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Get it Right! Get it… Tights?

Do you have a pile of tights that have toe holes?

…OR pantyhose that have so many runs it ran it’s own marathon times 1000 miles?

…OR a bunch of thigh highs that are missing its pair??

Well… A! Welcome to my life haha

and B! Did you know that since obviously we can’t send them off to the goodwill… and Wall-E doesn’t want you to dump it in the garbage cans… you can actually RECYCLE them!!!

No Nonsense has a pantyhose recycling program! “The impact may seem small at first, but every pair that you help to recycle is one less pair that’s left to decompose in a stagnant landfill.  …you will feel good, knowing that you are doing your part to offset your carbon footprint when you participate in the pantyhose recycling program.”

I have so many tights that have runs that I don’t think I can pull off the tattered “punk” look all the time.  So, this week I think i’m going to do some belated “spring cleaning”, get rid of the old, make some room and… bring in the new stuff!

Thought I’d share for all you pantyhose whores like I am. 😉


Leg Avenue Style# 1925 Garterbelt & Stocking Set | Review

1925_01_001_6Leg Avenue always is a treat for me when it comes to my pantyhose because I never really buy anything plain from them.  I love being over the top.  But THIS CLASSY piece grabbed my attention!  I found that Leg Avenue’s Style# 1925 which is a Garter Belt and Stocking Set is a necessity and vital piece for every girl’s closet.  Garter Belts are always so hard to find in a set that works with the stockings that are included but this one was on point.  The Garter Belt fit me perfectly around my true waist line since it’s made out of the same elastic material that is used for the top of usual hosiery.  So, to SOME it might give a little muffin-top effect but it worked for me. Since, I’m short I had to adjust the straps to it’s shortest length but it was at a decent length to attach the stockings. The top of the stockings weren’t tight and  didn’t give me “sausage legs” like most thigh highs.  Even though the stockings seemed SUPER thin, and I was afraid that I was going rip them.  The first time I wore them was at a concert *cough* pic below… don’t judge *cough* haha and I didn’t even get a snag!

When you want a garter belt for everyday or a possible quick look for sexy time. This Leg Avenue set is perfect! It only comes in black but if you search the internet enough, you can find their black/lavender and black/red sets that they discontinued. tsk tsk tsk… shame on you leg avenue haha