Swipes Lovin Wipes Unscented | Review

I’m a big fan of wipes from cleaning wipes to facial wipes… to of course!… After-Sex care wipes!  Why are wipes a good idea? Hit it and quit it times where you need a quick clean up so you don’t radiate SEX. For Marathons of sexercise. To wipe down your toys in between your wash down sessions. Prevention of possible uti’s and trips to the gyno! To Wipe that jizzum off. To be just plain clean and not a nasty freak.

Hairy Situations. To Shave or not to Shave!?

First, I’m going to say there is nothing wrong with hair.  But, I guess I like feeling like pedophile’s new treat and I have to be bare down there. haha Whichever type of person you are… if you like to trim and make sure that guy has a landing strip so he knows where to go,  or shave your cooch hairs into cool shapes like Riff Raff’s head or go balls out and shave it all so it’s a soft, smooth land of sex.  Go with what makes you feel sexy.   If you like the hair there, keep it, there … Continue Reading ❤ →