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Don’t ever attempt to return sex toys at a store.

First off, that is just nasty.

I’ve never been one to return items that I purchase unless it’s super dire.  So, when the situation comes up where people attempt to return things that are “Personal items” aka stuff that would touch your junk, I get a little grossed out.  But, sometimes I’m shocked that people think its okay to return used items.

  • I get that you may not even used it! You may have left the store for an hour, but how am I suppose to know?
  • I get that you… think YOU cleaned them enough for another person to touch it. But, it’s like me touching my junk and trying to shake your hand after.
  • I get that you… would want to shop at a location that didn’t sell used products … right?!? (

But, how am I suppose to know? Would you touch used sex toys if you don’t know who last touched them?   There are so many situations and you just don’t know.  So, at my work we take precautions.

so! PRO-TIP. Don’t try and return anything at an adult shop.

It’s just awkward for the associate and you should really ask for help and make sure that the product you buy is what you think might work for you.  Just keep in mind anytime you buy a toy, it’s a gamble.   Everyone’s body is different, sometimes it works and sometimes a toy is just horrible.

I get the line, “THEN WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THIS?!?!?!”… seriously… throw it away? or be a gnarly mofo and sell it on craigslist haha there are some pervy folks who’d buy it. haha

#CommonSense Use it. 🙂