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Insatiable: Porn-A Love Story | Review


Everyone is obsessed with taking a peek into another person’s life.  Partially because you want to know their accomplishments,  possibly their similarities to compare theirs to your own and even more so to know their failures.   I think of biographies and all kinds of memoir books as the original “reality tv-shows” that everyone is SOOO hooked on.

Folks in the adult industry have misconstrued personas, while I have this crazy mentality that they are the most powerful and strongest people around.  To use their bodies as a tool for empowerment and to benefit their lives is pure genius.  They do things that many people normally will never show and tell.

So, unlike my friends who are DVR’ing reality shows, I hopped over to a book reading that featured Asa Akira and her first book, Insatiable: Porn-A love Story.   I wasn’t too familiar with her personality and her background on her life.  The only thing I could tell ya was she was an Anal queen and I kept selling all her “asian massage” themed dvds. haha

Insatiable: Porn-A Love Story was a nice quick read!  It was great because it was chapters of moments in her life.  None of that chronological stuff.  Her writing style was great and made it feel like I was just sitting in the room while she told me some of the crazy stories in her life.  Where it would normally shock people, it really made me feel like I was normal. haha   Some make it sound like porn performers are bags of broken emotions and hardships.  Her life was quite the opposite and that was refreshing!

Check this book out! it’s a nice little read <3