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Crave Vesper | Sex Toy Review

Over 6 years ago, this company started their vision by crowdfunding their way into one of the most elegant and innovative toy companies in the market.  I love that they started from the bottom and now they have such a beautiful selection of vibrators.

It’s very rare that I can describe a Sex Toy… beautiful but it really is.  Their chic and sleek products looks define their image. This puts my mind at ease as a consumer and draws me to them.

The Vesper is a slim bullet vibrator that duals as an eloquent piece of jewelry as well.  Made from Stainless steel and plated with sterling silver.  I got the one accented with rose gold. *flips hair like I’m fancy chic or something*  The top  of the toy and the lovely  26″ length chain is in the rose gold.  The rest of its body with a whopping 3.8 inches in length is in the super silver!  The surface is smooth and glides over your skin or stays put if you want that kind of pressure orgasm.  The material allows the surface to be non-porous and the cleanup session is easy easy.  Especially since you’ll be wanting to wear this all the time.

It is rechargeable! The top cap that has a loop for the chain unscrews and you can screw in the small USB adapter  to charge.  It has a light that you can see easily when it is charging and completed. The single button is very indiscreet to the point to wear it look almost identical to my customer’s regular ol’ necklace.  (She was bummed to find out the difference between her necklace and mine was she paid more for something that doesn’t even vibrate haha YAY for my multi-tasking necklace) I even turned it on for her and until she put it on her hand, she didn’t even realize it was on the highest speed.  It’s extremely quiet, with 4 speeds, low, medium, high and the ever so annoying pulsing vibe (I have to be in the mood for pulsation).  It was barely audible when it was on the pulsing vibration which made me laugh since my cellphone vibration is louder than this vibrator.  Let’s put it this way, my customer was super jelly.  The vibration is a strong buzzer so if you’re more of a thumper, you might wanna opt for their other options with a silicone top to make the vibration a bit muted. It’s a bit buzzy for my taste but I still love the decor of it all.

I’ve had a few other necklace vibrators but this one is top notch in comparison.  Not only is it smaller, the intensity of the vibration blows all of the others out of the water.

I do like the idea of orgasms on the go and it’d be perfect for all you little harlots who love vibrators when you’re in some hardcore traffic. 😉

If you want to be vain, look hella cute and have an orgasm deliverer around your neck, the Vesper needs to be yours. <3

Check out LOVECRAVE.com to snag your own vesper or to scope out the rest of their line of toys.



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WeVibe Touch | Sex Toy Review

I don’t normally name my toys but sometimes the names that the companies give them are a little much or the name is so basic that when I mention the toy, it doesn’t leave an impression.  Every since I accidentally let it slip that the Touch by We-Vibe is called my Purple People Eater.  My Friends have adapted to it and always call it by that too.  The “Purple People Eater” name has even left an impression so great… that even my customers remember and call their new Touch by that name too!

At first glance, in a display case with other premium toys Wevibe’s Touch often gets overlooked.  This simple toy is made by the Canadian premium toy company, We-Vibe! Where their vibrators really live up to its name! I vibe, you vibe, we all vibe for orgasms!   This company is pretty high on my favorites list to recommend.  Their products sell themselves since all of their attributes are one of a kind, rechargeable, and body safe.  They don’t over saturate the toy market with toys that are unnecessary but instead offer products that are made simply to satisfy a woman’s simple sexual desires. ( and I hope you read that with grandiose and elegance.)

First, can we give a shout out to the design team who made the packaging!  Big ups! Hahaha Just look at it!! It’s sleek and it really portrays the quality of the toy you’ll be getting inside.   (I recommend keeping the box but I’ll tell you why in a bit.) It has a watercolor like look that is calming and reflects the color of toy inside.


The Touch comes in an eggplant purple color that isn’t loud and obnoxious.  Premium silicone that is velvet to the touch all over minus the bottom where it charges and has a single controlling button. It’s pebble shape fits perfectly in the palm of your hand or your partner’s hand to get a decent grip, even if you are all lubed up.  So, don’t worry you aren’t going to be playing hot potato with it.  The tip curves into a nice cupping design for those days where you want a more flickering or pinpointing clitoral stimulation. It also narrows down so you can still use it while with a partner. But, the cup like scoop can be flipped over for hard pressure other times.

Total Hybrid… not too buzzy and not too thumpy.  The vibrations are deep enough but fast enough to bring on orgasms without being too intense.  The motor is strong but isn’t loud enough the neighbors can hear.  You can play all you want in earshot but if you have roommates they won’t hear it in the next room.  If you’re still paranoid, you can always just resort to turning up Netflix when you chill since this guy comes with 8 different type of vibration modes.  The regular ol’ steady vibrations that increase 4 times and 4 various types of vibration patterns (Tease, Wave, Pulse and even the Cha-Cha). I’ve found that the steady vibration is great when you just want an orgasm straight and to the point.  Then, you can use the vibration patterns when you would like to do a fun increase in the excitement stages while extending the amount of time while watching porn, reading smut or just a fun teasing start up.

Made out of a premium silicone that is soft and velvety smooth to the “touch”.   This silicone is completely body-safe so you won’t have to worry about it having phthalates, BPA and latex in case you have an allergy.  This smooth texture on the surface while applied with your favorite Water-based lube allows it to glide over the clitoris with ease.

The base of the toy has a magnetic charging connection that makes it a great waterproof toy as well! If you charge it for a good hour and a half you’ll have about 2-3 hours worth of play time.  Now, my only bummer about this glorious toy is the magnetic connection to charge.  At first, the usb cord has been wrapped so well in the box that it doesn’t lie flat at first which makes the toy flip a little and the connection moves.  The moment I walked away, it’d twist like a silly worm and sometimes, a whole hour goes by and I didn’t even realize that it wasn’t charging.   🙁

Even though, I’d love to store it in the white silk-like bag all the time, I love my Fun hack.  If you keep the box, you can use the side cut out to make the silly usb cord from disconnecting. Makes for easier storage as well.

This pebble shaped vibrator is so simplistic in design that it almost seems like it won’t get the job done.  BUT! It really does!  It’s my go-to. 😀  Try it out and maybe it’ll becomes your best friend too!


If you want to snag a We-Vibe Touch for yourself. Check out:

Good Vibrations - Creating a Buzz since 1977

GoodVibrations.com has the We-Vibe Touch for $99.

Maia Lucy Wicked Clip | Sex Toy Review

IMG_5516A toy that is suppose to exude color therapy to sooth my soul and put me at ease is right up my alley!  Maia Toys has incorporated color therapy with their toy line, almost a low key way of telling you, “Don’t trip potato chip, using this sex toy is going to make you feel more inclined to use it… and feel like a million bucks!”.

I can’t even count the amount of times men (sorry to single you out boys! :P) tell me, “Does color matter?” after I’ve asked them, “oooo, What color do you want?!?” 😀 They act as if color isn’t a factor but it totally is!  In my “Guide to Picking a Sex Toy“, One of the main decision factors is the visual appearance of a toy.  😀 Color makes a difference and is our mind’s Visual aphrodisiac in finding a toy that is comfortable for you or your partner.

The first time, I laid eyes on this little toy the color is what drew me in.  The vibrant Poolside blue color pulled me in, and my preference for cheesy girly pinks and purples faded.  This cool color gives off comfort and make you feel secure.  Mission accomplished with that Maia! It became my new obsession and I completely judged this one solely on the shape, packaging and my prior love for other Maia products. Continue reading Maia Lucy Wicked Clip | Sex Toy Review

My Secret Screaming O

NEW_MSSO_LipstickFinally the secret is out! I was trying to figure out why I wasn’t able to find my favorite “discreet”  lipstick vibe out there! It was because Screaming O was revamping it’s look!

They went with a simple blister packaging ( lol **Hate** I’m not a big fan of blister packaging since you can’t open the toy before you leave or buy the toy to make sure you didn’t get a lemon *shrug* but it’s a pretty packaging).  NEW_MSSO_LipBalmThey also did a  completely different color scheme with Pinks and Blacks.   a little foofy for some but this new revamped look makes the  My Secret Screaming O line more approachable.  A Great gift! whether it’s for a friend’s birthday, a bachelorette party or just plain a new addition to your toy collection.

NEW_MSSO_MascaraI wish they just made two different colorways since I loved the old red and black.  It made the discreet feature that much better since it looks like MAC’s Viva la Glam lipsticks.  So, nobody would even know.  But, it’s still pretty discreet either way.
Be sure to keep an eye out for these Screaming O toys, they are always affordable,a fun buy and look great with their new makeover!!


Iroha Mini ume-anzu | Sex Toy Review


I’ve always been a fan of Tenga‘s male masturbation products for their modern design.  Tenga designs have a look that isn’t as abrasive and harsh looking which makes it very appealing to some people.  So, of course the Iroha Mini  got me curious!

The phrase “Good things come in small packages” has always stuck with me and this palm size vibrator looked absolutely chic.



The Iroha Mini is a small vibrator designed  for clitoral stimulation.  It has a tear drop shape that fits in the palm of you hand.  Which makes for a great toy that you can easily hide and stash away! It isn’t chunky so it’d be easy to use solo or with a partner.

The Iroha Mini is the ideal size I’ve been looking for.  ( 2.4″L x 2″W x 1.3″H)iroha_meas  The size made it easy to hold and you can just rest the toy on top of the pubis bone so it points down like an arrow to hit the clitoris just right.  The top half is made out of a soft elastomer and the bottom half is ABS , harder material.  If you twist both multi-colored halves, it will open the toy for the battery compartment. Which houses one AAA battery! Yay! No gallery_img_14_lbutton batteries! haha So that means you can get any where from 4 to 5 hours of play. The two halves are sandwiched together so that this toy is Splash-proof for all those who like to do some shower play.

The on/off button is flush against the side where you barely even notice it!  You almost have to push both sides since there isn’t major markings on the top half of the toy but the design looks chic. iroha_2The biggest disappointment was I didn’t realize that when they said the button was the on and off button…. it really only did just that.  This toy only has ONE solid speed… and that’s it.  SUCH A LET DOWN since the Iroha mini has that buzz type of vibration that literally makes me go numb after a few minutes and you can’t increase since it’s a single speed. So you’re left with… a numbness and no fantastic O as an reward. hahairoha_5

The Tenga Iroha  had all the qualities that I was looking for such as size, looks (it also came in two other vibrate color combos), and materials for a battery operated toy specific for clitoral stimulation. 🙁  I really wanted to make it work!! But it just wasn’t for me. I had one friend in another state and she said that she had the same problem.   Maybe you might have a different experience? If you’ve tried it, I’d love to hear your take. 🙂

I had another couple of friends that thought this was perfect for them. They weren’t using it for constant direct stimulation. More like tapping the vibration on the clitoral hood for seconds at a time. They found the size in their hand to be helpful with a partner.

If you are a fan of simple bullet but with an easier & different design to hold onto, 1 solid fast “buzz like a bee” vibration, that is battery-operated then check out GoodVibrations.com they have this buzzer for only $25. 🙂




Vape me one time~!

I’m guilty of catching the Vape bug, like many of my friends.  It’s probably because they have sooo many different mods, atomizers and various attachments that probably shoot lazers out of your lungs. BUT THIS CAUGHT MY EYE.


It’s “the world’s first vibrator attachment” for a Vape!  It’s made for the XXX vape exp vaporizer battery.  This new fabulous toy makes me happy because I’m am ALL for rechargeable toys but I love giving gals OPTIONS too!


This makes the recharging time while it’s attached to the wall, a tad more discreet.  This allows you only 1 cord to keep track of instead of having 374832974 cords and having to remember which one goes to what! haha

They were smart and made it have a few bells and whistles that I approve of 😛

    • Available in Pink, Purple and Black
    • Made From Medical Grade Silicone
    • Easy to Clean
    • Ready to Use with EXP Battery (Sold Separately)
    • 10 sec activation cycles (press and hold then release and hold for continued operation)

This is completely on my wish list now, so I can see how amaze balls this really is.  I completely hyped myself up for this.

Check out the XXXvapor website for their other products and this fabulous new gadget.

****edit: Update… sorry, they are no longer in business. 🙁

XXX vibe Vaporizer
XXX vibe Vaporizer