“Love Between the Covers”

Reading seems to be lost in this world of every growing youtube videos, inspirational instagram posts and other blurb like media. Rarely do I mention to people that I like to read, because then the next question that everyone always asks is “oh yah!?!?! What are you reading right now?” Or “what genre do you like to read?”.   Then,  the inevitable awkward pause initiates, where … Continue reading “Love Between the Covers”

“The Truth About Webcam Girls” Documentary

Another great Netflix documentary I stumbled on, that I really recommend is The Truth About Webcam Girls. It features Three amazing Webcam Models in the Uk.  It steps into their lives and tells you what happens on cam and off cam in their lives and their stories behind it. Sometimes, I hate those documentaries that go into full detail about the subject they are about … Continue reading “The Truth About Webcam Girls” Documentary


UnHung Hero charts a humiliated man’s fact-finding journey as he consults porn stars, doctors and anthropologists to learn whether the size of one’s manhood matters. My Co-worker put this on for us to watch and I really liked this!  At first, I was pretty sure this was going to be a lame documentary and we were just watching it to pass time.   But by … Continue reading Unhung Hero (COCKUMENTARY)