Crave Vesper | Sex Toy Review

Over 6 years ago, this company started their vision by crowdfunding their way into one of the most elegant and innovative toy companies in the market.  I love that they started from the bottom and now they have such a beautiful selection of vibrators. It’s very rare that I can describe a Sex Toy… beautiful but it really is.  Their chic and sleek products looks define their image. This puts my mind at ease as a consumer and draws me to them. The Vesper is a slim bullet vibrator that duals as an eloquent piece of jewelry as well.  Made from … Continue Reading ❤ →

WeVibe Touch | Sex Toy Review

I don’t normally name my toys but sometimes the names that the companies give them are a little much or the name is so basic that when I mention the toy, it doesn’t leave an impression.  Every since I accidentally let it slip that the Touch by We-Vibe is called my Purple People Eater.  My Friends have adapted to it and always call it by that too.  The “Purple People Eater” name has even left an impression so great… that even my customers remember and call their new Touch by that name too! At first glance, in a display case with other … Continue Reading ❤ →

Maia Lucy Wicked Clip | Sex Toy Review

A toy that is suppose to exude color therapy to sooth my soul and put me at ease is right up my alley!  Maia Toys has incorporated color therapy with their toy line, almost a low key way of telling you, “Don’t trip potato chip, using this sex toy is going to make you feel more inclined to use it… and feel like a million bucks!”. I can’t even count the amount of times men (sorry to single you out boys! :P) tell me, “Does color matter?” after I’ve asked them, “oooo, What color do you want?!?” 😀 They act as if color isn’t a … Continue Reading ❤ →

My Secret Screaming O

Finally the secret is out! I was trying to figure out why I wasn’t able to find my favorite “discreet”  lipstick vibe out there! It was because Screaming O was revamping it’s look! They went with a simple blister packaging ( lol **Hate** I’m not a big fan of blister packaging since you can’t open the toy before you leave or buy the toy to make sure you didn’t get a lemon *shrug* but it’s a pretty packaging).  They also did a  completely different color scheme with Pinks and Blacks.   a little foofy for some but this new revamped … Continue Reading ❤ →

Iroha Mini ume-anzu | Sex Toy Review

I’ve always been a fan of Tenga‘s male masturbation products for their modern design.  Tenga designs have a look that isn’t as abrasive and harsh looking which makes it very appealing to some people.  So, of course the Iroha Mini  got me curious! The phrase “Good things come in small packages” has always stuck with me and this palm size vibrator looked absolutely chic.   The Iroha Mini is a small vibrator designed  for clitoral stimulation.  It has a tear drop shape that fits in the palm of you hand.  Which makes for a great toy that you can easily hide … Continue Reading ❤ →

Vape me one time~!

I’m guilty of catching the Vape bug, like many of my friends.  It’s probably because they have sooo many different mods, atomizers and various attachments that probably shoot lazers out of your lungs. BUT THIS CAUGHT MY EYE. It’s “the world’s first vibrator attachment” for a Vape!  It’s made for the XXX vape exp vaporizer battery.  This new fabulous toy makes me happy because I’m am ALL for rechargeable toys but I love giving gals OPTIONS too! This makes the recharging time while it’s attached to the wall, a tad more discreet.  This allows you only 1 cord to keep track of … Continue Reading ❤ →