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Can you recommend a simple bullet that is cheap and disposable?

My husband and I travel almost 4 times in a month span.  I can’t even count on my fingers and toes, how many times we’ve forgot our toys at the hotel.  Can you recommend a simple egg bullet that is cheap and I wouldn’t mind if I lost it.  I want something inexpensive and really strong.

Haha Hiya T! <3 <3

I’ve heard soooooo many stories of people leaving their sex toys behind at hotels, motels, holiday inns etc etc.   that I almost dread trying to convince a customer to invest in something amazing and expensive, if there is a possibility of it being left behind.

I have two recommendations that you can find at almost any sex toy shop, or online ranging from $5-$10.  They don’t break the bank and is almost as much as a trip to the Coffee Shop.  #OrgasmsonaBudget

PD1902-12The first Bullet I recommend is from Pipedream, I call  it the science project but it’s real name is the “Classix Bullet“.  I bought this on sale at some random adult shop for $2.99 and it can be as expensive as a whole wopping $10.  😛 This cheesey piece of plastic has one job, and that is just to vibrate!  It has a slider control to increase the intensity of the vibration.

Please don’t have high expectations on aesthetics for this toy because it’s extremely basic.  Hence the reason as to why it’s from the “Back to the Basics” line.  The box is Old School looking but the little vibrating guy inside is all that matters.  😀 Once you have it in front of you, you’ll understand why I named this toy the Science Project because inside workings of the toy.  You see the simple wires inside and when you put the 2 AA batteries you have to make a teepee with the batteries in order to squish them in.  Then, the snap closure seems like it’s going to break off and die after the first time you close it.  But through all that, it’s cheap. It vibrates and it is fairly strong.

311gDChQKkLAnother bullet is Cal Exotics tear drop Bullet.  These bullets range as well but they are always under $15 i’ve noticed.   There are a variety of colors and they come with a battery pack with either 2 AAA or 2 AA batteries.  This tear drop bullet has a side wheel to increase the speed.  It’s small and mighty and to the point.

SE-1117-10-2 Those two are suggestions on what YOU asked for.  BUT, since I know you. 😛  I think you should fork out a few more dollars for Cal Exotics Turbo 8  Accelerator Bullet.  It ranges anywhere from $15-$25.  The Turbo 8  Accelerator is SUPER strong, almost 2 times stronger than those other bullets and has 8 powerful vibrations.  It has a removable squishy sleeve for easy cleanup or incase you want to use the smooth surface of the bullet.  This toy requires 4 AA batteries, so it’s safe to say that you know this toy means business.

I hope that helped! I tried to pick simple bullets that would be easy to get anywhere. 😀  Happy Traveling!

Earth Day

The last thing you think about when it comes to having sex and using sex toys is being conscientious about your carbon footprint left on earth.

So, this year’s Earth Day, I’m just going to share a few things that you can tweak in your love life while helping mother earth at the same time!

  • Save up and invest in quality sex toys! Getting a great sex toy has so many benefits both long-term and short term!
    If you decide to buy a vibrator, grab one that has quality material and is possibly rechargeable.  Quality sex toys have a longer lifespan, so you won’t have to replace the toy constantly.  This decreases in waste (Wall-E will love you for it!) and battery consumption!  Single use batteries and Rechargeable batteries have toxic and hazardous materials inside which means itshould be recycled.  But many people usually have a  “fuggit” mentality and just toss them in the trash  AAAND the same goes for old sex toys that die.  Decrease waste by having nice things! haha How can you say no to that?!?  haha

    • So, grab a toy that is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, high grade premium materials. Some of the best vibrating toys are made with 100% premium silicone!  If you’re looking for a vibrating dong.  Choose one with a removable bullet because then once that bullet dies you can just replace that instead of the whole darn thing!
    • Another great material for toys is Glass!  It’s one of the most hygienic material out there and it can be broken down and recycled.
    • USB powered Vibrating toys decrease on batteries as well! They aresignificantly cheaper than rechargeable and you can use them while you’re browsing porn on your computer. 😛  There isn’t a lot of the menu for these type but my faves are:
    • Wood Toys!  If you wanna be ultra hippy and love beautifully crafted sex toys visit: http://nobessence.com.
      NobEssence™ sculptures are organic, waterproof and hypo-allergenic. Our sustainably farmed woods are firm from the start – warming to your passion and retaining your heat.  NobEssence™ exotic hardwood sculptures deliver uniquely luxurious sensations –firm, silky smooth, clean and visually irresistible.”
    • Another cool toy material is Stone! Laid has Stone toy made from granite and it is the perfect shape for the body to be a Smoooooth operator.
  • Grab some condoms that are made with natural, Fair Trade rubber!  Latex is Latex and you may not see the direct result of it but why not grab condoms that are fair trade and good for the laborers who go to the rubber trees!  Fair Trade rubber does cost alittle bit more but it helpsthe quality of life for the workers with all the things we take for granted like clean drinking water, electricity, having a roof over their head and education!  Remember these brands the next time you need to grab a pack of condoms!
  • Grab a lubricant that is an all natural or organic alternative.   There are somany different options now in comparison toa couple years back.  Older lubricants had so many filler ingredients that were petroleum based, or hadparabens. So, now! you can now just be completely knock those off your shopping list.   Also, you don’t haveto be a hippy and only use coconut oil.    There are many lubricants that might make your vagina so much more happier.  The following are a few of my favorites <3 they are latex & polyisoprene condom compatible, toy safe and are friendly for your body!
  • Can’t forget the BDSM folk! and For all those Flogging lovers! No need to fear there is at least a fabulous flogger out there made from Recycled Rubber!

Hopefully, these tips for tweaking your shopping list will give you a little bit of motivation to giving Mother Earth the attention and love she deserves.