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Maia Lucy Wicked Clip | Sex Toy Review

IMG_5516A toy that is suppose to exude color therapy to sooth my soul and put me at ease is right up my alley!  Maia Toys has incorporated color therapy with their toy line, almost a low key way of telling you, “Don’t trip potato chip, using this sex toy is going to make you feel more inclined to use it… and feel like a million bucks!”.

I can’t even count the amount of times men (sorry to single you out boys! :P) tell me, “Does color matter?” after I’ve asked them, “oooo, What color do you want?!?” 😀 They act as if color isn’t a factor but it totally is!  In my “Guide to Picking a Sex Toy“, One of the main decision factors is the visual appearance of a toy.  😀 Color makes a difference and is our mind’s Visual aphrodisiac in finding a toy that is comfortable for you or your partner.

The first time, I laid eyes on this little toy the color is what drew me in.  The vibrant Poolside blue color pulled me in, and my preference for cheesy girly pinks and purples faded.  This cool color gives off comfort and make you feel secure.  Mission accomplished with that Maia! It became my new obsession and I completely judged this one solely on the shape, packaging and my prior love for other Maia products. Continue reading Maia Lucy Wicked Clip | Sex Toy Review