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Trojan’s Fire & Ice Condoms | Review

I am consumer.  You know the kind  of consumer when new things are in my line of sight and comments like “oh, shiny! the packaging is oh so pretty! and it makes my heart feel tingly!” *WANT WANT*  *NEED NEED*  *GIMME GIMME*… starts spewing out of my mouth.   Product Packaging  turn my  consumer-driven-eyes into the decision maker which can be possibly a good thing but usually… a bad thing. haha

When it comes to condom shopping, everyone knows the end product inside the fancy packaging is ugly as shit. haha  it’s a hunk of a latex that is a barrier with benefits! but kills the joy for penises everywhere.  So, when we as consumers shop, we have to rely on the packaging and “info” on it or lack thereof.

Trojan is the popular kid of condoms.  They are at all the popular places and have  a pretty large variety of characteristics.   The packaging is inviting and their condom jargon entices you that this hunk of latex is going to make sexy time way better.   So, you can imagine how I felt, as I kept seeing those Fire & Ice condoms fly off the shelves for so long.

I developed a huge FOMO complex.

WHAT IS THIS “DUAL ACTION LUBRICATION” I NEED IN MY LIFE?~  Why is this super hero color scheme on the box drawing my eyes to it each and every time. haha   I’ve had a mix of reviews from people and one of my good friends thought it was the jam and gave me one to try out.

I tried it.  It wasn’t fabulous.  I felt a bit tingly.  It didn’t “set me on fire” like a few customers have told me. haha It didn’t feel like “Icy hot was being rubbed on my junk”.  “Immediate shower power time” didn’t need to happen.  Maybe my lovebox is made of steel but, I just felt a bit uncomfortable.   That’s the only way I can describe it, at the moment.  It felt like something was brewing inside and my insides were being touched by an alien.  haha My love box was irritated, but I couldn’t really grasp the feeling completely since I was in the moment and wasn’t focusing on “Is this condom making the experience better?”.

I usually research things and try it out.  But this time I just jumped in head first and BOY, did I regret it.  I had an angry vag for a few days later. I don’t know why I thought my love box could handle this since I can barely handle certain lubes but *shrug* I YOLO’d to smack that FOMO out the door.

What makes a condom do fancy things is usually the shape to fit perfectly and the lube that makes it do funky things, like the cooling, warming and delays.  Trojan doesn’t tell you what the ingredients to their “Dual action lubrication” is.  Their box is pretty basic when you are actually seeking for answers. 0_0…  It won’t tell you a damn thing.

I normally don’t recommend getting too crazy with lubricants without doing test runs since you never know how your body will react.  Especially, since we don’t have the exact list of ingredients.  So us consumers, have to use our own smarts and common sense!   Majority of the lubes out there use pretty much the same thing. The first part of the name is FIRE!  which implies a warming sensation to stimulate.  This usually means that Capsaicin is an ingredient, a chili pepper extract that when it is used in small dosages can create warmth and heat aka that fire they are talking about. The second part of the name is ICE! to give a cooling effect.  Menthol is used for that stimulation effect.  When air hits your skin that is lubricated it makes a nice effect to make you feel an area that you forgot existed at that point.  Their lubricant is water based and I’m pretty sure contained glycerin/glycerol, a sugar derived component that has a tendency to cause yeast infections! yyyyyyyyyyaY!! 0_0

I’ve read multiple places that on top of those goodies they have benzocaine for guys to make them last longer. No big deal…

My biggest and main concern was the fact that nowhere did it say that the dual action lube used was a spermicidal lube with the condoms.    Rude much?  haha I’ve never been a fan of spermicidal lube after reading the statistics of how ineffective it can be, with 1 out of 5 chances of getting pregnant, I find that almost as fun and nerve racking as playing the russian roulette of pulling out.  But some find that it makes sense, so go you?!?

At first, it sounds like a great idea since spermicidal lubricant immobilizes sperm and I’m all about using contraceptives!  But spermicidal lube NONOXYNOL-9   has been known to erode the cells in the vagina and rectum.  This irritates the lining and can cause micro lesions which may not make you 1 out of 5 pregnant but it can make you have a high percentage to STDs/STIs.

ok ok ok… SO… I rambled.  SO all in all… Trojan Fire & Ice is great to try out, if you are curious about warming and cooling and you already know that it works for you.  But, if you are sensitive then you might steer clear of it.  Irritation and a possible yeast infection might happen from the lubricant they used.  Keep in mind Trojan usually marks their packaging if it uses spermicidal lube included or not.  They literally have a huge assortment of other condoms that are great and various lubes that you can combine with a condom to get this same “fire & ice” effect with better luck.  OR heck! get their non lubricated condom,Trojan Enz mixed in with their warming and hers lubricant. 😀

I’m a bit sad it didn’t work for me out for me, but I did give it a try!

Here’s a coupon to save up to $5 off your next trojan purchase.


I am significantly smaller. What should I get?

I’m really embarrassed to ask you since you’re a cool person but I didn’t know who else to ask. I started dating this girl and she’s making me use condoms.  I hate using them because they don’t fit right.  The store only had condoms that were large and I am significantly smaller.  I didn’t see any small condoms. Do they even make them and what should I get?

Aww don’t feel embarrassed!! 😛 and GO YOU! for using protection!  Sometimes, using a condom seems like a chore but it’s all for the best!  Maybe later, if things get serious you both can commit and get tested, set up a birth control method and condoms will be a thing of the past. 🙂

Until then, I know the wall of condoms at any store gets a bit overwhelming.  That’s how I feel or anyone feels when someone needs to buy condoms.  You have so many options! (Which is kinda a good thing.)  You have to think about if you or your partner has latex allergies! OR If you want all those doo-dads like studded or ribbed, warming, cooling or tingling!

OR SIZE~! …in your case!

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is almost as tough as finding the perfect condom.  Every brand follows their own guidelines on what they find is “regular”.  The descriptions on the packaging can be challenging since it doesn’t outright say what exactly they are offering.  Just like jeans, you need to try out a few pairs to get the fit right to be functional, yet comfortable.

While shopping just remember, to keep an eye out for the terms “Snugger fit” or “Snug fit”. 🙂  It helps when you’re on the run.   Since you wanted a few suggestions, here are a few that you might want to try.

Iron GripCautionWear’s Iron Grip seems to be on the top of the list, and most asked for when a smaller condom is needed.  It’s super snug since the girth of the condom  is what makes it so popular.  It has a diameter of 1.11″ and Width of 1.75″.  Iron grip comes in a plain latex transparent color with silicone lubricant aka natural looking. 🙂

kimonolargeKimono’s MicroThin Large is pretty wonky but this condom isn’t even “LARGE”.  The Width is 1.87″ and the diameter is 1.19″.  Go figure? The Microthin Large’s are made out of natural latex and is Vegan friendly since doesn’t use any milk derivatives.  It has added room for the head but it’s width makes for a snugger fit.

3sumLifestyle’s 3SUM is the only one I’ve found to be available at most stores. 3sum has a width of 1.8″ and a diameter of 1.14″.   Not only is the sizing convenient but it has ribbing and studs! In case, you wanted to be all fancy. haha

Keep in mind those are the top 3 condoms, my customers and friends have liked and that I have received feedback on.   Below are a few more that I haven’t got much feedback on, but hey give them a chance! The following condoms have widths that are under 2″:

😀 If there is something else you guys might like to recommend I’d love to hear it~! If you don’t feel like buying multiple condoms, try Condom Depot’s Snugger fit Sampler! Then you can check which one works best for you!

Hope that helps <3 ^_^


Earth Day

The last thing you think about when it comes to having sex and using sex toys is being conscientious about your carbon footprint left on earth.

So, this year’s Earth Day, I’m just going to share a few things that you can tweak in your love life while helping mother earth at the same time!

  • Save up and invest in quality sex toys! Getting a great sex toy has so many benefits both long-term and short term!
    If you decide to buy a vibrator, grab one that has quality material and is possibly rechargeable.  Quality sex toys have a longer lifespan, so you won’t have to replace the toy constantly.  This decreases in waste (Wall-E will love you for it!) and battery consumption!  Single use batteries and Rechargeable batteries have toxic and hazardous materials inside which means itshould be recycled.  But many people usually have a  “fuggit” mentality and just toss them in the trash  AAAND the same goes for old sex toys that die.  Decrease waste by having nice things! haha How can you say no to that?!?  haha

    • So, grab a toy that is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, high grade premium materials. Some of the best vibrating toys are made with 100% premium silicone!  If you’re looking for a vibrating dong.  Choose one with a removable bullet because then once that bullet dies you can just replace that instead of the whole darn thing!
    • Another great material for toys is Glass!  It’s one of the most hygienic material out there and it can be broken down and recycled.
    • USB powered Vibrating toys decrease on batteries as well! They aresignificantly cheaper than rechargeable and you can use them while you’re browsing porn on your computer. 😛  There isn’t a lot of the menu for these type but my faves are:
    • Wood Toys!  If you wanna be ultra hippy and love beautifully crafted sex toys visit: http://nobessence.com.
      NobEssence™ sculptures are organic, waterproof and hypo-allergenic. Our sustainably farmed woods are firm from the start – warming to your passion and retaining your heat.  NobEssence™ exotic hardwood sculptures deliver uniquely luxurious sensations –firm, silky smooth, clean and visually irresistible.”
    • Another cool toy material is Stone! Laid has Stone toy made from granite and it is the perfect shape for the body to be a Smoooooth operator.
  • Grab some condoms that are made with natural, Fair Trade rubber!  Latex is Latex and you may not see the direct result of it but why not grab condoms that are fair trade and good for the laborers who go to the rubber trees!  Fair Trade rubber does cost alittle bit more but it helpsthe quality of life for the workers with all the things we take for granted like clean drinking water, electricity, having a roof over their head and education!  Remember these brands the next time you need to grab a pack of condoms!
  • Grab a lubricant that is an all natural or organic alternative.   There are somany different options now in comparison toa couple years back.  Older lubricants had so many filler ingredients that were petroleum based, or hadparabens. So, now! you can now just be completely knock those off your shopping list.   Also, you don’t haveto be a hippy and only use coconut oil.    There are many lubricants that might make your vagina so much more happier.  The following are a few of my favorites <3 they are latex & polyisoprene condom compatible, toy safe and are friendly for your body!
  • Can’t forget the BDSM folk! and For all those Flogging lovers! No need to fear there is at least a fabulous flogger out there made from Recycled Rubber!

Hopefully, these tips for tweaking your shopping list will give you a little bit of motivation to giving Mother Earth the attention and love she deserves.

Hipster Vegan.

I have nothing against Vegans, I think they are fabulous.  I’m just not a fan of the hipster fake vegans.  Ya know,  the kind where they are just doing it because it’s the “in” thing.

I met a girl who would lactate a little, a side effect of her new birth control.  It happens, no biggie! Circle of life.  But, her new Vegan squeeze got freaked a bit and immediately asked “Is that Vegan friendly?”.  Maybe, I’d be a little taken aback and offended if I were her but that sure would’ve been a mood killer.  How sexy could you feel after that? haha I tried making her feel a bit better about the situation she encountered and she really didn’t need to continue that adventure with him,  even if he might have been amazing in bed. haha  I mean, if he was a real Vegan he should know that a female lactating is perfectly normal.  Vegans are against testing on and consuming animal products.  haha


So, since i’m a cheeky little thing, I asked her, “what kind of condom did you use?”

She replied, “I dunno just a regular one, I think it was a Trojan or the kind from planned parenthood.”

TA-DAH! A light bulb lit up in my brain and the first thing I could blabber out was “he was Faux vegan hipster man!”  I love proving people wrong or making guys feel like crud when they deserve it haha (:P  maybe I do have a fetish or two? dominance much? )

Not many people know this but Latex condoms use  a milk derivative product called Casein to make the thing soooooo technically unless you get a specific kind, certain condoms are not vegan friendly. 😛 UHHHHHUH and he was over here worried about a little bit of breast milk.  What a butthead. I made my new lactating friend feel better that he was a “fake vegan”. haha Not all vegans even know this.  So, you just 1-up’d in that knowledge department.

If you feel like grabbing some vegan friendly condoms, I thought I’d show you a couple off the top of my head that might work for you if you’re vegan or if you just plain have a latex allergy in general.

SkynI’m gonna start off by mentioning Skyn since here in America and majority of the drugstores, convenient stores and adult shops they carry them.

This line from Lifestyles has a variety of selections from the type of lubrication to sizes.

glydeNext, Would be Glyde! It’s a big hit with a lot of vegans.  It’s also registered with the Vegan Society, so that makes it a bit more legit since they are against the testing of the product used on animals as well.


🙂 I hope you gals  realize that out of all the stories I hear, they are all pretty repetitious and you should never feel bad and that you’re not normal because you’re body did something a bit “different”.   <3  … oh and guys… lighten up and educate your tushes.

Quick guide to Carrying Condoms! | It will be sweeter if you wrap his peter!

condomsCondoms. It’s not really a sexy item on everyone’s list of things to buy.  It doesn’t even sound fun to say. haha COONDOOMM….  but it’s a necessity.  I hate being one of those people that harass people about safe sex but you should really think about it.  I mean, You really don’t want to put yourself at risk for being a walking bag of STDs or putting a bun in an oven if it’s of the baby variety. (unless you’re both planning on a baby… in which that is totally chill!)

Lately, I’ve encountered a bunch of people thinking i’m a nut ball for carrying condoms at all times.  0_0 I’m a little lost.  Apparently, guys are supposed to carry condoms, not the girls.  I didn’t get that memo. haha I mean, both partners are getting down so what if you wanted to have seXorz and he doesn’t have one?  You still want sex right? So carry one to make sure you get what you want! haha I understand that it’s the guy that you’re wrapping his wiener but eventually you’re gonna wrap you body around that same dick.  0_0 haha So it’s both parties responsibilities.

Girls have a tendency to think that it’s “slutty” to carry condoms, but I think that it’s better to just be prepared  and aaaaaaay… What’s sexier than a girl who has a brain and wants to protect her goodies.



My top 3 picks for condoms are Lifestyle’s Skyn.  This is prefect if you are vegan since casein (a milk protein)  isn’t needed to process it since isn’t latex.

 Or if you or your partner have a latex allergy since it’s made out of polyisoprene.  The Skyn line comes in Original, Large and extra lubricated. you take your pick.  Another pick, is Kimono Condoms line of “thin” condoms. They are known for being thinner than most condoms. They are also Vegan friendly.  🙂 Next, is good ol’ Trojan BareSkin.  My last partner loved this one, and is a favorite from a lot of my male friends. It also helps that Bare Skin is the most accessible kind of condom you can find out of my 3 picks, you can buy them at gas stations and convenient stores.

select-flavours-12s apple
Durex Flavored Condoms!

Carry any of these three and you’re set! 😀 You can get nifty with the large varieties of condoms out there but if you just want a condom to just have on lock down, carry one of those or all 3. You never know what your partner might prefer. Who knows you might wanna grab a  flavored Condom if you want that D to taste better!

Just in Case's Confidential Makeup Case with Secret condom drawer.
Just in Case’s Confidential Makeup Case with Secret condom drawer.

So on top of just carrying the condoms, you need to make sure that you are taking care of them.  All that rubbing in a guy’s wallet isn’t a good thing.  So, in comparison to guys, WE GOT LUGGAGE! Our purses are bigger than a guy’s pocket so, we really don’t have any excuses to not carry one. 😉  We even have cute options to carry them.


There is “Just in Case“! Which is probably the most chic condom carrying case out there.  Nobody would recognize it with it’s discreet packaging.  Pair this with Screaming O’s Lipstick Vibe and you’re just ready for fun on the go. haha I think this is going to be next on my list of things to have.

loveboxCurrently, I have Durex’s Love Box! You can’t really see much in the pic but it is silver with a white lace pattern on it. Can you say, Adorbz?!?!?!  They had an entire line of fun printed “love boxes” so you can pick a fun design! They fit a few condoms in there and it’s  pretty durable. I’ve dropped and tossed that thing around in my bag for awhile and I just a few dints in it. haha But, the metal latch that keeps it together has a tendency to be a little evil and breaks off easily. So, keep that in mind. But I love that you can customize it more by slapping stickers on it too!

ONE condoms... their Glow in the dark condom! (The Inner raver in me loves this)
ONE condoms… their Glow in the dark condom! (The Inner raver in me loves this)

Or you can Just buy ONE condoms! They come in a fancy metal box, cool packaging, great product and duuuude they have glow in the dark condoms to f*ck around with. haha Just screams… fun times.

Grab those and just toss them in your purse,  and ease your mind if you ever get into the predicament and need a condom.  It’s relaxing to know you have one in preparation and also, you can enjoy your sex sesh more since  you and your partner won’t have to think much about getting an STD or about pregnancy.  5848-2_display

😛  I usually hand condoms out like candy since I carry them all the time, Why don’t you try it out and be the condom fairy too?! lol

Don’t know how to put on a condom?  Don’t worry here’s Kimono’s instructions hehe

Happy Valentine’s Day! and the Start of Condom Week!

Valentine’s Day is always my favorite <3 with love in the air… and all that romance ‘n stuff. ^_^ Everything tends to end up all hot and heavy. So,  just a reminder ♥ If you are spending Valentine’s Day with a special someone make you sure you wrap it!