Tru A XXX Parody

Alright, so don’t judge me, but I’m a True Blood fan from the beginning. haha Read all the Southern Vampire Diaries books. Kinda love it. BUT HEY! at least it’s not like Twilight or something. 😛  But since the HBO TV series ended recently, I thought i’d do a throwback Thursday with a dash of “Porn Parody Funday” with New Sensation’s Tru A XXX Parody.  Supremely entertaining. “Steaming XXX spoof! The simple life is shaken when death comes to the small, quiet Louisiana town of Bon Temps — where civilians, vampires, shape-shifters, and mind readers clash in an orgy of sex & … Continue Reading ❤ →

DUCK DYNASTY… of the adult Variety. lol

Hustler just released their “This ain’t Duck Dynasty XXX” porn parody and I had to check it out. I’m not sure if it was my love for the original show… or possibly my strange fascination with red necks or the fact that i’m a beard fan.  Either way, I had to add this to the Porn Parody Funday list. The story line of Robertson clan creating a “Beaver Call” that makes women horny was just plain great, too bad it doesn’t exist in real life.  😛 Or at least in real life they have the “beaver call” aka the vibrator … Continue Reading ❤ →