Get it Right! Get it… Tights?

Do you have a pile of tights that have toe holes? …OR pantyhose that have so many runs it ran it’s own marathon times 1000 miles? …OR a bunch of thigh highs that are missing its pair?? Well… A! Welcome to my life haha and B! Did you know that since obviously we can’t send them off to the goodwill… and Wall-E doesn’t want you to dump it in the garbage cans… you can actually RECYCLE them!!! No Nonsense has a pantyhose recycling program! “The impact may seem small at first, but every pair that you help to recycle is one less … Continue Reading ❤ →

Recycle Reduce …Reuse!?

I’m a big fan of recycling in all aspects in life.  I also, think that anyone who dedicates a lot of time and effort into doing so deserves a gold medal.  When we all know, it’d be easier to just toss it in the waste and have it head to the landfills. I have had multiple customers ask what they should do with their toys who have died and crossed over into toy heaven. “Well, what do I do with it? Should I wrap it up and just toss it?” I had another customer get concerned and asked if she … Continue Reading ❤ →