OBob| Your new Battery Operated Boyfriend.

I’m such a fan of the novelty aspect of sex toys.   Especially, ones that are clever, punny and would look adorable on my nightstand or even the toys that are incognito and disguised in plain sight. Screaming O always has a fun choice of toys that cater to my addiction.  This time it’s the OBob, Your new Battery Operated Boyfriend.  I can’t wait to snag this hottie later when it comes out. 🙂 Check out this little teaser video: 😉 I’ll be sure to update/review when I get my hands on one of this guys.

My Secret Screaming O

Finally the secret is out! I was trying to figure out why I wasn’t able to find my favorite “discreet”  lipstick vibe out there! It was because Screaming O was revamping it’s look! They went with a simple blister packaging ( lol **Hate** I’m not a big fan of blister packaging since you can’t open the toy before you leave or buy the toy to make sure you didn’t get a lemon *shrug* but it’s a pretty packaging).  They also did a  completely different color scheme with Pinks and Blacks.   a little foofy for some but this new revamped … Continue Reading ❤ →

Quick guide to Carrying Condoms! | It will be sweeter if you wrap his peter!

Condoms. It’s not really a sexy item on everyone’s list of things to buy.  It doesn’t even sound fun to say. haha COONDOOMM….  but it’s a necessity.  I hate being one of those people that harass people about safe sex but you should really think about it.  I mean, You really don’t want to put yourself at risk for being a walking bag of STDs or putting a bun in an oven if it’s of the baby variety. (unless you’re both planning on a baby… in which that is totally chill!) Lately, I’ve encountered a bunch of people thinking i’m … Continue Reading ❤ →