Come Through and Chill – Miguel feat. J. Cole, Salaam Remi

This is the perfect stand in front of the mirror while you’re feeling yourself.  Where you just want to body roll and be a sensual sensei. Either that or roll around in the sheets like you got mad sexy skills. 😉 This is one of those songs where you can feel the emotions and feel good. Here is the music video, which pairs well with the song.  I’ve always been a big fan of R&B growing up in Southern California and it’s always a nice to become of fand and support a Socal Native.  Miguel has such an amazing voice Continue Reading

Anne-Marie – Do It Right

This has been on repeat on multiple playlists that I have.  It’s  one of those slow grinding type of songs to dance to when you’re just feeling yourself that day.  😀 Go ahead girl, dance in front of that mirror with your bad self.  

Danny Brown – I Will

  I go dumb and ignorant when I’m on that clitoris Lick your ass delirious, my tongue game so damn serious So bend that ass over let me eat it from the back That pussy so good have a nigga coming back Finally, another good puss puss eating song!

Kegel Song Challenge

Once you’re able to figure out which muscle you need to be squeezing for your kegel exercises.  Doing your exercises almost becomes a chore. So, for the few girls i’ve talked to this week, Let’s do a Kegel Song Challenge!  My trick for doing a simple kegel exercise once a day, is to listen to a song and squeeze/hold to the bass line of a song.  Think of it like Dance Dance Revolution but for kegels. 🙂  I usually recommend classic rock.  This week, how about you try, Jimmy Jazz by the Clash. It’s a simple bass line that increases Continue Reading

The Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face

The Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face “I can’t feel my face when I’m with you But I love it, but I love it, oh I can’t feel my face when I’m with you But I love it, but I love it, oh” The Weeknd…. he has those vocal cords that you just wanna fuck. SO GOOD.  I currently, have this on repeat and had to get this stuck in your head as well.  Now, go hump the air like you’re the shit because this song just wants to bring that out in you.