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The Force Awakens

With the new Star Wars movie coming out, it awakened my inner craft goddess since the last time I made some Sex Toy inspired goodies.  So, I  thought i’d share my fun nipple clamps I made the other day.  Hope you like em!

I’m being #Geeky #Kinky #Crafty again. Just finished these #starwars themed #nippleclamps. 😎 nbd

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Got a little crafty again tonight. 💅 #nippleclamps my crafty #starwars version 💛#R2D2 #c3po #nippies #Bdsm #kinkytoys

A photo posted by Xox Jade 🐙💕🎀 (@hankypankyharlot) on

Below are the links, in case you’d like to purchase any of them. 😀








182581_430862336968580_329931865_nWhat better way to say you love a person and you think they aren’t a dick…. by sending them a  DICK!  I think this is going to be my new favorite site instead of sending birthday cards, I’m going to ship my friends random dicks. haha

SHIP A DICK is a website that just mails a cardboard cut out to your friend’s mailbox. They are themed with beards, Beiber fever and Holiday accents for every occasion.   You can even put a custom message on it as well.

Head over to the site and bookmark it for your next occasion.


Awesome Link | 10 Sex Tips From Disney Movies

Just a few above, Check out the rest of the awesome tips at College Humor.

Who knew that Disney, once again were trying to teach us life lessons! 

The top 10 oral sex scenes

Salon.com picked their The top 10 oral sex scenes and they completely got it down!

How many sex scenes out there have looked beyond fake.  But these actors really know how to act. *claps*  I completely agree on their #1 choice! 😀