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We are not a directory of all things XXX related.

Sometimes, people seem to think that since we work at an adult shop we know where to get anything “adult” like.  Sometimes we do!  aaaand sometimes we don’t (sorry?) We have the same access to the internet like you do.  So finding certain businesses and information are a lot more attainable than back in the day.  It’s okay to ask but don’t get huffy puffy if the adult store employee doesn’t know or want to tell you where other places are like strip clubs, nearest dungeon, weed shops and especially another adult store is. 😛 Sometimes we just don’t know, where the epicenter of XXX is all the time.  I don’t think that you would automatically answer questions to random strangers all the time. haha Soooo Ask politely, have something to jot notes down on and hope for the best. 😀

I’ve been working a few morning shifts as of lately and noticed my main directory questions has been about… arcades.  Not all adult shops are old school and have arcades or previewing rooms anymore.  Now that we are in the computer era, phasing out booths, theaters, Videos and now DVDs. It has been a mission for those folk that it does cater to.  So, lucky you! if you live in the SFV I made a mini map of the places that have preview rooms and you can get your wank on. Expect a bit of sleaze and possible gloryholes. lol