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“Love Between the Covers”

Reading seems to be lost in this world of every growing youtube videos, inspirational instagram posts and other blurb like media.

Rarely do I mention to people that I like to read, because then the next question that everyone always asks is “oh yah!?!?! What are you reading right now?” Or “what genre do you like to read?”.   Then,  the inevitable awkward pause initiates, where I have to evaluate if I want to shock them, if they are cool and wouldn’t mind to hear what I have to say or the possibility of having the same genre preferences.

SMUT. Erotic Romance. With a side order of historical significance or fantasy. I like it, love it, gotta have it.

HAHA. You’d be surprised how many people read romance novels or anything of the erotic variety. I just watched a documentary that I came across that is available on Netflix called, “Love Between the Sheets”.   It was awesome!  

At one point in the documentary, they mentioned how easily accessible this genre of books are available now.  I can’t go into my nearest bookstore chain and find the first book of a series… EVER.  So, I’ve converted to the e-reader world.  I have the first and every book there after at my fingertips.  The moment I finish one book, I can be on to the next one in a heartbeat.  Being able to read it in a moments notice or be able to take it with me anywhere AND without having the cheesy book covers either!   Being at an airport or public place where everyone is completely nosey and want to know what you’re reading and take a quick peek at the cover.

I particularly don’t care but there are many out there who do.  Being able to read a book completely mobile and NOW knowing that there is a big following as well is such a great feeling.  There are so many women out there that love reading this genre and we don’t even know it. Kind of Iike a secret society.  Soooooo many walks of life. It’s refreshing.  With all these inspiring writers allowing us readers to read their work is such an great opportunity and privilege.

If you have some time and like documentaries, check out this glimpse into the world of the women who create and consume romance novels.

“The Truth About Webcam Girls” Documentary

“Fulfilling fantasies on camera (for a fee), three online sex workers share their personal stories of how and why they became webcam models.”

Another great Netflix documentary I stumbled on, that I really recommend is The Truth About Webcam Girls.

It features Three amazing Webcam Models in the Uk.  It steps into their lives and tells you what happens on cam and off cam in their lives and their stories behind it.

Sometimes, I hate those documentaries that go into full detail about the subject they are about to film which then takes 5000 hours to get into the good stuff or the actual content and in this case it was the story behind the girls.  But, director Chris Atteshlis, I think did a great job at giving a few different views when it came to the three featured WebCam Models. (below is a sneak peak into the doc)

I have a handful of friends who are Cam girls and honestly everyone gets in it for various reasons, just like these girls.  But, I think this documentary shows a different side to the viewers  who are ignorant about Webcamming and think they are just “web cam whores”.

But, I just love these girls! As much as some people like to “hate” on them, I have so much respect for WebCam Girls.  These ballsy baddies never once touch a person, they show off their beautiful bodies like they are on a pedestal *claps* AND!!! dammit, people are stupid enough to pay them because of what they got going on.  It’s almost an art!  haha I know that people just pay them so they can have a little spank but I love these camgirl’s personalities too.  Straight hustlers. *bows down to them*  These hustling ass gals are beautiful both inside and out.  All three of them have goals and they are doing what they got to do to attain it.   I just want to throw all my good vibes to them for true love, hopes that getting an education will be more attainable and the possibility of a great modeling career.  Major props for these girls and to all the webcam girls out there.

Good watch for those who like to step into the lives of others.


UnHung Hero charts a humiliated man’s fact-finding journey as he consults porn stars, doctors and anthropologists to learn whether the size of one’s manhood matters.

unhung_hero_1-620x930My Co-worker put this on for us to watch and I really liked this!  At first, I was pretty sure this was going to be a lame documentary and we were just watching it to pass time.   But by the end of it, I felt bad for the guy and didn’t realize “the lengths” (*giggles*) that guys go to feeling adequate.

As a woman, who is petite in all aspects, who’s boob cups are the first letter of the alphabet and a sufferer of the “No Asian Ass Syndrome”.  I never felt like in the bedroom, it was that big of a deal since I just have a hole but a guys have so much more to “live up to”.  43 copy.jpg

My gfs have always said that a guy with a small dick is a dealbreaker. But in all honesty, I really don’t think that’s the truth.   Some guys with big dicks don’t even know what to do with it. haha

I suggest you watch this, especially the part with the cute asian girls. Their mentality of a man’s penis is just plain great.24-copy