need Butt Help.

What’s up BUTTercup?

“So, my boyfriend guy and I are adventuring with my butt. But neither of us have ever actually done it so where should we start?”

Butt stuff is such a fun adventure!  I will and always tell people that doing butt stuff is the most intimate thing you can do with your partner.  Soooooo much trust and prep go into butt stuff to make it enjoyable for both partners.

I’m pretty sure that your adventure’s end goal is having his penis inside your bum BUT!!…  that’s down the road.  Remember, that you need to go slow.  *womp womp* Slow and steady wins the race. (That’s even hard for me to say since I have no patience and like to sprint and get ‘errr done.) Just remember that if you put in the prep and work beforehand it’ll be a hell of a lot easier.  When a few factors align like both partners realize that the bottom is the one in charge, you know how your bodies react, and you have everything set up like a map your bodies will tell you what to do. 😛

When a person says they’d like to get into butt stuff, there is usually the assumption that something is inevitably going to be stuck in their “no-no” hole. Which causes them to push the panic button.  But, DUDE!!! There are sooooo many ways to stimulate the butt without ever actually sticking anything in.  I love to recommend people to just play with the exterior before the interior.  The part that you see actually is the most sensitive since all the nerve endings are right there at the opening.  A fun thing to start with is just putting pressure on the anus while having sex or just plain masturbating.   A niiice… butthole massage you can say.   Or, You can always start with eating the booty like groceries, so you can get familiar with the different sensations down there.

buttvolutionI love being a female since we have so many holes haha and you could always wear a small butt plug to get used to the feeling and just bone regular all vag-penner stylez.   But, your best sex toy is you or your partner’s hands, because not only are they significantly smaller than other things you want to stick in.  Your hands can feel everything, from friction and if you need to add more lube or if the butt is ready to take more in.   Use my butt-volution guideline: finger… then when your butt seems more, relax & add a second finger… maybe a butt plug…  or maybe a dildo… you can always add a third finger if you’re skilled and then finally you —ease— in a penis.

Stick it in to see how it feels, don’t automatically start pumping with quickness unless YOU KNOW you are ready for that. ( plus, if you pump too fast, you’ll regret it tomorrow when you feel the constant urge to poo haha)

If you’re going the finger route, use your joints as a ruler to gauge the steps. buttrulerGetting into that butt, one joint at a time.  Or you can get a fun butt toy that has various nubs to play with.

Everything depends when it comes to sex in general, but sometimes with butt sex you won’t even get past the finger or two finger steps on the butt-volution scale. Don’t get discouraged, butt stuff is a process.

You could always put a buttplug in to get your butt ready too! Some even have cute jewels, so you can let your partner know what’s on the menu tonight. haha  But, I recommend a nice glass toy with my favorite lube, PJUR back door.  It’s the only way I can get down with the anal and it has Jojoba oil, a natural muscle relaxant to calm those butt muscles down to take down the “thou shall not enter” sign.  Also, it’s just great for exterior!  😉 booty massages. lol

These are some of my other posts for Anal Sex:

Please check those out.  Relax! Anal sex is quite enjoyable if you do it right.  If it hurts, stop because we are suppose to be having fun duhhhh.

((Love you A! <3 Snap me if you need anything else))

I want to get her a buttplug to leave in while we are having sex.

“I want my girlfriend to enjoy anal and I want to get her a buttplug to leave in while we are having sex. What can I buy that isn’t too big for her?”

Whoa! Your question has been burning a hole in my inbox! I’ve had multiple people ask me the same type of question a gazillion times in just the span of a week.

I love that everyone is going on a double penetration adventure together!  Bringing that double stuffed oreo feeling to the table is a bit intimidating for some and other just want to say, “it’s on like donkey kong!”.  So, I’ve introduced this trio of butt plugs to everyone! This set starts with a itty bitty plug, the size of a big man’s finger and then it gradually gets bigger.

You can give her the option!  This might put her at ease and make her realize she can upgrade to the next size when she feels ready.  Or for whatever mood she might be in.  Some days you might wanna go big. *shrug* it’s up to the bottom.


This trio of buttplugs is a set from Curve Novelties, called Rump Rockers from their Gossip line of toys.   I honestly didn’t give this a chance at first since the packaging was pretty basic, the name… the early 2000’s looking graphics on the front.  It just didn’t scream buy me, not because it wasn’t a good toy. It just looked so plain but I often forget that the most basic toys are the best toys.   I saw it in person… out of the box at the SHE Expo, ridiculously shocked since all of their products are pretty decent but their packaging just threw  me off . It only costs a measly $25 that includes 3 butt plugs made out of 100% silicone AND it’s the nice soft satin finished kind of silicone. You really can’t say No.  It’s not aggressive looking and it’s an adorable way to say, “hey babe, let’s fill those holes”.  haha

Pair this with a great water-based anal lubricant and you’re good to go. <3

Hit me up if you’d like to snag one of these sets, it comes in pink or purple! I know it’s a bit of a mission to find online. <3

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Anal Unicorn Toys!

I love playing with toys all the time, but not in the appropriate and correct purpose they were made for.  Like what? I love pretending to be a unicorn.  ((I kinda have a thing for unicorns… mermaids… and vampires… yeah, I have the mentality of a teenage girl. Get off my back. :P))

I did an anal workshop last month,  and I was asked what my favorite anal toys were.  But there are too many to name!

So, I’m going to post my favorite anal toys that I like to be a Butt unicorn with and… to stick on my forehead while galloping around work. haha

Butt Unicorn: A magical human who is a rare breed who likes butt play.


Triple Play Beaded Butt Plug By Glas

Length: 3.94″  Width: .75″ ((Size varies since it’s blown glass))

My  favorite is the Triple Play Beaded Butt Plug” By Glas.   This  high-quality tempered glass butt plug is great for Anal Play.  Since, it’s made out of glass, you can use any type of lubricant you want with it.  It has a smooth surface and just glides right on in.  Paired with Pjur’s Back Door Silicone lubricant, this makes anal play of insertion and relaxing for penetration a hell of a lot easier. Aside, from the functionality, The Triple Play Beaded Butt Plug is aesthetically appealing. The picture above and the box’s image does not do it justice.   In the center of the toy, it has  an almost holographic swirl.  😉  If you see it in person, it just radiates Butt Unicorn qualities.

YourHighness_dildo copy

Your Highness Vibrating Dildo by Pleasure Works

Length: 5.25″ Width: 1.125″
Battery: LR44

This Dildo is a great all in one! 😛  It  can be used for vaginal or anal penetration.  It has a great base that can be harness compatible for pegging.  It’s slim for beginner’s to get the feel of a toy and isn’t too harsh on the eye. Your Highness has a removeable bullet to add pleasure to the receiver or partner if using a harness. ^_^ It’s made out of a high quality silicone. How can you say no!?

VI-P0308BLK copy

Quaker Anal Vibe by Vedo

Length: 8.25″ Width: 1.37″
Battery: 1-AAA

I was so impressed by this anal vibe the first time I ever encountered it.  It’s soft silicone exterior and small base make anal look like a breeze! haha  The Quaker has a small “gently rounded tip” great for insertion and has a gradual increase to the beads.  The vibration has  a soft “buzzy” vibration with 12 different patterns.  It comes in a few different colors but that black looks so sleek.

My runner ups are these purple goodies down below.

Vibratex Beadazzled
Vibratex Beadazzled
Cal Exotics Silicone Flexi Risque Triples
Cal Exotics Silicone Flexi Risque Triples


^_^ hope you enjoyed my top 3 unicorn horns or anal toys… or whatever you want to call it.   Are there any unicorn toys you like? Hit me up and let me know your fave! I’d love to know what’s your jam!


Is it okay if my man cums inside of my anus?

Q: When I was having anal sex with my partner, I was curious about whether it was okay if he finished inside. When I searched it online, websites all said it was okay as long as it was just with one partner. I would like better, more credible information on this. Is it okay if my man cums inside of my anus?

A:  Yeaaah! It’s fine darling, keep it cumming!

I think you just inspired me to become best friends with a string of doctors. Lately, finding “real” credible information or any type of sources online has been super tough.  I honestly didn’t find anything online when I had the same question two years ago and once again right now, when I tried to search online so I can find you a link. 🙁 Sorry.

BUT, two years ago, I went to Planned Parenthood where I talked with a Nurse Practitioner and a later my personal doctor who both told me that having semen in your anal canal is completely fine.  That was only after having a few concernsMainly, they wanted to be sure that both my partner and I were completely monogamous and that I wasn’t allergic to cum (some people are). 

Have you and your partner been tested and have a clean bill of health? If so, then you are good to go! 😛 The only health risk for having cum in your bum on the receiving end is if it is STD ridden cum.  Semen is a fluid that makes transmission of STDs extremely easy. So, get tested.  Stay monogamous. The reason they want you to have only one partner is because your risk of STDs riseUse lube to reduce risks of tiny anal fissures and infections. (If you feel like there is anything going awry in the future, please visit a proctologist.) For your partner’s sake, Use a condom to reduce the risk of your partner getting a urinary tract/ bacterial infection if he has a tear on his penis.

Either way, I used to joke around with my friends and say “we want our colon cleansed tonight!” aka Anal Sex is on the agenda. Haha  Some say having semen is a nice way of letting it all come out, like a cum enema.  My friend once told me she preferred if he came in her butt, “less cleanup for later, I hate having creampie vag”.   So, darling! You’re fine! Go! Get your colon cleansed tonight!

I get pretty ANAL about LUBE.

Recently, I headed out to a house party and ended up having girl talk with a mini group of gals. I stumbled into the convo and what was the topic? That’s right the unspoken “Anal Sex” discussion.

I got caught up in this conversation when this one girl said to NOT use any lube. I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped and couldn’t believe the next words coming out of her mouth. Apparently, her first experience wasn’t so pleasant and she had to take a visit to the hospital because (duh, she didn’t use lube and) she got an anal fissure (micro tear) from obviously friction and started bleeding when she went to the bathroom. She started spewing out how it was just because it was the first time. Haha our bums don’t have a hymen, people. It ain’t like that. It seems to be coming up a lot around me, and all I want to do is yell from the rooftops. WHERE DA LUBE AT?!?! Read more to get some recommendations and learn a few pros and cons on what to use!

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Yo Bro, You down with Pony Tales?

I’m seriously a seeker of all things cute with all aspects of my life from my comfy cozy pj pants to my sex toys.  So, it wouldn’t come as a big surprise that I’m already a big fan of My Little Pony and duhhhhh Sex toys!   So,  what is making me so bubbly and happy with anticipation?  Tasha’s Pony Tales! oh for the love of parodies and butt plugs! haha

Now, I’m pretty sure all the bronies got major pony chub since the whole entire cast are nothing but hotties… Like seriously!  Even all the starring male roles… Danny Mountain, Xander Corvus, Mr. Pete, Eric Masterson and Derrick Pierce! I plugged the trailer

above and after watching it seems like I would actually stray away from fast forward button.  But, what caught my eye were those damn butt plugs!  Of course I had to look into it.


I’ve seen other Glass butt plugs such as the Bunny Tails from Fashionistas but these bright colors just caught my eye.  


These colorful plugs come in two different styles by the amazing Crystal Delights™.  Crystal Delights™ makes some of the most unique glass toys out there and the quality is pristine.  I introduce glass products to my customers all the time (especially their hello kitty butt plug!).  Since, glass is one of the most hygienic toys you can attain, with it’s non porous qualities, it should be high on your ladder for adding this plug to your collection.

You can use any type of lubricant you want with it since it won’t break down the glass and play with the temperature with cooling and warming things up.
I know anal isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I do know that if a femme is curious about anal… maybe something with a little bit of flair will help “ease it on in”.  

Valentine’s Day coming up, so what better way into your partner’s pants than to gift your lover with a glass butt plug while watching some tasty pony porn. hehe ♥


Tickle My Tush | Review

 “Tickle my tush: Mild to Wild Analplay adventures for everybooty" by Dr.Sadie Allison
“Tickle my tush: Mild to Wild Analplay adventures for everybooty” by Dr.Sadie Allison


A necessity in my Sex Library is this book, “Tickle my tush: Mild to Wild Analplay adventures for everybooty” by Dr.Sadie Allison. I’d even say, it’s a great “coffee table” book if you’re a more free-spirited person to have it lying around.  It’s also a nice ice breaker to give your partner if you want to explore into anal play land.
So, yes if you want to try anal. Not only will this book ease your mind and educate you… It is punny as hell. Her use of cartoons and her own terminology for the characters out there who aren’t as open with Analplay really helps. Dr. Sadie Allison goes over all topics that might arise including hygiene! I highly recommend you read this book if you are curious or just want to learn more. It will help show you many aspects that you might be curious about but also to help with your partner to start this new or renewed adventure in Analplay land.

Tickle My Tush

The world’s most revealing backdoor guide! Written by award-winning author Dr. Sadie Al… [More]

Price: $14.95

ANAL SEX | Do your duty, Prep that Booty!


Anal sex sometimes requires a little more attention.  I guess, I care about the prep work more than some but it’s possibly because there are so many other negative repercussions like bacterial infections and what not. OOOoooor the fact that i’m a little high maintenance too. haha

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Anal Sex Kit

High Maintenance Harlot Bich here… So Anal Sex is gonna happen and I hate being unprepared, so I came up with this kit you should gather up. There are 3 Necessities!

  1. Moist towelettes
  2. Tons of Condoms
  3. LUBE!

I have my preferences but i’m always open to hear more. 😀 I know i’m not the only princess out there who feels like there are essentials in life to make things a little more manageable.

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